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Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

– Grid-connected PV system where excess power generated from your PV system can be exported to the grid. These are commonly found on the roofs of HDB blocks, commercial and industrial buildings, institutions as well as private residential buildings. – Standalone PV system where it is not connected to th


Dilution Tank

When it comes to dilution needs, LT Air Engineering Pte Ltd offers a turn-key solution from the design & supply to site installation if required.With a fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) construction, our dilution tanks offer superior chemical resistance and mechanical strength while


Storage Tank

No matter what your application is, LT Air Engineering Pte Ltd can offer a customised solution for your storage tank needs. We have many years of experience and a proven track record in FRP tank fabrication especially in areas where corrosion-resistance is an important criteria which


FRP Products

Introducing FRP Products! We manufacture a wide range of fiberglass products, serving practically all industries and even residential homes. Fiberglass reinforced plastic or FRP products can be used for many different purposes in different industries. Some of these common products


Scrubber System

LT Air Engineering Pte Ltd offers a turnkey solution for your scrubber system needs! We design, fabricate, supply and install wet scrubbers in horizontal cross-flow and vertical counter-current configurations, venturi scrubbers as well as mini scrubbers ideal for small flow rate


Activated Carbon Filter Systems

LT Air Engineering Pte Ltd offers Activated Carbon Filter (ACF) Systems as a turnkey solution, specially designed to provide safety, ensure environmental friendliness, eliminate unwanted odour and provide compliance to local air emission standards. Our Activated Carbon Filter Systems


Selective Catalytic Reduction System

LT Air Engineering Pte Ltd supply and install Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) System. SCR system is an advanced emissions control technology system that injects a liquid-reductant agent through a special catalyst into the exhaust stream of a stationary engine. This technology is


FRP Ducting & Piping

LT Air Engineering Pte Ltd manufactures the finest Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Ducts & Pipes according to established international standards. Our FRP Ductings & Pipings are ideal for new system installation or replacement of existing ones and will satisfy the


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