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29 Brands

AUTOMA -Gate, Globe, Check, Ball Valves, Y-Strainer & Actuator

BARBI -Piping, Multi-Layer Pipes, Eco Piping, ixPress Piping, MechFit Piping

BLANSOL -Multi-Layer Piping, Eco Piping, ixpress Piping, MechFit Piping

COCOON -Fittings, One Push Press Fittings, ixPress Fittings, MechFit, Elbow Fittings, Tee Fittings

FORBES MARSHALL -Control Valve, Desuperheater Piston Valve, Pressure Reducing Stations

HITELFI -Marine Level Switch, Marine Gauges, Sight Glass, Level Gauge, Orifice Plate, Venturi Tube

HMK -Steam Traps, Separator, Sight Glass

MALGORANI -Pressure Reducing Valve

MEIDINGER -Centrifugal Blower/Fan (Atex Certified)

M-FLEX -Rubber Expansion Joint, Bellows, Rubber Sheet, Rubber Bellows

MMA -Balancing Valves

OKM -Manual Butterfly Valves, Automatic Butterfly Valves, Knife Gate Valves, Pinch Valves

OKUMURA -Knife Gate Valve, Butterfly Valve

OR (OFFICINE RIGAMONTI) -Pressure Reducing Valves, Safety Valves

OSAKA SANITARY -Manual & Pneumatic Sanitary Valves

Q-FLEX -Rubber Expansion Joint, Bellows, Rubber Sheet, Rubber Bellows

S P PUMP -Thermal Oil, Small Centrifugal Pump, Magnetic Pump

SPECK -Multistage Pump, Side Channel, Vacuum Pump, High Pressure Plunger Pump

SPECK PUMPEN -Multistage Pump, Side Channel, Vacuum Pump, High Pressure Plunger Pump, Marine Pumps

TRI-HORSES -Stainless Steel & Cast Iron Dual Plate Check Valves, Butterfly Valves, Ball Valves

UIC -Pressure Gauges, Temperature Gauges, Thermometer, Solenoid Valve Butterfly, Motorised Valve

UNI-D -Solenoid Valves

UNIJIN -Pressure Gauges, Temperature Gauges, Thermometers

WISE -Pressure Gauges, Temperature Gauges, Thermometers

WOO JIN (WISE) -Pressure Gauges, Temperature Gauges, Thermometers

YASIKI -Gate, Globe, Check, Ball Valves, Y-Strainer, Rubber Flexible Joint & Bellow, Manifolds

YASIKI -Actuator, Motorized Valve, Pressure Gauges, Temperature Gauges, Instrument Valves

YEON -Bronze Flange & Screw Connection Gate, Globe, Check Valves, Screw Down Non-Return (SDNR) Valves

YSK -Ball, Gate, Globe, Valves, Y-Strainer, Gauges, Rubber, Flexible Joint, Steam Trap & Sight Glass

Company Profile

Leesonmech Singapore Pte Ltd is one of the largest stockist for distribution of valves, pumps, instrumentation, control and safety products with our regional presence in Singapore, Malaysia (East & West), The Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea and Ivory Coast.

We are also the representative of Okumura (Japan), Speck Pumpen (Germany), Meidinger (Switzerland) and Yasiki (Malaysia).

Leesonmech Singapore Pte Ltd supplies to the various industries and projects such as:
1) Chemical Industries
2) Pharmaceutical
3) Palm Oil Industries
4) Refinery, Oil & Gas
5) Water Treatment, Water Works
6) Building & HVAC Industries
7) Maintenance & Replacement Orders
8) Engineering & Construction
9) Dealers

Country Territory :All of ASEAN; Asia; Asia Pacific; Guinea; Indonesia; Malaysia; Papua New Guinea; Philippines; Singapore; Singapore and regional countries; South Africa; Thailand

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