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17 Brands

CV -Bench Hardness Testers

DINO-LITE -Digital Microscopes For Applications In Industrial, Medical & Science

ICHIGUCHI -Abrasive Sanding Discs, Buffing & Polishing

ILIX -Precision Cutting Tools For Automotive, Aerospace, Oil & Gas Industry

INSPEX -Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Coating Thickness, Vibration Meters, Etc

KAFER -Precision Dial Indicators, Dial Gauges

KINKELDER -Circular Sawblades

KORDT -Thread Measuring Gauge, Thread Depth Measuring, Internal & External Measuring For Large Parts

MAGAFOR -Centre Drill, Reamers, Cutting Tools

MAYKESTAG -Drills, Reamers, Cutters

MOORE & WRIGHT -Precision Measuring Instruments, Micrometers Internal, Micrometers External

OJIYAS -Precision Gauges, Precision Plug, Ring, Snap Gauges, Air Gauges

SHAVIV -Hand Deburring Tools

SHIMPO -Force Gauge, Test Stands, Stroboscope, Tachometer

SISMA -Laser Systems, Microwelding, Laser Marking

SYLVAC -Digital Indicators, Calipers, Micrometers, Measuring Probes, Height Gauge, Data Collection

TOSOK -Automated Measuring, Testing Equipment, Air Gauge, Air Micrometers, 3D Scanner

Company Profile

LFC PTE. LTD. is a Precision Tools distribution company with an expertise in metrology, cutting tools, machinery and machine tool accessories.

THE LFC Advantage
The Key is Convenience
Our customers can purchase their production needs with our extensive range of products.

A Trusted Brand in the Industry
Our suppliers are well-renowned companies from Japan, Germany, Switzerland, UK and others. We adopt a stringent process when selecting our suppliers.

Technical Support
LFC is committed to respond quickly to reduce customer downtime. We work closely with our principals to equip our engineers with the latest technical know-how.

Business Type :Precision Engineering Tools Distribution

Annual Sales Range :2-3 Million USD

Country Territory :Indonesia; Singapore

Industry Focus :Aerospace, Automotives, Oil and Gas, Marine

Operating Hours :9am to 6pm

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