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79 Products & Services

air vents

automation systems & equipment

biofuel processing equipment & supplies


controls: pneumatic

controls: process

controls: tank level


converters: ac to dc

converters: analogue to digital

converters: dc to dc

converters: rtd

converters: thermocouple

conveyors: pneumatic

crushing & pulverizing equipment

21 Brands

ASAHI -Thermoplastic Valve

FIKE -Rupture Discs, Explosion Vents

FUNKEN -Powder Weighing Feeder, Powder Weighing Mixer

FUSHIMAN -Pressure Reducing, Temperature Regulating Valve, Steam Traps

GOETZE -Pressure Relief Valves (Food, Pharmaceutical Industries, Etc)

HISAKA -Ball Valves, Actuators

HITACHI -Distributed Control System & Instrument

KANEKO -Level Gauge, Solenoid Valve, Breather Valve, Flame Arresters, Gas Seal Unit

MOTOYAMA -Control Valve, Safety Relief Valve

MTT -Signal Conditioners, DSP System, Industrial Computer Systems

NAKASHIMA (AMO) -Automated Bag Packers

NBV -Metal Touch Ball Valve For High Pressure & High Temperature Up To 800 Deg C

NDV -Diaphragm, Ball, Butterfly & Sanitary Valves

NIIKURA -Tank Equipment, Pipe Fittings, Spray Nozzle, Breather Valve, Flame Arrester, Strainer


NINAO CORPORATION -Flares, Stack Systems, Incinerators

OKAZAKI -Thermocouple, RTD, Thermowell

ROTOTHERM -Multistage Orifice, Venturi Tubes

SANKO -Pneumatic Conveying System

SSS -Control Valve Positioner

SUEHIRO -Expellers, Extruders, Rollers, Mills

Company Profile

Kiuchi Instrumentation Pte Ltd was founded on the 6th of November, 1974. We are an affiliated company of KK Kiuchi Keisoku of Japan, a specialist in the field of instrumentation and process control for more than 50 years.

Our company is composed of four operating departments which include the sales department, service department, engineering department and administration department. In 1974, our service department started to operate and provide reliable services to marine industries. Reorganizing in 1983, we have extended our business market in various land based industries as well.

Together with our dependable employees as well as our trusted partners and distributors, we were able to provide excellent quality products and services to achieve customer utmost satisfaction.

To achieve long term business partnership with customers through quality products and services.

The following are some of the products and services we offer:
• MOTOYAMA Control Valve
• NBV Ball Valve (High Pressure, High Temperature)
• HITACHI HIGH-TECH Differential Pressure Transmitter
• FIKE Explosion Vent
• HISAKA Duax Friction Free Ball Valve
• HISAKA API Ball Valve with Actuator
• NDV Diaphragm Valve, Ball Valve
• SANKO Knife Gate Valve
• MOTOYAMA Safety Relief Valve
• GOETZE Pressure Relief Valve
• FUSHIMAN Pressure Reducing Valve
• KANEKO Solenoid Valve, Breather Valve
• FIKE Rupture Disk
• OKAZAKI Electric Heater & Thermocouple RTD
• HITACHI HIGH-TECH Instruments & Distributed Control System (DCS)
• MTT Signal Conditioner
• 3S Control Valve Postioner
• ROTOTHERM Multistage Orifice & Venturi Tubes
• NIIKURA Spray Nozzle

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