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air compressors

air compressors: 1 h.p.- 25 h.p.

air compressors: air cooled

air compressors: industrial

air compressors: oil free

air compressors: oil lubricated

air compressors: rotary screw

air compressors: water cooled

air coolers

air dryers

analysers: network

analysers: sulphur


attenuators: sound


26 Brands

A & D -Analytical Balance, Moisture Analyzer, Viscometer

BROOKFIELD -Viscometers, Rheometers, Viscosity Measurements

FEDEGARI -Vertical Steam Sterilizers, Horizontal Steam Sterilizers

FRESENIUS KABI -Blood Processing Disposable & Equipment

GENETIX -Kartotying, CGH & Fish For Chromosome Analysis

HELMER -Platelet Incubators, Plasma Thawing Bath, Laboratory Refrigerator, Agitator

ISMATEC -Pump Tubing For Laboratory & Production

ISU ABXIS -Pre-Made Tissue Microarray & Customized Tissue Microarray

JULABO -Water Baths, Chillers

KOYO PLC -Laboratory Monitoring System

LABCON -Laboratory Furniture, Laboratory Cabinets

LEC -Refrigerator, Freezer, Ice-Maker

MICROFLUIDICS -Particle Size Reduction For Nano-Sized Particles & Cell Disruption

MOCON -Water Premeation System, Oxygen Premeation System, Carbon Dioxide Premeation System, Headspace Analyser Premeation System, Burst Tester Premeation System

NATIONAL DIAGNOSTICS -Chemicals, Reagents, Electrophoresis

PARTEC -Flow Cytometer, Antibodies, Reagents

POLYSCIENCE -Water Baths, Chillers

PROTIMETER -Moisture Meter

SONICLEAN -Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaners

THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC -Biological Safety Cabinet, Cryopreservation Equipment, Freezer Dryer & Concentrator

THERMO SCIENTIFIC -Full Range Floor Centrifuges

THERMO SCIENTIFIC -Shaker, Incubator, Centrifuges, Oven, Humidity Cabinet, Freezer, Bank Equipment Refrigerator

THERMO SCIENTIFIC -Freezer, Incubator, Shaker, Cyropreservation Storage System, Blood Bank Eqpt & Refrigerator

THERMO SCIENTIFIC -Freezer, Freeze Dryers, Vacuum Concentrator, Safety Cabinets & Modular Clean Air Systems

THERMO SCIENTIFIC -CO2 Incubators, Ultra-Low Freezers, Centrifuges, Autoclaves & Vacuum Ovens

THERMO SCIENTIFIC -Speedvac Concentrators, Gel Pump, Gel Dryer & Freeze Dryer System

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