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19 Brands

BLACK HAMMER -Stoning Hammer, Machinist, Claw Hammer, Club Hammer, Sledge Hammer, Chipping Hammer

CROMWELL -Industrial Tools & Supplies, Cutting Tools, Electric Tools, Air Power Tools, Personal Protection Equipment

DEFELSKO -Coating Thickness Gauge, Paint Thickness Meters, Paint Thicknes Instrument, Paint Thicknes Gauges, Automotive Paint Detaling

ELEKTOPHYSIK -Coating Thick Gauge, Wall Thick Gauge, Porositytester, Ultrasonic Coating

ELORA -Industrial Handtools

JET -Equipment & Tools

JETMAC -Metal Working Machine, Metal Working Tools

JTC -Automotive Tools

KENNEDY -Machinist Tools, Mechanic Boxes, Taper Tool Cart, Cantilever Tool Box

KIMBERLY CLARK -Cleaning Materials, Protective Products-Safety Glass

KLEENGUARD -Cleaning Materials, Protective Products, Safety Glass

KOBE -Power Tools, Professional Air Tools, Drills

MITUTOYO -Measuring Tools, Precision Tools, Digimatic Calipers, Digimatic Micrometers

POWERMATIC -Powermatic Tools, Table Saws, Band Saws, Planners, Shapers Jointers

PROGUARD -Safety Products, Personal Protective Equipment

SHERWOOD -Cutting Blades, Drill Bit, Circular Saw, Slitting Cutter

TIME -Time Hardness Tester

WILTON -Toolbox Accessories, Mechanic Accessories, Disc Sanders, Combination Belts, Finishing Machines, Chamfering Machines

YATO -Tools

Company Profile

JET has been producing quality tools and machinery for woodworking & metalworking since 1958 and has earned a well deserved reputation for innovative design and quality manufacture of the highest quality products available.

JET rapidly established its range as the market leading brand of woodworking machinery in the United States commanding a great respect, as a cursory visit to any American website will testify.

Most recently, the comprehensive product range has been introduced to the home market and is now widely available to the Singapore and Entire woodworking & metalworking community through a nationwide network of specialist independent dealers who display the machines and provide expertise supported by excellent service.

The JET range consists of solid, reliable and well made workshop machines, including the following machines:

Metalworking - Drill Press, Band Saw, Lathes, Millings, Grinders, Hand Brakes, Rollers and Shears.
Woodworking - Morticers, Moulders, Lathes, Saws, Bandsaws, Sanders, Thicknessers and Extractors.

Besides wood & metalworking machines, JET has also complete range for material handling equipment such as pallet trucks, scissor lift tables, chain hoists, hydraulic workshop press and jacks.

As the complimentary range for JET, WILTON hand tools which is industrial grade and professional quality such as toolbox set help our users to deliver their job accordingly.

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