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169 Products & Services

aerosol valves

chemicals: maintenance

filters: oil


gauges: level

gauges: liquid level

hydraulic valves

lubricants: valve

oil purifiers

oily water separators

packaging materials


packings: acid & chemical resisting

packings: air brake & air pump

packings: alcohol

14 Brands

3 STAR -Packings & Gasket

AMRI -Valves

BOSS -Oily Water Separators

DAMCOS -Hydraulic Actuators

DK -Valves

FN-TAPE -Anti-Splashing Tape

HANYANG -High Quality Butterfly Valves

JYV -Globe & Gate Check Valves


KUK DONG -Level Gauges, Float Switches

LESER -Safety Valves

NAKAKITA -Butterfly Valves

NIKURA KOGYO -IGS Butterfly Valve

TOMOE -Butterfly Valves

Company Profile

Little Ferry is established as a Stockist & distributor of marine valves, fittings, miscellaneous supplies & ship equipment and services. Little Ferry is well known in the shipping industry as a supplier of quality marine products and a trusted service provider.

With our extensive network, reliable and outstanding performance, dedicated and experienced sales and service team, as well as proven track record over the years. Little Ferry has continued to sail and maintain its growth in the challenging global business environment. Thanks to the support of our business partners and customers it has now evolved into 1 of the market leaders in Singapore's marine industry and built up its reputation among ship owners, ship managers, shipyards and end users around the world. We are committed to a healthy steady growth while adapting to our customer's ever changing needs.

Recent oil boom in terms of maintenance of rigs, conversion, FPSO, FSO, FPU (SEMI SUBMERSIBLE), new building platform in Singapore emerged as vast opportunities to prove our ability as one of major supplier with FAST, EFFICIENT, RELIABLE in maritime and offshore industry.

We are focused in the following products and services:


Packing and Gaskets
Butterfly valves (up to 800mm)
Bronze Globe, Gate, Angle and Swing Check Valves
Seat Rings
Grafoil Preformed Rings
Spiral Wound Gaskets
Rubber Products


Testing for IACS class certification (BV, DNV, RINA, GL, LR, ABS, NK)
Hydro-testing of valves
Drilling of valves to applicable flange connection
Reconditioning of valve seat rings
"Preformed" Grafoil rings to any size
Cut gaskets in various shapes
Moulded rubber products per sample

An important asset is our experienced staff with a strong background in the marine industry and who are experts in their respective fields. Our team is contactable round-the-clock, even on weekends and holidays. We view our customers as our partners and their concerns and requirements are paramount. In today’s competitive market place, Little Ferry has the ability and capability to offer our customers competitive pricing without compromising on quality of products and services. We are fully committed to exceeding our customers' expectations in services quality.

Little Ferry Agencies Pte Ltd is also an active member of the INTERNATIONAL SHIP SUPPLIERS ASSOCIATION and the SINGAPORE SHIP CHANDLER ASSOCIATION. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company since 2007, thus ascertaining our clients of our continuous efforts in providing them with quality services. We are also BizSafe certified since 2010.

Country Territory :Singapore

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