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104 Products & Services

abrasive finishing machines


abrasives: belt

abrasives: cloth

abrasives: diamond

abrasives: paper

abrasives: rubber

abrasives: superfinishing stones


adhesives: aerosol, spray, etc


anti-slip agents

anti-slip safety products

batteries: dry cell

coating equipment

23 Brands

3M -Abrasives, Tapes, Adhesives, Automotive, Marine, Electrical, Safety Parts

BOSCH -Electrical Power Tools, Electrical Power Accessories

ENERGIZER -Batteries, Commercial Flashlights, Industrial Flashlights

FASTBOND -Contact Adhesive

JET-MELT -Adhesives

KIMBERLY-CLARK -Wipers, Cleaners & Protective Overalls

KIMTECH PREP -Critical Task Wiper

KIMTECH PURE -Cleanroom Wiper

KIMTECH SCIENCE -Delicate Task Wiper

KIMWIPES -Delicate Task Wiper

KLEENGUARD -Protective Overall

MAKITA -Power Tools

MAKTEC -Power Tools

NITTI -PSB Approved Safety Boots

PHILIPS -Lighting, Lamps, Gears, Indoor, Outdoor Luminairs

POLYGUN -Applicators

PRONTO -Instant Adhesive

SCOTCH-BRITE -Surface Conditioning Products

SCOTCH-GRIP -Contact Adhesive

SCOTCH-WELD -Structural Adhesives

SKIL -Electrical Power Tools

VHB -Very High Bond Tapes

WYPALL -Wipers

Company Profile

Mass Technologies is specialized in Industrial Abrasives, Adhesives, Tapes, Protective Tapes, Automotive Products, Polishing Materials and  Safety Products & Marine Products.

We strive to provide one stop industrial solution & products to our customers with the wealth of knowledge we have built up for the past two decades and the range of industrial products we carry , we are confident we are able to provide world class solution and services. We focus personalized customer service by constantly sharing product knowledge with our customers and valuing their feedbacks. Recognized by 3M as 3M Platinum Award Achiever since 1996.

In order to add value to our customers, we have extended on products range to cover Abrasives, Adhesives, Safety Products, Tapes, Marine Products, Automotives Products, Specialize Wiper, Torchlight, Power and Pneumatic Tools, spanning across various industries.

At Mass Technologies Pte Ltd, customer satisfaction is our priority. To achieve this, we are committed to deliver quality in our products, services and solutions. With the strong support of our business partners and dedicated staff, we strive to value-add by adopting an innovative work approach. With these strengths, we are confident of excelling, growing our organization.

Concern for quality is of our major commitment. In our relentless pursuit for quality excellence, ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System has been evolved which incorporates both administrative and technical procedures. This provides our clients with the confidence that they are receiving professional services to the highest standards in all aspects from proposal level, through execution, to final reports and billing. Our commitment to quality is evident in the enduring relationships we have with long-term clients, as well as our ability to attract new clients.

Business Type :Distributor

Year Established :1990

Business Market :Worldwide

Country Territory :Singapore

Industry Focus :Abrasives, Adhesives, Safety, Tapes, Marine, Automotives, Specialize Wiper, Torchlight, Power and Pneumatic Tools

Certification :

ISO 9001:2008

Operating Hours :Monday to Friday: 8.30am – 5.45pm, Saturday: 8.30am – 12.00pm

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