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angle plates: box, protractor, etc

boring heads


burrs: carbide & carbide tipped

cable cutters & strippers


carbide inserts

ceramic inserts


clamps: lifting

collet chucks





151 Brands

3M -Dust Masks, Respirators & Electrical Tapes

ACCO -Spinning Chain & Lifting Products

ADJUSTABLE CLAMP -Adjustable Clamping & Woodworking Equipment

ADVANCE -Power Brushes

ALEMITE -Lubrication Equipment & Accessories

AMPCO -Non-Sparking Safety Tools

ANCHOR -Welding Accessories

ARCAIR -Gouging Torches, Rods

ARMSTRONG TOOLS -Industrial Hand Tools

AURAND -Air Cleaning Tools, Electric Cleaning Tools

BAKERLOK -Thread-Locking Compound

BEMATO -Milling Machines, Shearing Machines

BIG -Cutting, Grinding Tools & Machine Accessories

BILLY PUGH -Personnel Transfer Net, Marine Work Vest

BINKS -Spray Paint Equipment

BRIGHT-STAR -Industrial Flashlights

BSM PUMP -Rotary Gear Pumps & Accessories


CHICAGO PNEUMATIC -Air Tools, Accessories & Parts

CITIZEN -Precision Measuring Instruments

CM HOIST -Hand & Electric Hoists, Lever Tools & Trolleys

CONBRACO -Water Gauges & Valves

COVENTRY -Thread Gauges

COXREELS -Hose Reels & Welding Cable Reels

CRC -Industrial Chemicals

CROWN -Cold Galvanizing, Lubricants & Paints

DEFELSKO -Coating Thickness Gauges

DIXON -Hose Couplings, Hose Fittings

DREMEL -Engraving Tools & Accessories

DYNABRADE -Abrasive Tools & Accessories

E.A.R. -Ear Protection Products

EBERLE -Band Saw Blades

EISEN -Pin Gauges & Precision Tools

ELEPHANT -Hardness Testers

EMCO -Woodworking Machine, Mini Lathe Machine With Milling Attachment

ENERPAC -Hydraulic Cylinders, Pumps & Hoses

EVER-TITE -Camlock Quick Coupling

FACOM -Professional Hand Tools

FALK -Steelflex Couplings & Power Transmission Products

FILL-RITE -Hand Utility Pumps, Meters & Accessories

FINETEC -Precision Tools, Cutting Tools, Machine Tools

GEARENCH -Titan Chain & Tubing Tong & Petol Wrenches

GENERAL -Hand Tools

GENERAL WIRE SPRING CO -Drain & Pipe Cleaners

GOJO -Hand Cleaner & Dispenser

GOLDBLATT -Concrete, Masonry, Drywall & Plaster Tools

GOLDEN ROD -Oilers & Winches

GREENLEE -Electrical, Electronics Products

H + S -Precision Gauge Steel & Calibrated Shimsteel

H&M PIPE BEVEL MACHINE CO -Pipe Bevelling Machine & Accessories

H.K. PORTER -Hand Operated Cutters

HANSON -Steel Stamps, Brass Stencil Set, Tap & Die Set

IGLOO -Industrial Ice Chest & Cooler

IMPERIAL EASTMAN -Tools & Service Accessories

IRWIN -Hand & Power Tools Accessories

JACKSON PRODUCTS -Welding Helmet & Accessories

JACOBS -Chucks & Accessories

JARVIS -Machine Taps, Rotary Burrs, Cutting Tools

JBO -Thread Gauges & Machine Dies

JET -Equipment & Tools

JET-LUBE -Tool Joint Compounds

JIANGSTONE -Precision Measuring & Calibration Instruments, Optical Inspection & Measuring System

JOBOX -Extra Heavy Duty Cabinet & Chest

JORAN -Masonry Drill Bits & Accessories

JORGENSEN -Clamps & Fixtures

JUSTRITE -Safety Cabinet & Storage Can

KAWASAKI -Pneumatic Tools

KEMPER -Hammer Union & Swivel Joints

KEROTEST -Instrument, Needle & Gauge Valve

KIND -Tool Cabinets, Workstation, Work Bench

KINKI -Spray Gun & Accessories

KLEIN -Electrician's Tools, Safety Harnesses & Belts

KOREA KYOCERA -Carbide, Cement Inserts & Tool Holders

LENCO -Welding Accessories

LENOX -Saw Blades Products

LEWIS -Climbing & Derrick Belts & Wire Rope Snakes

LINCOLN -Lubrication Equipment & Accessories

LINE SEIKI -Digital Thermometers, Tachometer & Counter

LINK-BELT -Oilfield Roller Chains

LOUISVILLE -Aluminium & Fiberglass Ladders

LUBRIPLATE -Specialty Lubricants & Greases

LUFKIN -Derrick & Oil Gauging Tapes

LYON -Tools Storage, Flammable Liquid Cabinets, Wire Shelving, Utility Carts

M.K. MORSE -Reciprocating Saw Blade & Hole Saw

MAG-LITE -Flashlight

MARKAL -Temperature Indicators & Painstik "B" Marker

MARK-TEX -Texpen, Dalo, Action Markers

MARSH -Pressure Gauges & Needle Valves

MARVEL -Mystery Lubricating Oil

MASTERKIT -Cotter Pins, O'Rings & Key Assortment Kits

MASTERLOCK -Locks, Padlocks & Hasps

METABO -Woodworking Machines, Planer/Thicknesser

MILWAUKEE -Heavy Duty Electric Tools & Accessories

MITSUBISHI -Carbide Inserts & Tool Holders

MITUTOYO -Precision Measuring Tools

MOORSIDE -API Ring Joint Gasket

MORSE STARRETT -Wire Rope Cutters

MRT -Metal Slitting Saw, Etc

NEVER-SEEZ -Anti-Seize Compound, Lubricating Compound

NT -Chamfering Cutter, NC Tooling, HSK Holder, Shrunk System & Guide Bush

OKABE -Center Drill

OKAZAKI -Endmill, Cutter, Metal Saw, Drill, Reamer, Diamond, CBN Wheel, Cobalt Saw

OTECO -Gate Valve & Spares, Impact Box Wrenches & Accessories

PEAK -Lupe, Magnifiers, Microscopes


PELL HYDRASHEAR -Manual & Power Operated Wire Rope Cutter

PETOL -Titan Chain, Tubing Tong & Wrenches

PLYMOUTH BISHOP -Bull Dog Tape, Electrical, Friction & Pipewrap Tape

POLYKEN -Pipe Wrap & Duct Tape

PORTER-CABLE -Professional Power Tools & Accessories

PRECISION BRAND -Shims, Color Coded Shims, Punch & Die Set

PRESCO -Flagging Tape

PROTO -Professional Hand Tools

REX -Durometers

RIDGID -Digital Inspection Camera, Hand & Electric Pipe Tools

RIKEN/RIKEN SEIKO -Precision Tools, Levels, Straight Edge/Cutting Tools

RUBBERMAID -Commercial & Home Products

SCHMID -Universal Boring Heads, Toolings

SHIMPO -Tachometers, Stroboscopes, Push Pull Gauges

SHOWA -Micro, Milling & Drill Chuck, Taper & Oil-Hole Holder

SIMPLEX -Hydraulic & Mechanical Jacks

SK -Pin Gauges, Precision Tools

SKINNER BROS -Sleeve Couplings & Pipe Clamps

SNOOP -Liquid Leak Detector

SPHAG SORB -Absorbent

SSANGYONG -Carbide Inserts & Tool Holders

STARRETT -Granite Surface Plates & Precision Measuring Tools

TECLOCK -Precision Measuring Instrument & Rubber Hardness Tester

TESA -Fiberglass Strapping Tape & Silver Duct Tape

TOKYO SEIKI/OBA -Dial Tension Gauges, Rod Tension Gauges

TWECO -Welding Accessories

U.S.TAPE -Derrick, Gauging Tapes & Refills

UNIBOR -Hole Cutting Systems

UNICO -HSSE, Carbide Cutting Tools Machine, Roll Taps, Carbide Slitting Saws

UNISEIKI -Precision Cast Iron Surface Plates, Precision Cast Iron Squares

USHIO -Micro Air Grinders, Polishing Accessories

UVEX SAFETY -Personal Protective Equipment

VICTAULIC -Grooved Pipe Fittings

VICTOR -Gas Welding, Cutting Equipment

VISE-GRIP -Specialty Pliers

WEILER -Power Brushes

WELDCRAFT -Welding Supplies

WESTERN -Welding Products & Primeline Equipment

WHEELER-REX -Pipe, Tubing & Threading Tools

WHIPCHEK -Steel Safety Cables

WIHA -Hand Tools

WILSON -Fiberglass Welding Blanket & Curtain

WILTON -Workshop Vises, Grinder & Clamps

WIRELOCK -Socketing Compound

YAMAWA -Tap, Dies & Center Drill

YOUGAR TOOLS -For Hardened & High Speed Machining

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