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115 Products & Services

acoustical measuring instruments


analysers: combustion

analysers: water



balances: analytical, laboratory, etc



carbon dioxide incubators


circular dichroism spectrometer


co2 incubators


16 Brands

ACS -Alcohol Breath Testers

BEL-ART -Plasticware Products

CONSOLIDATED -Water Stills & Sterilizers

COPE SCIENTIFIC -Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments

EIJKEIKAMP -Soil Measuring Instruments , Agricultural Measuring Instruments

EPPENDORF -Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments

EUROMEX MICROSCOPES -Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments

GOTTFERT -Testing Equipment

HELLIGE -Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments

KOTTERMAN -Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments

MLW -Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments

SARGENT WEICH -Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments

SEQUOIA TURNER -Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments

THERMOLYNE -Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments

UTECH -Scientific Equipment, Medical Equipment

YSI METERS -Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments

Company Profile

Lee Hung Scientific Pte Ltd (LHS). (AA Scientific Instrumentation) was founded in 1983. Through innovation, efficiency and professional services, Lee Hung is presently among the industry leaders to provide technical support, supply and distribution of Scientific and Laboratory Equipments, and Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Monitoring Instruments in Singapore and ASEAN. Our focus remains strongly rooted in laboratory, safety and environmental monitoring equipment. We are committed to unsurpassed levels of service to our customers in meeting their requirements regardless of what products or quantity. Lee Hung also offers a variety of services to enhance its business link with clients, including: Equipment and systems calibrations, Service and repair of scientific equipments, On the spot demonstration and training, Laboratory consultation for turnkey solutions, Laboratory set-up, custom design and installation of laboratory furniture, fume cupboards and equipment. Founded by Managing Director of LHS, Mr Alexan Ng, Lee Hung Test Services was born as a result of LHSs vision towards service quality improvement, in tandem with the growing market demands for locally-performed equipment calibrations and repair services. Lee Hung Test Services Pte Ltd (LHTS) was incorporated in 2003 and is a service-oriented organization created independently to achieve accreditation of Singlas (ISO/IEC17025) and specifically to focus on the service, repair, calibration, rental and consultancy of inspection, measuring and test equipment which primarily include Gas, Noise, and Vibration Monitors. Our secondary focus is on repair services for environmental monitoring, scientific and laboratory instruments. With the acquisition of SAC-SINGLAS Accreditation for ISO/IEC 17025 in the field of Calibration and Measurement at LHTS, we look forward to even higher standards of excellence in all aspects of our operations.

Representative/CEO :Alexan Ng (Managing Director)

Country Territory :Singapore

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