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15 Brands

ACME -Bushing, Keylocking Insert

ALLMATIC -Precision Mechanical Vises, Hydraulic Machine Vises

ATLANTA -High Performance Gearboxes

BRAUER -Toggle Clamps & Toggle Presses

FATH -Machine Levelling-Feet, Machine Hinges

IMAO -Modular Fixturing Systems, Quick-Lock Workholding System

JERGENS -Tooling Components

KIPP -Standard Machine Components

MURTFELDT -Chain Guides & Wear Strips

NORELEM -Jig & Fixture Components

RADOLID -Protection Caps For Bolts & Nuts

ROHDE -19" Handles

ROLL-RING -Chain Tensioner

SIKO -Indicators

VENLIC -Standard Machine Elements, BJS Modular Fixturing System

Company Profile

In 1994, Imao Machine Components Pte Ltd was established. We managed to provide wide range of industrial products which are world class quality.

Our main business deals with several industrial products ranging from Standard Machine Elements, Jigs and Fixture Components, Modular Fixturing Systems and Work Holding Systems and also Power Transmission products which are globally manufactured in Japan, UK, USA and Germany.

Imao Machine Components Pte Ltd gives the assurance of providing versatile and adaptable range of products that are suitable in a demanding specification of applications in different industries.

We are a distributor of international brands that manufacture world class quality products such as:
• IMAO Standard Machine Elements, Work Holding Systems, Jigs & Fixture Components
• KIPP Standard Machine Elements, Work Holding Systems, Jigs & Fixture Components
• NORELEM Standard Machine Elements Work Holding Systems, Jigs & Fixture Components
• FATH Standard Accessories for Aluminium Profiles
• ROHDE Standard and Customized Handles For Equipments and Machineries
• SIKO Measurement Systems and Devices
• MURTFELDT Standard Chain Guides, Chain & Belt Tensioners & Engineering Plastic Materials
• ATLANTA Racks & Pinions Systems, Servo Gearboxes and Power Transmission Products
• RADOLID Standard and Customized Protection Plastic Caps for Screws, Bolts and Nuts
• ROLL- RING Roller Chain Tensioners
• ALLMATIC Precision and High Performance Vises, Work Holding Systems
• BRAUER Standard Toggle Clamps & Latches, Industrial Wheel & Castors, Air movers & Air Amplifiers
• JERGENS Standard Machine Elements, Work Holding Solutions, Lifting Solutions & Tooling Components
• ACME. Keylocking Thread Inserts and Precision Drill Bushings
• CARR LANE Standard Machine Elements, Work Holding Systems, Jigs & Fixture Components

We make sure that our customer service is very accommodating and trustworthy. Each of our personnel is well trained and experienced in providing best quality service as we, the Imao Machine Components Pte Ltd, ensure that all your inquiries and concerns are accommodated well.

Our company gains the trust of credible companies which became our regular and satisfied customers: ST Marine, ST Engineering, SIA Engineering, Hamilton Sundstrand Pacific Aerospace, Rolls-ROYCE Singapore, Halliburton Singapore, Dupont Singapore, Flextronics, PSB Technologies, Panasonic Factory Solutions, Nutek, AEM Singapore, VDL Enabling Technologies, JEP Precision Engineering, Honeywell, Venture Corporation, Uhlmann Singapore, Schneider Electric and more.

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