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18 Brands

AKCOTS -Pallet Trucks & Hand Pallet Trucks

CRIBMASTER -Tool Dispensing System & Tool Inventory Management Software, RFID Solution


GEBHART -Roll Containers & Transporters

HANAOKA DANDY -Hand Carts & Lift Platform Carts


HYMO -Scissor Lifts & Work Platforms

IMEC -Housekeeping Equipment, Utilities Carts, Hygiene Disposable Bins

KARDEX REMSTAR -Vertical Carousels, Vertical Lift Modules & Filing Systems

KNAPP -Warehouse Automation & Logistics Solution

MERTON -Load Skates

SCHONWALD -Hotel Porcelain/Hospital System/Buffet System

SOLEX GERMANY -18/10 Stainless Steel Cutlery

TERRIER -Lifting Clamps

TRANSVAC -Pneumatic Waste Management System

VIDACASA -Hot & Cold Food Display System

WANZL -Hotel Equipment, Chambermaid Trolley, Transport Trolley, Hand Carts, Luggage Trolley

WANZL -Shopping Carts, Supermarket Equipment & Supplies, Access Controls, Shop Systems, Shop Fitting Eqpt

Company Profile

The John Chen Group of Companies (JCG) has had a long and established history, with a proven track record of over 52 years serving customers in Singapore and Malaysia, as well as in the South East Asia region. Started in 1958 as a sole proprietorship trading under the style of John Chen Engineering Service Company, its business during the early years of its existence was that of a consultant and contractor in mechanical and electrical engineering projects.

John Chen (Pte) Ltd was formed in 1970 to take over the sole proprietorship as an on-going business concern. The Group evolved and diversified its business to include the marketing and servicing of material handling equipment & allied systems, and retail & storage systems. Wholly-owned subsidiaries in Singapore and Malaysia were subsequently formed to facilitate better market coverage and to provide an added service to the customers in the related fields.

Over the years, the Group has been awarded exclusive distributorships and agencies for many world renowned brands and suppliers. Our long-term relationships with its principals demonstrate the confidence that they have in the Group’s ability to represent and distribute their products.

The John Chen Group is well-known in the market for our after-sales service to all our customers. With a team of engineers and technicians trained to the highest standards in Europe, JCG provides long-term and rapid support to its customers.

The latest business that the JCG has embarked on is in the distribution of equipment designed for the HORECA industry. With exclusive distributorships awarded by top hotel equipment and premium porcelain tableware manufacturers from Germany, we are ensuring that our well-known and highly regarded brand of service is also offered to the hotels and restaurants in the fields of our business activities.

Representative/CEO :Carl Chen

Business Type :Trading

Year Established :1958

Country Territory :Singapore

Industry Focus :Specialize in Material Handling, Retail & Storage Systems

Operating Hours :0830 – 1730 hrs

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