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21 Brands



FJW -Find-R-Scope, Infrared Red Viewer Thermo-Imager

FOSTEC -Fibre Optics

GLOBAL LASER -Laser Diode Modules

GOYO OPTICAL -Machine Vision Lenses

ISLAND OPTICAL SYSTEMS -Optical & Machine Vision Filters

JENOPTIK -Jenmetar Telecentric Lenses, Lamegon 3.4, 14, Lametar 2.8, 25 Collimating Lens

LASIRIS -Laser Diode Module, Structure Light

LINOS -Machine Vision Objectives

MIDWEST -Mounted Machine Vision Filters

NAVITAR -Zoom Lenses

PRECISION -Light Shaping Diffuser

RODENSTOCK -Machine Vision Lenses

SCHNEIDER KREUZNACH -Machine Vision Objectives

SCHOTT -Fibre Optics


SMART VISION LIGHTS -High Output LED Lights For Industrial Automation

SPO INC -Miniature Telecentric Lenses

TECHNIQUIP -Machine Vision Fluorescent Lights

THORLABS -Fibre Optics Laser Diodes & Accessories

Company Profile

Since 1998, Island Optical Systems (S) Pte Ltd has been known for providing modern precision solutions for lighting and optical problems. We specialize in Vision and as a result, we pride ourselves in having been able to produce a comprehensive product range of illumination and lenses suitable for wide variety of applications. We utilize our years of experience to amass a wide network and global range of products. This leads us to bringing in the latest technological developments for successful machine vision integration. We carry a huge selection of products with the aim to provide an accurate and cost effective solution to our valued customers.

We offer (but are not limited to) the following products:
• Brilliant LED illumination (Advanced Illumination, Smart Vision Lights)
• Precise laser diodes and laser safety equipment (Global Laser and Yamamoto)
• Reliable halogen and fiber optic lighting (Schott/Moritex)
• A myriad of established quality lens brands such as Navitar, Qioptiq (Linos/Rodenstock) , board lenses and even a very cost efficient telecentric lens series
• The leading brand of Machine Vision Filters (Midwest Optical)
• All types of loose optical components, from off the shelf to customisable solutions, low MOQs accepted
• Infrared viewers

Our team formulated a three simple step system that aids to give absolute lighting, lens and filter solution to each end user.
1. Choose the lens
2. Choose the lighting
3. Choose the filter

Whether your application is in UV or infrared, Island Optical Systems (S) Pte Ltd can meet your every need. Get in touch with us and experience our excellent support and service yourself.

Representative/CEO :Lief Bu

Business Type :Optical component

Year Established :1988

Business Market :Machine Vision, Semiconductor

Country Territory :All of ASEAN; Asia; Asia Pacific; Australia; Austria; Belgium; Cambodia; Canada; China; Czech Republic; Denmark; East Asia; East Asia Pacific; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Hong Kong; Hungary; India; Indonesia; Iran (Islamic Republic Of); Israel;

Industry Focus :Machine Vision, Semiconductor

OEM Capability :Yes

OEM Products :Optical components, loose and assembled

Quality Control :Yes

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