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33 Brands

DATALOGIC -Analog Sensors TL 10 Series Lamps & etc

EMCO LENZE -Clutches, Spring Brakes, Rotors, Hubs

FOTEK -Digital Counters, Proximity Sensors, Temperature Controllers, Encoder

FUJI ELECTRIC -Electric Motors, Frequency Inverters

HELISTAR -Magnetic Power Clutches & Brakes

HITACHI -Electric Motors, Frequency Inverters

HOPE -PC Boards, Clutch Brake Hi Speed Controller

IN TEN -Corona Treatments

JAPAN SERVO -Potentiometer, Geared Motors, AC Motors

KEB -Rectifiers, Combibox/Combinorm/Electromagnetic/ Permanent Clutches & Brakes

LENZE -Shaft Mounted Gearboxes, Clutches, Spring Brakes, AC/DC Servo Motors, Controllers, Inverters

MIKI PULLEY -Clutch & Brake Units, Couplings, Motors & etc

MITSUBISHI -Electromagnetic Powder Clutches & Brakes, Tension Controllers, Gear, Superline Motors & AC Inverters

NACHI -Hydraulic Pumps & Valves & etc

NISSEI -Geared Motors & Stock Gears & etc

NITTO -Adhesive Tapes, Nitoflon, Adhesive Tapes

OGURA -Clutch & Brake Units & etc

OSAKI DENYOSHA -Pioneer Clutches & Brakes, High Reversible Clutches, Spring Brakes, Power Module

PEACOCK -Dial Thickness Gauges & Digital Indicators & etc

SAKAI'S -Variable Speed Changers, Grip-V-Belt & etc

SHENG MA -Temperature Controllers

SHIMPO -Ringcones, Tachometers, Speedometers, Stroboscope

SHINKO -Clutches, Brakes, AC Servo Motors, AC Servo Driver, Vibrating Motors, DC Motors

SHINKO NORTH AMERICAN -Web Guide Systems, Edge Position Controllers

SICK -Sensors NT 6 & KT 5 Series & etc

SINFONIA -Clutches & Brakes, AC Servo Motors & Driver, Vibrating Motors, DC Motors & Etc

SKK -Geared Motors & Reducers & etc

SUMITOMO -Cyclo Drive Motors, AC Inverters, Beier Cyclo Variators, Hyponic Motors & etc

SUNTES -Centrifugal Clutches & Brakes, Clampers, Disc Brakes, Air Hydraulic Booster, Brakepads

TOSHIBA -Electric Motors, Frequency Inverters

TSUBAKI -Cam Clutches, AC Geared Motors, etc

YAN -Magnetic Clutches & Brakes

YASKAWA -Frequency Inverters Servo Motors, VS Controllers, AC Servo Pack

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