Litron Technology (S) Pte Ltd

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23 Brands

CHUO -Stationary Spot Welder

CONTRINEX -Inductive Proximity Switches, Photoelectric Proximity Switches

COSEL -Switching Power Supplies

DHB -Ring & Turbo Blower (Single/Double/Vertical/Gas Blower/Belt Driven)

EASYWELD -MIG, TIG, Arc Welding Machine, Welding Accessories

HEIDENHAIN -Incremental Encoder, Absolute Encoder, Manual Pulse Generator, Sensor Counter, Preset Counter

KATSU -Electric Pump, Dry Free Vertical Sealess Pump, Self-Priming Chemical Pump, Submersible Pump, Etc

LITRON -Air Grinder, Fine Spot Welding Equipment, Stationary Spot Welder

LITRON -Secondary Conducts/Shunt/Jumper Cable

MECAPION -Optical Rotary Encoder, Stepping Motor, AC Servo Motor, AC Servo Drive

MIYACHI -Laser Welders, Laser Markers, AC/DC Inverter, Capacitor Discharge Spot Welding Equipment

NAS TOA -Stationary Spot Welder, Compact Welding Positioner, Straight-Line Welding Equipment

NAS TOA -Multiple Spot Welder Transformer

NEMICON -Rotary Encoder, Proximity Sensor, Pulse Transducer

NIPPON THERMO -Magnetic Circuit Breakers

SANIL -Proximity Sensor, Infra Fibre Sensor (Cable & Connector Type)

SEIWA -Injection Machine Heaters, Blow Machine Heaters

SEIWA -Micro Spot Welding Machine

SHINANO -Reversible Motor, Stepping Motor, Electro Magnetic Brake Motor, Capacitor-Run Induction Motors

SPOTRON -Welder Checker

SUMTAK -Incremental Encoder, Absolute Encoder, Manual Pulse Generator, Sensors, Preset Counter

SUNBEAM -Tower Light, Revolving Light

TOHO -Temperature Controllers

Company Profile

Litron Technology (S) Pte Ltd, established in 1996, does Micro Spot Welding Equipment / YAG Laser Welder / Laser Marker and we carry other products such as Rotary Encoder, AC Servo/Stepping Motor, Tower Light & Revolving Light, Circuit Protector, Ball Bearings, Temperature Controller, Blower, Sensors, AC/Dc Switching Power Supply, Electrical Heating Elements & Equipment, Accessories and much more.

Scope of Services:

- PLC Software Programming;
- Spot Welding Automation System / Electrical & Electronics Project;
- Design and Fabrication of Control System;
- Modification and Improvement of Existing Production Electrical Control System &         Machinery;
- Small & Big Volume Contract Spot Welding Service;
- Compressor Parts and Air Dryer.

Year Established :1996

Country Territory :Singapore

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