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WINNER -Hydraulic Cartridge Valves, AC/DC Hydraulic Power Pack

Company Profile

Latco Enterprises Pte Ltd is the sole distributor for Winner hydraulics cartridge valves & mini power packs in Singapore. Aside from the sale of world-class quality hydraulics parts, Latco boasts in-house programming capabilites and manipulates the latest Solidwork software to offer fully customizable design, assemblage and integration services of hydraulic manifolds. Common applications of Latco’s hydraulic cartridge valves and manifolds include marine and offshore equipment, and may extend to construction and other mobile machinery.

Here at Latco, we do not simply sell hydraulic valves and assemble customized manifolds. We complete the sale with relevant advice on the parts’ application and deliver it to where you need it to be. Known for our expertise and over 20 years of experience in the niche Hydraulic market, Latco’s clients hail from both within and outside Singapore, including neighbouring countries Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Latco’s products are supplied by Winner, an internationally recognized manufacturer of screw-in hydraulic cartridge valves, manifolds and mini power packs. Winner has sold its products to over 60 countries, and boasts outstanding R&D capabilities and stringent quality checks that ensures every component from Winner is of top-quality. Read more about Winner here:

The following are some of the products we offer:

• Relief Valves
• Ventable Relief Valves
• Counter Balance Valves
• Check Valves (Standard & Pilot-to-open)
• Reducing Valves
• Flow Control Valves
• Winner Compact Hydraulic Powerpack
• Solenoid Valves (Stndard & Explosion-proof)
• Electro Proportionate Valves

Representative/CEO :Ng Kwee Huat (Manager)

Country Territory :Singapore

Product News

Counterbalance Valves: Load Control, 3 Ports (MB) & 4 Ports (MW)

Country of Product Origin: Latco Enterprises Pte Ltd

Product Launch Date: Aug 01, 2018

MB & MW valves are different types of counterbalance valves with uses such as:• Lowering velocity control and stationary load holding• Providing protection against hydraulic line failure and pressure shocks when placed next to actuator• Suitability for diverse applications such as lifting applications, hydraulic cylinder, winches, extensible movable bridge, etc• MW Counterbalance valves are also used in regeneration and servo/proportional valve circuitsSpecifications for >>

Ventable Relief valves (RV) and Sequence Valves (SP)

Country of Product Origin: Latco Enterprises Pte Ltd

Product Launch Date: Aug 01, 2018

A Ventable Relief Valve (RV) is a type of relief valve used to:• Act as safety valves. They protect fixed displacement pumps and directional control valves when pump output flow is intermittently blocked.• Limit pressure overshoot associated with pressure compensated pumps.• Protect hydraulic actuators (cylinders & motors) from shock pressures associated with starting and stopping heavy loads.Specifications of RV:• Rated flow of up to 480 LPM• Maximum pressure of 420 >>

Press Release

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