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14 Brands

BGR ENERGY -Air Fin Coolers, Radiator and Compressor Coolers, Tube Bundles, Finned Tubes, Two/Three Phase

DAY BREAK -Ceramic Pumps & Canned Motor Pump

DELTECH -Valves & Actuators

ELMAC TECHNOLOGIES -Flame Arrester, Pressure/Vacuum Valve

FENIX PROCESS TECHNOLOGIES -Mist Eliminator, Vane Packs, Storage Tanks, Heat Exchanger, Column, Internals Scrubbers

G M FLUID TECH PVT LTD -Gate Valve, Lined Valves, Ball/Butterfly/Plug/ Ball Check Valve

IDEAL BOMBAS -Submersible Electric Pumps for Waste Water, Industrial Boster Sets, Submersible Agitators

INDRA VALVES -Manifolds, Mono Flange, DBB, SBB Valves

ITT GOULDS -API 610/ANSI/ISO Standard/Vertical Turbine/ Magnetic Sealless Centrifugal Pump/i-ALERT 2

PRIMARY FLUID SYSTEMS -Calibration Cylinders, Pulsation Dampeners, Back Pressure & Pressure Relief Valves,Injection Quills

PROCEDYNE ENGINEERS -Duplex Strainer Lined, and Non-Lined, Basket Strainers, Air Eliminators, Vertical Deaerator

ROTO PUMPS -Twin Screw Pumps, Progressive Cavity Pumps

VEE BEE FILTRATION -Strainers, Cartridge Filter, Mono & Dual Type Strainers

WORLD-CHEMICAL -Plastic Magnetic Sealless Pumps

Company Profile

Liquimech Engineering Pte Ltd was established in the year 2005. Our company provides comprehensive range of Centrifugal and Positive Displacement Pumps suitable for numerous industries such as Oil & Gas, Utility & Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment, Chemical Process, Marine & Ship Building, Scrubber & Air Pollution Control, and Electronics & Semi Conductor.

Our company put dedication and commitment in everything we do. We always persevere in order to achieve our goals and to continuously grow in our field of expertise. With the help of our workforce, Liquimech Engineering is highly competent and capable of bringing the most extensive range of products for diverse applications.

As a reliable business partner, it is important that our values are always aligned with yours. Everyday, our company is striving hard to live up to these values to effectively deliver good service to our clients. We value our customers. We value our members. We value integrity. We value continuous learning. We value results. We value our world.

The brands we carry include:

API 610 /ANSI /ISO Standard/Vertical Turbine / Magnetic Sealless Centrifugal pump/i-ALERT 2

Floating Oil & Particles Collecting System/Oil & Sludge Separating System/Plastic Magnetic Sealless pumps

Air Fin Coolers/Radiator and Compressor Coolers/Tube Bundles/Finned Tubes/Two / Three Phase / Test Separator skids/Pig Launchers / Receivers/Storage tanks & Tank farms

Calibration Cylinders/Pulsation Dampeners/Back Pressure and Pressure Relief Valves/Injection Quills/Automatic Degassing Valves/Corporation Stops

Basket, Conical, Tee Type & Y-Type Strainers/Cartridge Filter, Mono & Dual Type Strainers.

Butterfly Valve : Concentric, Double Offset, Triple Offset Ball Valve : Floating / Trunnion Mount/Globe Valve / Actuators/Automation systems

Duplex Strainer Lined and non-lined/Basket Strainers/Air Eliminators/Automatic Self Cleaning Strainer/Vertical Deaerator/Auto Drainer

Submersible electric pumps for waste water/Industrial booster sets/Submersible agitators/JET submersible aerator/Radial aerator

Flame Arrester/ PV Valve/ Bursting Disc/Gauge Hatch/ Manhole Cover/ Vent.

Column/Tower Packings/ Column Internals/ Inline Static Mixer/ Liquid Distributors/ Distillation Trays/ Mist Eliminators/ Shear Mixer/ Pusher Centrifuge/Scrubber/ Heat Exchangers/ Storage tanks.

Solenoid Valves/ Limit switches/ Rack & Pinion and Scotch Yoke Actuators/ Pneumatic Cylinders/ Angle Seat Valves.

Gate valve/ Lined valves /Ball /Butterfly/plug /Ball check valve,

DBB Valves/ Mono Flange Valve/ High Pressure Ball valve & Needle Valve / Air Distributor.

Butterfly /Globe/Gate/Lined valves /Ball/check valve /Actuators/Automation systems

Coated Bolt and grating/Ceramic Pump/Can pump


Representative/CEO :N. Sethunath & S. Ganesh

Business Type :Distributor

Year Established :2005

Business Market :Singapore

Country Territory :Singapore

Industry Focus :Provide engineering assistance pertaining to selection/ supply after sales support for pumps and other related accessories

Press Release

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