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boring machines

boring machines: numerically controlled

brazing alloys

bronze alloys

brushes: wheel

brushes: wire

brushes: wire cup

burrs: carbide & carbide tipped

cable clamps: electric

cable connectors

carbon: gouging

cutting equipment: gas, laser, etc

cutting equipment: high pressure water

cutting machines: cnc

63 Brands

AMPCOMETAL -Copper Consumables, Alloy Consumables

AQUASOL -Soluble Purge Dam

ATA TOOLS -Pneumatic Power Tools

AUWELD -Welding Equipment & Machines, Inverters, Welding & Cutting Accessories, Gas Cutting Machines, Etc

AUWELD ABRASIVES -Grinding & Cutting Disc

AUWELD ACCESSORIES -Welding & Cutting Accessories & Abrasives

AUWELD FILLER METALS -Filler Metals & Welding Consumables

AUWELD SYNERGY CUT -CNC Flame Cutting, CNC Plasma Cutting, CNC Pipe Cutting, CNC Plate Roller,H-Beam Production System

BERNARD -Air Cooled Mig Gun, Air Cooled Automatics Mig Gun, Water Cooled Mig Gun, Water Cooled Automatics

BLUE POWER -Gouging Carbons, Gas Cutting Accessories, Abrasives Discs, Chains Type Pipe Cutting Machine

BLUEMETALS -Welding Consumables, Electrode Ovens


CENTRICUT -Plasma & Laser Consumables

CIRCLE WELDING INNOVATIONS -Circle Welders & Circle Burners For Nozzle Welding & Circle Cutting Of Pressure Vessels, Etc

CRC-EVANS -Pipe Handling Equipment, Pipe Automatic Welding Process

DEOXALUMINITE -Weld-Thru Rust Inhibitor, Weld-Thru Corrosion Inhibitor

DEWALT -115V Electrical Disc, 230V Electrical Disc, 115V Die Grinders, 230V Die Grinders, Drills, Saws, Chopsaws

DYNAFLUX -Liquid Dye Penetrant Systems, Welding Cooling Systems


ELGA -Filler Metals, Welding Consumables

FEIN -Magnetic Core Drill, Electrical Hacksaw, High Frequency Power Tools, 4 1/2 "-5" Grinders

FLEXOVIT -Grinding & Cut-Off Wheels & Full Range Of Abrasive Products

FSH-SELECTARC -Welding Consumables, Brazing Consumables

G.A.L. -Welding Gauge

GULLCO -Kat Carriage, Kat Auto-Weld, Kat Carriage, Kat Indexer Combo, Kat Oscillator Combo

HOBART -Filler Metals, Welding Consumables, Special Electrodes

HUNTINGDON -Range Of Argweld Purge Systems & Accessories, Gauges, Pipe Stoppers

I.N.E -TIG Filler Rod

IWM -Waterjet Machines, Waterjet Spare Parts, High Pressure Waterjet Cleaning Machines

LOUISVILLE LADDER -Welding Equipment, Welding Supplies

MAGNATECH -Orbital Pipe Welding Systems

MAKO -Welding Accessories, Consumables, Cable & Tungsten Carbide Burrs

MARKAL -Temperature Sticks

MARUHIDE -CNC Pipe Cuttings

MATHEY DEARMAN -Pipe Fit-Up Clamps, Pipe Cutting Machine, Pipe Beveling Machine

MCKAY -Stainless Steel & Hardfacing Electrodes & Wires

MILLER -Welding Machines, Preheat System

MIRAGE -Flange Facers, Hot Tapping, Milling, Drilling, Tapping, Grinding, Journal Turning, Boring Machine

OTC DAIHEN -Welding Machines, Welding Robot, Welding MIG, Welding TIG, Welding Torches

P.I.P.E. -Pipe Working Equipment, Plate Working Equipment & Heat Exchange Equipment

PFERD -Grinding & Cutting Disc

PHOENIX -Electrode & Flux Ovens

POWER WELD -Welding Electrodes, Welding Wires, Welding Rods


PROTO -Hand Tools

REVCO-BLACK STALLION -Welding Gloves, Protective Apparels

ROBOWEL -Mechanization & Automatic System For Welding & Cutting

RUKO -Burrs

SNAP-ON -Tools, Hand Tools, Cabinets

SP AIR TOOLS -Pneumatic Tools

SPECIAL METALS -Filler Metals, Welding Consumables-Inconel, Nickel-Based Welding Consumables

SYMEX -Gouging Torches & Accessories

TANAKA -Welding Torches, Regulators, Portable Cutting Machines, CNC Gas & Plasma Cutting Machines

TEMPIL -Temperature Stick


TRI-MARK -Filler Metals Welding Consumables

UNISCO -Low Alloy, Chrome Moly TIG Rods, Chrome High Tensile TIG Rods, Low Alloy Saw Wire, High Tensile Saw Wire, Low Alloy Saw Flux, High Tensile Saw Flux

VICTOR -Gas, Welding, Cutting & Manifold Systems

WACHS -Cold Cutting & Beveling Systems For Onshore, Offshore & Sub Sea Applications

WEILER -Heavy Duty Wire Brushes

WELDCRAFT -TIG Torches, TIG Consumables

WESCOL -Gas Welding, Cutting & Medical Gas Apparatus

WESTERN ENTERPRISES -Oil Equipment, Gas Equipment

Company Profile

Leeden Group is a leading integration specialist in Welding, Gas and Safety. Leeden’s customers include major oil and gas companies and contractors, shipbuilding and ship repair yards, oil rig, platform, jacket and floating production storage offloading (FPSO) systems as well as steel and pipeline fabricators across Asia. In 2012, Leeden Group became a member of Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation. Headquartered in Singapore, Leeden has grown rapidly, expanding into Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Philippines and Australia.

Representative/CEO :Edwin Chow, General Manager, Sales Department

Business Type :Integration specialist for Welding, Safety and Industrial Gas

Year Established :1964

Business Market :Leeden’s products and services are applicable to a wide range of industries from Oil & Gas companies to contractors.

No. Of Employees :Leeden Group has over 1100 staff in Singapore and Overseas.

Annual Sales Range :>5 Million USD

Country Territory :Australia; China; Indonesia; Malaysia; Philippines; Singapore; Thailand; Vietnam

Industry Focus :Marine, Oil & Gas, Aviation, Oil Rigs, Platform & Jacket Fabricators, FPSO, Shipyards, Pipe Mills, Heavy Engineering, Automobile, Chemical Plants and more.

Certification :

bizSAFE Level 3, Singapore Business Superbrands, Bronze Award under the Singapore Health.

Operating Hours :Monday – Friday: 8.30am – 5.30pm, Saturday: 8.30am – 12.30pm

Press Release

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