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153 Products & Services

aerosol valves

anti piracy system

chemicals: maintenance

fans: industrial

filters: oil



lubricants: valve

marine equipment & supplies

oil purifiers

oily water separators


packings: acid & chemical resisting

packings: air brake & air pump

packings: alcohol

25 Brands

ACE VALVE -Valves-Butterly, Gate, Globe, Ball

ALLO -Mechanical Packing, Gaskets & Hoses

AMRI -Valves-Butterfly, Gate, Globe, Ball

BF KOGYO -Valves-Butterfly, Gate, Globe, Ball

BOSS -Oily Water Separators

CAVALLO -Gasketing Material

DASIC -Anti-Piracy Machine, Tank Cleaning Machines

DK -Valves-Butterfly, Gate, Globe, Ball

DV -Valves-Butterfly, Gate, Globe, Ball

EAGLE BURGMANN -Mechanical Seals

FN-TAPE -Anti-Splashing Tape

HANLA -Hydraulic Actuator

JAMESBURY -Valves-Butterfly, Gate, Globe, Ball

JOHN CRANE -Mechanical Seals

KEYSTONE -Valves-Butterfly, Gate, Globe, Ball

MINERAL PURE -Water Treatment Equipment, No Chemical, No Salt, No Maintenance

NAKAKITA SEISAKUSHO -Valves-Butterfly, Gate, Globe, Ball

NBS -Valves-Butterfly, Gate, Globe, Ball

S & W -Valves-Check, Swing, Water, Butterfly

SCALEBLASTER -Scaling Protection & Descaling Device

TACO -Pumps For All Applications

TOMOE -Valves-Butterfly, Gate, Globe, Ball

VICTOR MARINE -Tank Cleaning Equipment, Oily Water Separators, Gas Freeing Fans

WESTAD -Valves-Butterfly, Gate, Globe, Ball

WINTEB -Valves-Butterfly, Gate Globe, Ball

Company Profile

Our company was established in the year 1986 and well located in a 1,000 square ft office at Thye Hong Center. Since then, we have become a reputable provider in the Marine Industry.

To stay ahead and be more competitive in the rapidly globalizing economy, the company was named as LFA Global Pte Ltd in the year 2006. The change in our company’s name reveals the direction of the business to develop outside the shores of Singapore and build a foothold in the global market.

LFA Global Pte Ltd’s success is largely based on the vision of Mr. James Low and Mr. Roland Khoo, the founders of the company. With more than 30 years of vast experience in the Marine Industry, they have developed LFA Global Pte Ltd into one of the leading suppliers and distributors of marine valves, equipment and ship supplies in the market.

At present, LFA Global Pte Ltd runs the office and warehouse in 22,000 square ft modern facility located on Gul Lane in the Western part of Singapore. 25 dedicated employees are now providing quality service to valued customers coming from small businesses to large enterprises in the Marine Industry.

With our high level of service standards and ability to deliver exceptional products, customers around the globe continue to put their trust in our company. LFA Global Pte Ltd also partners with the best in the industry. We are the official distributor and agent of diverse major suppliers for marine and ship supplies.

Our huge variety of reliable products, vast knowledge and proven expertise in this field of business and the driven passion to meet every customer’s expectation is the main ingredient to our company’s success.

Year Established :1986

Country Territory :;

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