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38 Brands

ACRA -Coffee Warmer Heating Elements

ARCOLECTRIC -Rocker Switches, Toggle Switches, Indicator Lights

BACKER -Domestic Cookers Heating Elements, Boilers Energy Regulators

BAKBAR -Ovens, Foodwarmers, Fryers, Griddles

BLUESEAL -Gas & Electric Heavy Duty Ranges

BOILING BILLY -Automatic Wall Mounted Water Boilers

BREW RITE -Coffee Filter Papers

CECILWARE -Coffee Brewers Warmers & Spares, Coffee Urns

CHROMALOX UK -Strip & Ring Heaters

CHROMALOX-USA -Ring Heaters, Coffee Urn Heater

CROWN URN -Electric Hot Water Urns, Electric Hot Water Urn Spares

CURTIS -Coffee Brewers, Warmers, Glass Decanters

EGO -Thermostat, Hilimit Controls, Heaters, Hot Plate

EMERSON USA -Home Appliances Spares

GEBRUDER SCHNEIDER -Handlamps & Explosion Proof Handlamps & Non Explosion Proof

HAMILTON BEACH -Commercial Bar Blenders, Drink Mixers, Heavy Duty Blenders

HERMETIC -Bain Marie Heating Elements, Lazer Boiler Unit

KURABE -Fibre Glass Cable

LOVAL -Heating Elements, Stainless Steel Crown Water Urn

NEMCO -Waffle Bakers

OMEGA -Juicer

PERMANOID -Electric Cables, Multi-Core Screened Cables

PULLIN -Heating Elements & Accessories

ROBAND -Commercial Toasters, Contact Griddles, Chafing Dish Warmers Fryers, Bain Maries

ROBERTSHAW/INVENSYS -Gas & Electric Thermostats, Millivolts, Thermocouples, Gas Valves

ROWLETT -Commercial Toasters

SIRMAN -Meat Slicers

SIT -Commercial Gas Controls, Thermocouples, Gas Ignitors, Piezo, Bunsen, Pilot Burners

STAR -Waffle Makers

STARKEYS -Insect Killers, Trapping Units

STOKES -Industrial Air Heating Elements Finned Immersion Heaters, Unfinned Immersion Heaters

SUNVIC -Simmerstats, Energy Regulators, Rod Thermostats

T & S -Pre Rinse Assembly Faucets, Pre Rinse Assembly Fittings, Foodservice Faucets, Food Service Fittings

TOMLINSON -Frontier Soup Kettles, Faucets, Modular Dispensing Systems

TROJAN -Faucets

VULCAN -Ceramic Infrared Heaters

WELLS -Waffle Makers & Spares

WESTBEND -Automatic Coffee Urns, Spares

Company Profile

We’ll spare you the task of looking high and low for replacement. One-stop replacement and spare parts center for catering equipment. At JELCO, you can find the largest and most comprehensive range of replacement and spare parts for your commercial catering and food service equipment in the region. We stock spares for all leading brands of equipment from manufacturers in USA and Europe, to Australia.

Country Territory :Singapore

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