Mayr Transmission (S) Pte Ltd

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36 Brands

EAS -Auto-Re-Engagement Torque Limiters

EAS-AXIAL -Linear Torque Limiting Clutches

EAS-COMPACT -Backlash Free Torque Limiters

EAS-CONTROL -Torque Measuring Coupling

EAS-CONTROL-DS -Torque Measuring System

EAS-HTL -Housed Torque Limiters

EAS-LASTIC -Torque Limiting Couplings

EAS-NC -Torque Limiters, Couplings

EAS-SM/ZR -Electrically Controlled Torque Limiting Couplings, Clutches

EAS-SMARTIC -Torque Limiters

EAS-SP -Pneumatically Controlled Torque Limiting Couplings, Clutches

MAYR -Power Transmission Products, Torque Limiters, Brakes, Clutches, Couplings

OPTI-TORQUE -Torque Limiters, Couplings

PRIMEFLEX -Backlash Free Flexible Shaft Coupling

ROBA-ALPHASTOP -Safety Brakes, Fail-Safe Brakes

ROBA-CONTITORQUE -Torque Limiters & Sli Clutches

ROBA-D -All Steel Couplings

ROBA-DISKSTOP -Safety Brakes, Fail-Safe Brakes

ROBA-DS -All Steel Flexible Coupling

ROBA-DUPLOSTOP -Safety Brakes, Fail-Safe Brakes

ROBA-DX -Backlash Free Steel Bellow Couplings

ROBA-ES -Backlash Free, Standard Flexible Couplings

ROBA-LASTIC -Torque Limiting Couplings

ROBA-LINEARSTOP -Safety Brakes, Fail-Safe Brakes

ROBA-QUICK -Electromagnetic Brakes

ROBA-SLIP HUB -Torque Limiters, Slip Clutches

ROBA-STOP -Safety Brakes, Fail-Safe Brakes

ROBA-STOP-M -Safety Brakes, Fail-Safe Brakes

ROBA-STOP-SILENZIO -Safety Brakes, Fail-Safe Brakes

ROBA-STOP-Z -Safety Brakes, Fail-Safe Brakes

ROBA-SWITCH -Safety Brakes, Fail-Safe Brakes, Fast Acting Rectifier

ROBA-TAKT -Electromagnetic Clutch Brake Units

ROBATIC -Electromagetic Clutches & Couplings

ROBA-TOPSTOP -Safety Brakes, Fail-Safe Brakes

ROBA-TRON -Overspeed Monitors, Underspeed Monitors

SMARTFLEX -Backlash Free Flexible Shaft Coupling

Company Profile

Mayr Transmission Pte Ltd offer the world’s most advanced technology in the fields of safety clutches, servo couplings and safety brakes. Many years of experience and competence in the development of application-optimized solutions have made our company market leaders for safety clutches. A large number of renowned machine manufacturers worldwide trust in the reliability of our high-quality drive and control components and in our complete drive solutions.

Country Territory :Singapore

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