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19 Brands

ATEXOR OY -ATEX Flashlights

CANFIX -Pipe Repair Kits

CANSEAL -Marine Tapes

CANSEAL/R -Roll Type Marine Tapes

CENGAR -ATEX Air Saws For All Industries

COBOLT -Electric Descaling Machine, Pneumatic Descaling Machine, Deck Scalers

DYKEN -Water Driven Gas Freeing Fans, Pneumatic Gas Freeing Fans

EURAMCO SAFETY INC -Explosion Proof Blower

EXOWRAP -Insulation Systems

GILKES -Marine Fans, Water Motors, Turbo Pumps


INSULMASTIC -Marine Anti-Corrosion Tape, Industrial Anti-Corrosion Tape, Marine Anti-Corrosion Coatings, Industrial Anti-Corrosion Coatings

KM -Water Driven Marine Turbine Fans, Pneumatic, Electric Fans, Power Wire Brushes

NIGHT SEARCHER -Portable LED Floodlight & Explosion Proof Flashlight

NOSPRAY -Anti-Splashing Tapes

PETROWRAP -Anti-Corrosion Tapes

RAMFAN -Blowers, Ventilators

STEAMKOTE -HT Pipe Dressing

TEXAS PNEUMATIC INC -Pneumatic Jet Fans, Venturi Air Movers

Company Profile

Established in the 1980’s as manufacturer and a company specialised in providing equipment for the marine shipping and offshore industries, oil and gas, fire service, military, homeland agencies, chemical and refineries and construction industries locally and globally. Our teams of staffs with many years of technical experience are dedicated to offer their service in fast and efficient ways. We are the manufacturer of Cobolt tools for various range of Water Driven and Pneumatic Gas Freeing Guns, Surface Preparation Equipment, Tank Cleaning Machines, Pneumatic Hi-speed Mucking Winches, Pneumatic Tools and other various equipment and hardware tools for the maritime industry and other related industries. KM Kinley Marketing Pte Ltd was established in 1980 as a manufacturing company that specializes in the production and distribution of various equipment for industries like oil & gas, marine & shipping, military, chemical, refineries, homeland agencies, fire service as well as construction industries to the local and international markets.

We manufacture Cobolt tools for wide range of Surface Preparation Equipment, Water Driven and Pneumatic Gas Freeing Guns, Pneumatic Hi-speed Mucking Winches, Pneumatic Tools, Tank Cleaning Machines and other related hardware tools and equipment for used in marine industries and more. With our dedication to provide the highest quality of equipment, we engineer solutions to last for maximum safety and performance in the most challenging environment. We are certified with ISO 9001:2008 and Bizsafe Level 3, and also a member of ASMI, SIAA and SMF.

Through the years, we were able to develop and customize leading technologies according to our customer’s demands and specifications. We have our professional team and our strong research and product development capabilities that make it possible for us to sustain continuous innovation and improvement for our products, delivering you dependable, durable and cost-effective solutions. In all this, we never forget our commitment to quality, high standards in terms of safety, aesthetics and value added products while meeting our customer’s most demanding requirements.

We are also the leading South East Asia Distribution centre for brands like:

• Cengar ATES Air Saws
• Dyken Gas Freeing Fans
• Ramfan (Euramcosafety Inc), USA
• Innovative Mfg, Canada
• Gilkes UK Pumps
• Nightsearcher
• RayTec
• Texas Pneumatic Tools Inc, USA

We currently own different types of production, assembly line as well as the testing facilities that work separately depending on the specification of each line. We promise to continuously serve you with quality, dependable and affordable solutions!

Business Type :Manufacturer, Distributor

Business Market :Worldwide

Country Territory :Singapore

Industry Focus :Marine, Shipping and Offshore industries, Oil & Gas, Fire Service, Military, Homeland Agencies, Chemical & Refineries and Construction

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