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OCT -Fibre Optic Cables

Company Profile

Laser Ace Cable and Accessories Pte Ltd was once honoured as a Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise which promotes self determination to entrepreneurs who possess entrepreneurial spirits operating either small or medium sized business. Lacer Ace leader, who was born to have magnificent knowledge and creativity inspires younger generation to become a good entrepreneur someday that can be useful to the society as well as being valuable to the growth of the country.

Laser Ace Cable and Accessories Pte Ltd was established in the year 1997 as the first class distributor of high quality control cables. We aim to provide the best cable solution to your needs while sustaining the core business of the company. We are committed to offer you high quality products and brands such as the EurotronicTM and EuroflexTM.

The company features a value added services on cable selection, alternative cable recommendation, and the resourcefulness to do customize cable specification according to your set requirements.

Laser Ace Cable and Accessories Pte Ltd had grown as a well-developed and a steady industry through its running years. We do not stop searching for improvement and new innovations on both of our product quality and service using our creative and prolific minds which makes us stay within the competitive world of industry. Our people are determined to achieve the customer’s satisfaction which ensures the high quality products and services that they deserved.

The cable solution we provide can be applied to a variety of industries such as the following:

• General Industry
• Networking
• Petrochemical industry
• Power Plant and Power Transmission
• Telecommunication Industry
• Military
• Industrial Construction
• Automation

Our range of products includes the following:
• PVC Control Cables
• Coaxial Cable
• Data Screened Cables
• Telephone Cables and Telephone Wire
• Speaker Cables
• Equipment Wire
• Instrumentation Cable
• UTP/FTP Cable
• Fiber Optic Cable
• Neoprene
• Special cables to customers’ specification

Country Territory :Singapore

Product News

PVC Flexible Cable

Country of Product Origin: Laser Ace Cable & Accessories Pte Ltd

Product Launch Date: Jun 18, 2018

The Euroflex range of control cable is suitable as control, monitoring and measurement cable, especially for free, not constrained movements. The application range includes machine tools, heating, air conditioning and ventilating technologies as well as other applications within electrical equipment.Inner conductor : Bare Annealed CopperInsulation : Polyvinyl ChlorideInsulation : Polyvinyl ChlorideJacket : Polyvinyl ChlorideVoltage rating : 600/1000 VOuter sheath colour : GreyCore colours : Gree >>

Flame Retardant Low Smoke Halogen Free Screened Cable

Country of Product Origin: Laser Ace Cable & Accessories Pte Ltd

Product Launch Date: Apr 13, 2018

There is an increase demand for safety in buildings and public areas keeping people safe during a fire is top priority, and this can include protecting cables that are vital for keeping power in so that fire alarms can sound lights can work and people can get out of harm’s way.The LSHF Cable are those when exposed to fire emit no more than 0.5% hydrogen chloride. The LSHF compounds are flame retardant compounds that generate low amount of smoke.Laser Ace’s range of low smoke halogen >>


Country of Product Origin: Laser Ace Cable & Accessories Pte Ltd

Product Launch Date: Apr 13, 2018

The Category 6A (CAT6A) is the latest literation of Gigabit Ethernet cabling. Cat6A doubles data transmission bendwidth from 250-500 MHZ decreases the chance of crosstalk interference and provides superior reliability and transmission speeds through greater lengths of cable.Standard CompliancesISO/IEC 1180:2011 (Ed.2.2)IEC 61156-5:2009 (Ed.2.0)EN 501753-1:2011EN 50173-2:2007 including amendment A1:2010ANSI/TIA-568-C.2:2009FeaturesTape design engineered for smaller overall diameter and ease of in >>

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