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81 Products & Services

anaerobic chamber


analysers: dissolved oxygen

analysers: elemental

analysers: moisture

analysers: thermal

analysers: water


balances: analytical, laboratory, etc

biosafety cabinets

carbon dioxide incubators


chillers: industrial

chillers: water


31 Brands

A & D -Balance

ATAGO -Refractometer, Polarimeter

BRAND -Liquid Handling, Dispenser

BRUKER -Preclinical Imaging Systems


CHEMSPEED -Automated Research Solutions

DISTEK -Pharmaceutical Dissolution Systems, Disintegration Tablet Testers

ELMA -Ultrasonic Cleaners

EPPENDORF -Fermentor, Shaker, Freezer, Bioreactor

EVOQUA -Water Purifiers

FEDEGARI -Sterilizers

HAMILTON -Syringe, Autosampler

HIRAYAMA -Autoclaves

HORIBA -Meters: Ph

HUBER -Circulating Water Bath

HUNTERLAB -Colour Measurement System

IKA -Rotary Evaporator, Stirrer, Hotplate

JASCO -Spectrophotometer, Chromatography, Spectrometer, Circular Dichroism

KEM -Karl Fischer Titrator, Moisture Titrator, Volumetic Titrator

KEYSIGHT -Nano Indentor, Atomic Force Microscope AFM

KUBOTA -Centrifuge

LIEBHERR -Laboratory Freezers

LOVIBOND -Water Test Kit, Colorimeter

MARTIN CHRIST -Laboratory Freeze Dryers, Rotational Vacuum Concentrator

MEMMERT -Ovens, Incubators, Waterbaths

MILESTONE -Microwave Digestion Systems

RETSCH -Grinder, Mill Sieve, Sieve Shaker

SETARAM -Thermal Analyser, Thermal Conductivity Meter, Volumetric Gas Sorption System

TECNIPLAST -Animal Cages, Racking & Washing Systems, Changing & Waste Disposal Stations

TINTOMETER LOVIBOND -Real Time PCR System, PCR, Bioreagents & Consumables


Company Profile

ITS Science & Medical is a business division under ITS GROUP which ranks regionally as a leading provider of scientific & medical instruments, hospital infrastructure and laboratory furniture.

ITS GROUP has more than 38 years of experience in providing a comprehensive range of instruments and solutions in the scientific and medical industry. Our scope of business covers Analytical & Chemistry, Life Sciences and Animal Facilities & Research. We have an established network of operations and warehouses spread across the Asia continent, providing an optimal platform for the scientific community. Our sister companies are Interscience (Malaysia), ITS Thailand, ITS Vietnam (VN-ITS), ITS Science Indonesia, PT, and ITS Science Phils (Philippines).

ITS Science & Medical forges strong business foundations and long lasting relationships with both customers and principals in the scientific and medical communities. The company aims to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction through our team of highly trained and experienced sales & marketing, project management and service engineering staff.

Business Type :Laboratory & Scientific Solution Provider

Country Territory :Indonesia; Malaysia; Myanmar; Philippines; Singapore; Singapore and regional countries; Thailand; Vietnam

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