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106 Brands

ALTEMP Q NB 50 -Anti Fretting Assembly Paste

AMBLYGON -Long Life High Performance Greases

ASONIC -High Temperature, Low Noise Rolling Bearing Greases

BARRIERTA -High Temperature, Long Life, Chemically Inert, High Vacuum Lubricants

BARRIERTA I -High-Temperature Perfluorinated Polyether Oil

BARRIERTA L -High-Temperature Long-Term Greases

BARRIERTA LP -High-Temperature Pasty Sliding Agent For Gas Fittings

CATENERA FLUIDS FT 2 -Escalator Chains Oil

CATENERA KSB -Dampening Greases

CENTOPLEX -Multi Purpose Greases

CONSTANT -Lubricating & Impregnating Fluids For Sintered Metal Bearings

CONTRAKOR -Corrosion Protection Agents

FLUOROPAN -PTFE Bonded Coatings

GRAFLOSCON -Adhesive Lubricants For Open Gear Drives

HOTEMP -High Temperature Chain Oils

ISOFLEX -High Speed & Low Temperature Synthetic Greases

ISOFLEX PDP -Low Temperature Long Life Synthetic Oils

ISOFLEX TOPAS -Long-Term & Wide Service Temperature Range Synthetic Greases

KLUBER -Grease, Lubricant

KLUBER MADOL SUPREME -Needle Oils, Sinker Oils

KLUBER NOXLUB -High Temperature Long Life Grease

KLUBER SILVERTEX -Needle Oils, Sinker Oils

KLUBER SUMMIT HYSYN FG -Synthetic Air Compressors Oils

KLUBER SUMMIT NG, PG -Synthetic Gas Compressor Oils

KLUBER SUMMIT NGL -Synthetic Gas Compressors Oils

KLUBER SUMMIT NGSH -Synthetic Natural Gas Compressor Lubricants

KLUBER SUMMIT R -Synthetic Refrigeration Compressor Oils


KLUBER SUMMIT VARNASOLV -Cleaning Oil, Flushing Oil

KLUBER TYRENO -Vacuum Pump Lubricants

KLUBERALFA -High Temperature Greases, Synthetic Greases

KLUBERALFA HL -High Performance PFPE Oils

KLUBERALFA HM, HPX, HX -High Temperature Long Life & High Vacuum Greases

KLUBERALFA XZ -PFPE Lubricants Dispersing Agent

KLUBERALFA YM, YV -Sliding Agent

KLUBERBETA -Silicone Oils

KLUBERBIO -Readily Biodegradable Lubricants

KLUBERCUT -Synthetic Metalworking Oils

KLUBERFLUID B-F, C-F -Transparent Open Gear Lubricants

KLUBERFLUID D -Synthetic Impregnating Fluid

KLUBERFLUID D-F -Repair Lubricant For Open Gear Drives

KLUBERFOOD 4 NH -Synthetic Hydraulic Oils For Food-Processing & Pharmaceutical Industries, NSF H1 Registered

KLUBERFOOD NH1 -Synthetic Food Grade Oils, Synthetic Food Greases, NSF H1 Registered

KLUBERFOOD NH1 1-17 -Sugar Dissolving Oils

KLUBERLECTRIC -Electroconductive Rolling Bearing Grease

KLUBERLUB -Mineral Oil Based Greases

KLUBERMATIC FG -Automatic Food Grade Lubricant Dispenser

KLUBERMATIC KD, LB -Manual Spraying Equipment

KLUBEROIL 4 UH1 -Synthetic Food Grade Gear, Synthetic Food Multi Purpose Oils, NSF H1 Registered

KLUBEROIL CA -Adhesive Chain Oil

KLUBEROIL GEM -High Performance Gear, Multi Purpose Oils, CLP Standard

KLUBEROIL TEX -Needle Oils, Sinker Oils

KLUBEROIL Y F -High Temperature Chain Oil

KLUBERPASTE -Lubricating, Assembly Pastes

KLUBERPASTE HEL -High Temperature Paste

KLUBERPASTE UH1 -Food Grade Assembly Paste, NSF H1 Registered

KLUBERPHARMA UH1 -Synthetic Oil, NSF H1 Registered

KLUBERPLEX AG 11-462 -While Operational Lubricant For Open Gear Drives

KLUBERPLEX BE -Longlife Lubricating Greases

KLUBERPLEX BEM -Longlife Bearing, Multipurpose Greases

KLUBERPLUS -Lubricating Waxes

KLUBERPLUS SK -Special Lubricant

KLUBERQUIET -Low Noise Rolling Bearing Greases

KLUBERRAIL -Biodegradable Lubricants For Railway Switches

KLUBERSPEED -Ultra High Speed Lubricating Grease

KLUBERSYNTH -Special Synthetic Greases, Special Synthetic Oil

KLUBERSYNTH AR -Special Grease For Pneumatic & Sealing Applications

KLUBERSYNTH BH -Long-Term Grease, High Temperature Grease

KLUBERSYNTH CH, CTH -High Temperature Chain Oils

KLUBERSYNTH EG -Synthetic High Performance Gear Oils, CLP

KLUBERSYNTH G -Small Gears Special Grease

KLUBERSYNTH GEM 4 -Synthetic Gear Oils

KLUBERSYNTH GH 6 -Polyglycol Gear Oils

KLUBERSYNTH J,M -Synthetic Greases For Ball Joints

KLUBERSYNTH L -Low Temperature Greases

KLUBERSYNTH MZ -Corrosion Protection Oil

KLUBERSYNTH UH1 -Large Family Synthetic Food Grade Lubricants

KLUBERSYNTH UH1 6 -Polyglycol Based Food Grade Gear Oils

KLUBERTEMP -High Temperature Long Term Grease

KLUBERTOP TP -Bonded Coatings For Elastomers, Plastics & Metal

KONTASYNTH BA -Spray Lubricant For Electrical Contacts

LAMORA D -Lubricating Oils

LAMORA HLP -Hydraulic Oils With Good Wear Protection

MICROLUBE GB -Fluid Greases

MICROLUBE GL -Special Lubricating Greases

MOLYBKOMBIN -High Temperature Dry Lubricants

NONTROP -Non Dripping Greases

NOSOL -Special Valve Lubricants Resistant To Petroleum Fluids

OPTAPLUS -High Torque Synthetic Greases For Plastics

OXIGENOEX -Sliding Agents

PARALIQ -First Generation Special Lubricants

PARALIQ GTE 703 -Silicone Based Foodgrade Grease

PETAMO -Long Life High Temperature Greases

POLYLUB GLY -Synthetic Greases For Lubrication Of Rubbers & Plastics

POLYLUB WH2 -Multi-Purpose Food Grade Grease, NSF H3

SILUBRIN -Special Sealing Compound

STABURAGS NBU, N -Long Life Water Resistant, High Pressure Greases

STABUTHERM -High Temperature Grease

STRUCTOVIS HD -Family Of Instrinsically Viscous Chain Oils In Various Grades

SYNTHESO GLEP1 -Special Lubricating Grease Compatible With EPDM

SYNTHESO GLK -Special Lubricating Greases For Elastomers

UNIGEAR -Extremely Adhesive Gear Greases

UNIMOLY -Molybdenumdisulphide-Containing Greases, Pastes & Coatings

UNISILKON -Silicone Lubricants & Separating Agents With Good Rubber & Plastic Compatibility

WOLFRACOAT C -High Temperature Copper Paste

WOLFRAKOTE, WOLFRASYN -High Temperature Lubricants

Company Profile

Klüber Lubrication South East Asia Pte Ltd. is a subsidiary of Klüber Lubrication München KG, headquartered in Munich, Germany, a leading global manufacturer of speciality lubricants.

Klüber Lubrication München KG belongs to Freudenberg Chemical Specialities KG, Munich, a subgroup of the Freudenberg group Weinheim, Germany.

With 80 years of experience, Klüber has acquired an excellent reputation as a partner to industry and offers more than 2000 products from its own factories, some of them tailor-made for customers or specific applications.

Klüber lubricants are used for initial lubrication (first fill) by many OEMs and are therefore often approved and recommended by them.
Customers from the production sector benefit from the fact that those lubricants are tailored to their machines and considering their operation parameters.

Furthermore, we are also offering a range of services (KlüberAssetSupport) such as plant surveys, application consulting, lubricant analyses, customer training etc.

Representative/CEO :Mr. Christoph Koehler

Business Type :Sales of Specialty Lubricants and Lubrication related services and consulting

Year Established :1998 in Singapore (year of foundation: 1929 in Germany)

Business Market :Global activity in all industrial sectors, addressing OEMs and end-users

No. Of Employees :7 in Singapore (approx. 1800 worldwide)

Annual Sales Range :>5 Million USD

Country Territory :Brunei Darussalam; Cambodia; Indonesia; Lao People'S Dem Republic; Philippines; Singapore; Vietnam

Industry Focus :Specialty lubricants for all industrial sectors, main focus markets in Singapore: Marine industry, Food & Pharma industry, Oil & Gas industry, Electronics industry

Certification :

EN ISO 9001:2000, DIN EN ISO 14001 (environment), OHSAS 18001 (health & safety), ISO 21469 (hygiene requirements in food industry), ISO/TS 16949 (R&D Automotive Industry); NSF H1, Halal certified products for food industry

OEM Capability :Close cooperation with many global OEMs in R&D regarding lubricant issues

Operating Hours :08.00 – 17.15 Our staff is also available to serve you outside office hours by arrangement

Quality Control :Yes, see also point “Certifications”

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