IAE Holdings Pte Ltd

6 Eu Tong Sen St #05-18 The Central (Soho 1) S(059817)

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35 Brands

ABB -Automation & Drives , Circuit Breakers, ELCB, Contactors, Frequency Converter, Inverters, MCBs

ABB -PLC, Motors

ALLEN BRADLEY -Control Circuit, Drives & Motors, Motion Controls, PLCs, Push Buttons, Relays,Sensor,Starters, Timers

ASCO -Control System, Solenoid Valves, Valves

BALLUFF -Capacitive, Electronic Sensors, Encoders,Inductive Sensor,Limit Switches,Sensors,Switches,Transducers

BOSCH REXROTH -Clutch Coupling, Filters, Gearboxes, Hydraulic Valves, Linear Bushings, Pumps, Shafts, Valves

BURKERT -Analyzers, Controllers, Flow, MFC, MFM, Pressure, Process,Solenoid Valves,Temperature Control,Valves

CKD -Absodex, Actuator, Air Dryers, Air Valve, F.R.L, Pneumatic, Pneumatic Components

CKD -Solenoid Valves

CROUZET -Logic & Temp Controller,Timer,Counter & Ratemeter, Safety Relay, Sensor & Switches, Motor

CROUZET -Solid State Relay

DANFOSS -Air Conditioner Parts, Frequency Converters, Frequency Inverters

DANFOSS -Ignition Transformers, Oil Pumps

ENDRESS + HAUSER -Flow Transmitters, Instrumentation, Level Transmitter, Temperature Transmitter

ENDRESS + HAUSER -Pressure Transmitter

HONEYWELL -Temperature Controllers

HONEYWELL -Actuators & Valve, Burner Controls, Circuit Breakers, Limit Switches, Sensors

HYDAC -Hydraulic Accumulator & Filter

HYDAC -Accumulators, Dampener, Element Filter, Filters, High Pressure Ball Valve, Filters

IFM -Encoders, Fieldbus, Flow Sensors & Fieldbus Components, Flow Meter, Motion Control, Sensors

JOUCOMATIC -Pneumatic Components, Solenoid Valves, Air Filter, Regulator, Lubricator, Valves, Cylinders

MITSUBISHI -Circuit Breakers, Contactors, Gear,Inverters,MCCB, Programmable Logic Controllers, Servo Motors,PLCs

NORGREN -Actuators, Valves, Pressure Switches, FRL, Fitting Tubing & Accessories,Air Compressor Part,Pneumatic

NUMATICS -Fieldbus Enabled Applications, Metal Spool & Sleeve Valves, Pneumatic Components

PARKER -Accumulator, Air Filters, Couplings, Filters, Fittings & Adapters, Pneumatic Cylinders

PARKER -Regulators, Valves

PEPPERL + FUCHS -Encoders, Fieldbus, Isolators, Safety Barriers, Sensors, Converters Counters

SEW -Electric Geared Motors, Frequency Inverters & Servo Motors, Speed Reducers,Variable Speed Drives

SIEMENS -Circuit Breakers, Contactors, Drives, Gear Motor, Inverters,MCCB,PLCs,Sensors,Servo Motors, Switches

TURCK -Bus Connectivity, Proximity Sensor, Proximity Switches, Sensor & Automation Products, Sensors

TURCK -Encoders

VEGA -Flow Transmitter, Indicators, Level Transmitter, Pressure Transmitter, Switches

VEGA -Temperature Transmitter

YASKAWA -Contactors, Electric Geared Motors, Inverter, Magnetic Starters, Motors, Servo Drives, Switches

YOKOGAWA -Chart Paper, Control & Monitoring Systems, Motors, PLC, Recorders, Test & Measuring Instruments

Company Profile

IAE Holdings Pte Ltd, is one of the leading companies actively supplying industrial automation, instrumentation, controls and electrical components/parts to various companies in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and the South East Asian region.

Our portfolio of clients includes those from the food & beverage, automotive assembly, pulp & paper, printing & packaging, mining and petrochemical sectors to name a few.

IAE Holdings’s business divisions are split into 3 major groups: MRO, Solution/Projects and Strategic Business Units.
MRO – General sourcing of products that our end users request, not specific to any particular brand or product line.
Solution/Projects – IAE Holdings has current plans implementing a new team that will focus strictly on Projects through a System Integrators platform.
Strategic Business Units – Our Strategic Business Units focuses on products in which we have been appointed as agent/distributor.

Year Established :1992

Country Territory :South East Asia

Industry Focus :Industrial Automation, Instrumentation and Electrical Components

Operating Hours :Mondays to Fridays: 9:00am – 5:00pm

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