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33 Brands

ASAHI -Air Clutches, Air Brakes

DATALOGIC -Analog Sensors TL 10 Series Lamps & etc

EMCO LENZE -Clutches, Spring Brakes, Rotors, Hubs

FOTEK -Digital Counters, Proximity Sensors, Temperature Controllers, Encoder

HELISTAR -Magnetic Power Clutches & Brakes, Clutches, Brakes

HOPE -PC Boards, Clutch Brake Hi Speed Controller

IN TEN -Corona Treatments

INTORQ -Clutches, Brakes Unit, Spring Brakes, Rectifiers

JAPAN SERVO -Potentiometer, Geared Motors, AC Motors

KEB -Combibox, Combinorm, Clutches, Brakes, Rectifiers, Inverters, Motors

LENZE -Gearboxes, Clutches, Spring Brakes, AC/DC Servo Motors, Controllers, Rectifiers, Inverters

MIKI PULLEY -Clutch & Brake Units, Motors & Etc

MITSUBISHI -Electromagnetic Powder Clutches & Brakes, Tension Controllers, Motors, Inverters, Gear Motor, Etc

NACHI -Hydraulic Pumps, Valves

NEXEN ASAHI -Air Clutches, Air Brakes

NISSEI -Geared Motors & Stock Gears & etc

NITTO -Adhesive Tapes, Nitoflon, Adhesive Tapes

OGURA -Clutch, Brakes

OSAKI DENYOSHA -Clutches & Brakes, Clutches, Spring Brakes, Power Module, Brakes

PEACOCK -Dial Thickness Gauges, Digital Indicators

SAKAI'S -Variable Speed Changers, Grip-V-Belt

SHENG MA -Temperature Controllers

SHIMPO -Ringcones, Tachometers, Speedometers, Stroboscope

SHINKO -Clutches & Brakes, AC Servo Motors, Driver, Vibrating Motors, Clutch, Brakes, Tension Controller

SHINKO NORTH AMERICAN -Web Guide Systems, Edge Position Controllers

SICK -Sensors NT 6, KT 5 Series

SINFONIA -Clutches, Brakes, AC Servo Motors & Driver, Vibrating Motors, Tension Controllers

SUMITOMO -Cyclo Drive Motors, AC Inverters, Beier Cyclo Variators, Hyponic Motors

SUNTES -Clutches, Brakes, Clampers, Disc Brakes, Air Hydraulic Booster, Brakepads

TAIYO -Electric Motors, Frequency Inverters, Parts For NCB-500 & 650 Used, Parts For NCB Machine Used

TSUBAKI -Cam Clutches, AC Geared Motors, etc

YAN -Magnetic Clutches, Brakes, Magnetic Brakes, Clutches

YASKAWA -Inverters, Servo Motors, VS Controllers, AC Servo Pack

Company Profile

Established in 1989, K Seng Spare Parts & Trading Pte Ltd started to distribute and supply quality and highly reliable machinery and industrial spare parts in the region. We are trusted by various customers from Sinfonia and OSAKI brand. We also provide wide range of products from prominent manufacturers like Suntes, Lenze, Mitsubishi, Yaskawa, KEB, Tsubaki, Fotek, Sumitomo, Sick, Datalogic, Peacock and many more.

At K Seng Spare Parts & Trading, we have the ultimate aim of ensuring that all our customers will receive a fulfilling experience. Our people have proven knowledge and expertise including customer and after sales service to achieve superior customer satisfaction. K Seng Spare Parts & Trading is also known for competitive pricing, thus we are now positioned as one of the leaders among Asian industries.

The following are some of the products we offer:

• Osaki Dengyosha Clutch or Brake
• Suntes Power Control Systems
• SINFONIA (formerly ‘SHINKO’) Electromagnetic Clutches / Brakes
• Mitsubishi Clutches or Brakes, Tension Controllers & Detectors
• Lenze Gearboxes, Servo Motors & Inverters
• Nitto Denko Tapes

Year Established :1989

Country Territory :;

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