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115 Products & Services

acoustical measuring instruments

air measuring instruments

air monitoring equipment


analysers: combustion

analysers: flue gas

analysers: vibration & sound

analysers: water



balances: analytical, laboratory, etc





174 Brands

2B TECHNOLOGIES -Ozone Monitor

3M -Sound Level Meter, Noise Dosimeter, Heat Stress Monitor, IAQ Monitor

A.P. BUCK -IAQ Air Samplers, Personal Air Samples, Calibrators

ACGIH -Industrial Hygiene Publications

ACS -Alcohol Breath Testers

ADAM EQUIPMENT -Analytical Balance

AEROQUAL -Ozone Meter


AJ COPE -Laboratory Equipment

ALESCO -Animal Isolators/Cages

ALFA MIRAGE -Densimeter


ALP -Autoclaves

AQUA-BOY -Moisture Meter

AQUALYTIC -Water Analysis Testing Equipment

ASCOTT -Salt Spray Humidity Cabinet

ATAGO -Refractometers

BACHARACH -IAQ Analyzer, Combustion Analyzer, Leak Detection

BEL-ART -Plasticware Products

BIOSCIENCE -COD Test Kits, BOD Test Kits, Electrolytic Analyzer

BIOTRON -Fermenter

BNC -Handheld Radiation Detection

BOECKEL -Laboratory Equipment

BRANSON -Ultrasonic Cleaners

BRINKMANN -Centrifuge, Dispensers

BROWNALL -Laboratory Water Fittings, Laboratory Gas Fittings, Laboratory Water Pipes, Laboratory Gas Pipes

BROWNELL -Dewpoint Indicators & Meters

BUCK SCIENTIFIC -Analytical Instrument

BW -Gas Detectors

BYK GARDNER -Colour Measurement Instrument

CANNON -Stormer Kerbs Viscometers

CAROLINA -Biological Instrument & Equipment, Science & Math Catalog

CASTLE -Sound Level Meter, Vibration Meter

C-CELL -Imaging System For Bread

CECIL -Spectrophotometers

CENTURION -Centrifuge

CHARLES AUSTEN -Vacuum Pressure Pump

CHC LAB -Biological Safety Cabinet, Lamnar Flow Cabinet, Local Extractor System

CID -Portable Precision Plant Measuring Instrument

CLIFTON -Heating Equipment

COLE PARMER -Scientific Equipment, Laboratory Equipment

COMARK -High Precision Thermometers & Humidity

CONSOLIDATED -Water Stills & Sterilizers

CONSORT -pH Meter Instruments, pH Measuring Instruments

COPE SCIENTIFIC -Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments

CREST -Ultrasonic Bench Top Cleaners

CRUMA -Ductless Fume Hoods, Laminar Flow Sterile Cabinets

DAIKI -Scientific Laboratory Equipment

DECAGON -Water Activity Meter, Vapour Sorption Analyzer

DEFELSKO -Positector, Thickness Gauge

DENVER -Electronic Analytical Balances, Top Pan Balances

DICKEY JOHN -Grain Moisture Meter, NIR Analyzer

EDAMIX -Fume Cupboard, Laboratory Furniture

EIJKEIKAMP -Soil Measuring Instruments , Agricultural Measuring Instruments

ELCOLD -Laboratory Freezer

ELEKTRO PHYSIK -Coating Thickness Gauge

ELITE -Furnaces

EPPENDORF -Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments

ERLAB -Ductless Fume Hood

ESD -Digital pH Meters, Turbidity Meters, Conductivity TDS Meters, Oxygen Meters

EUROMEX -Microscopes

EUROMEX MICROSCOPES -Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments

EXCALIBUR -Food Dehydrator

EXOTEK -Moisture Meter


FISHER SCIENTIFIC -Scientific Laboratory Equipment

FORCE A -Chlorophyll Meter For Plant Leaves, UV-Visible Portable Fluorimeter For Plant, Leaves & Fruits

FUNGILAB -Digital Viscometer

GBX -Water Activity Meter, Contact Angle Meter, Tensiometer

GERBER INSTRUMENTS -Milk Testing Equipment, Centrifuges, Butyrometers, Etc

GFL -Shaker, Water Bath

GOTECH -Universal Testing Machine

GOTTFERT -Testing Equipment

GR SCIENTIFIC -Coulometric Karl Fisher

G-WON -Food Moisture Meter

HAMILTON -Water Still

HEAL FORCE -Biological Safety Cabinet, Water Purification System

HELLIGE -Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments

HEMCO -Fume Hood

HETTICH -Centrifuges

HOTPACK -Glassware Washer

IKA -Stirrer, Homogeniser

ILSHIN -Freezer Dryer, Homogenizer, Fermenter

INDEX INSTRUMENTS -Automatic Refractometers


INSITE IG -Wastewater Instrumentation

INSITU -Water Quality Monitoring

INSTANTEL -Vibration Monitors

INTERSCIENCE -Lab Blender, Bag Mixer, Automatic Colony Counter

JENCO -Digital pH, Ion Meter

JENOPTIK -Colorimeter

JUSTRITE -Safety Cabinet

KANE INT -CO Meter Combustion Analyzers , CO2 Meter Combustion Analyzers

KESTREL -Pocket Weather Meter, Wind/Heat Stress Meters

KEY INTERNATIONAL -Tablet Hardness Tester

KOTTERMAN -Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments

KRUSS -Laboratory Equipment

LABNET -Life Science Equipment

LAR -COD Online Analyzer, BOC Online Analyzer, TOC Online Analyzer

LENETA -Opacity Charts

LENTON -Furnaces

LONGER PRECISION -Syringe Pumps, Peristaltic Pumps

LONGWIN -Wind Tunnel

MASTAP -Laboratory Water & Gas Fittings


METKON -Polishers, Grinders, Cutters

MIDAC -Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer

MLW -Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments

MORPHIX -Colorimetric Chemical Detection Badges

MUNSELL -Colour Chart


NARDA -Electromagnetic Field Measurement Instrument

NEXT INSTRUMENT -SeedCount, NIR Grain Analyzer

NIKKISO -Syringe Pumps, Infusion Pumps

NORELL -NMR Precision Sample Tubes

OMEGA -Filter Cassettes & Membrane Filters

OPTICAL ACTIVITY -Automatic Refractometer & Polarimeter

ORBECO HELLIGE -Water Test Kits, Turbidity Meter, Electrochemistry

PALINTEST -Water & Environmental Analysis Equipment

PASCALL -Ball Mills, Grinders, Mixers, Triple Roll Mills & Crushers

PAUL & GARDNER -Paint Testing Equipment

PPM -Indoor Air Quality Monitors

PRESENS -Micro Oxygen Sensor


RAL -Colour Cards

RAY-RAN -Plastic Testing Equipment


RION -Viscotesters, Vibration Meter

RITTER -Drum Type Wet Gas Meter

ROCTEST -Geotechnical Instrument

SANKO -Pin Hole Detector, Holiday Detector

SARGENT WEICH -Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments

SCAVINI -Petroleum Testing Equipment

SCILAB -Shaker, Circulator Bath

SEBA -Hydrometrical, Hydrological & Meteorological Measuring Instrument

SEEDCOUNT -Seedcount

SELECTA -Laboratory Equipment, Scientific Equipment

SEQUOIA TURNER -Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments

SEWERIN -Water Leak Detection Instrument

SHAW -Dewpoint Meters, Hygrometers & Moisture Analyzers

SHEEN -Paint & Coating Equipment

SHELLAB -Oven, Humidity Chamber, Incubator


SONICS -Ultrasonic Liquid Processors

SPECTRUM -Soil Compaction Meter

STABLE MICRO SYSTEMS -Texture Analyzer, Bread Volume Scanner

SUMO-KANZO -Portable Dehumidifier

SUNTEX -Conductivity Meter

SUTHERLAND -Ink Rub Tester

TA -Air Sampler

TABER INDUSTRIES -Abrasion Testers

TAYLOR HOBSON -Surface Meter


TELSTAR -Biological Safety Cabinet

TESTING BLUHM & FEUERHERDT -Construction Material Testing Equipment

THERMOLYNE -Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments

TIF -Gas Leak Detector

TMI -Testing Equipments For Pulp, Paper, Plastic, Rubber & Printing

TOKIMEC -Viscometers

TQC -Paint & Coating Equipment

TSI -Air Velocity Meters, Anemometers, Indoor Air Quality, Dust Monitors, Respirator Fit Testing Instruments

UNISENSE -Microsensors

UTECH -Scientific Equipment, Medical Equipment

VELP -Cod Analyser, Bod Analyser


W.S. TYLER -Sieve Shaker

WHITE SEIS -Vibration Monitor

WILKENS-ANDERSON -Food Testing Equipment

X-RITE -Colorimeters, Spectrophotometers

YOUNG -Wind Monitor

YSI -Conductivity Meter, Oxygen Meter, Conductivity Measuring Instruments, Oxygen Measuring Instruments

YSI METERS -Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments

ZEHNTER -Surface Testing Equipment, Adhesive Testing Equipment

ZEMATRA -Oil & Water Petroleum Test Kit

Company Profile

Lee Hung Scientifc Pte Ltd (LHS) (AA Scientific Instrumentation) was founded in 1983 as a supplier and distributor of scientific and laboratory equipment in the early days. Through decades of establishment, LEE HUNG has grown incessantly to become a dynamic and enterprising entity. Our focus remains deeply rooted in building strong relationships with our customers and business partners and we are committed to provide quality products and professional services to all. Our long-term track record is eminent in both the public and private sectors, spanning across government agencies, regulatory bodies and research institutions to industries in foods, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, construction and many more. Today we are a leading instrumentation and solutions provider in Singapore and ASEAN and our expanded portfolio include a wide and diverse range of products that can be broadly classified into three main divisions:


- Scientific and Laboratory Equipment
- Occupational Health, Environmental and Safety Monitoring Equipment
- Laboratory Furniture and Turnkey Solutions


Lee Hung Test Services Pte Ltd (LHTS) was incorporated in 2003 as part of the LEE HUNG Group to focus on service, repair, and calibration of equipment including Noise, Vibration and Gas Monitors. Embracing our vision towards service quality improvement, LHTS prides herself as a service-oriented organization that aims to meet international service quality standards. We are the FIRST company in Singapore to have acquired the Accreditation of SINGLAS ISO/IEC 17025 in the field of calibration and measurement for Acoustics and Vibration. With this accomplishment , we look forward to achieving even higher standards of excellence in all aspects of our operations.


Lee Hung Scientific Sdn Bhd (LHSSB) was born in 2004 as a branch office as a leap to reach out closer to our neighbouring customers in tandem with our continual efforts to strive for regional growth. Specialising in Food testing equipment initially, we gradually expanded our product range to include other General Scientific Equipment and Environmental Monitoring instruments. Looking upon its Singapore Headquarters as a role model, LHSSB strives for continual expansion to provide all customers and partners with more quality products and value added services in the near future.


In other parts of Southeast Asia, a strong dealer network has also been developed and established.

Representative/CEO :Alexan Ng (Managing Director)

Country Territory :Singapore

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