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34 Brands

BUSAK+SHAMABAN -Hydraulic Rod, Piston Seal

CFW -Oil Seals, Hydraulic Seals, Packings

CHICAGO RAWHIDE -Oil Seals, Rotary Seal, Shaft Seals

CLARON -Oil Seals, Hydraulic Seals, Packings

DLI -Oil Seals, Hydraulic Seals, Packings

DOWTY -Bonded Seals, Washer

ELRINGKLINER -Oil Seals, Hydraulic Seals, Packings

FM -Oil Seals, Rotary Seal, Shaft Seals

FORSHEDA -Hydraulic Seals, Packings

FP -Oil Seals, Hydraulic Seals, Packings

FREUDENBERG -Oil Seals, Hydraulic Seals, Packings

GAPI -O-Rings, Hydraulic Seals, Packings

HALLITE -Hydraulic Seals & Packing

HPL -Oil Seals, Hydraulic Seals, Pneumatic Seals

HYFAST -Machine Made Seals

HYPAXTOOLS -Tools, O-Ring Accessories

JAMES WALKER -Oil Seals, Hydraulic Seals, Packings


KOYO -Oil Seals, Hydraulic Seals, Packings

MERKEL -Hydraulic Seals, Pneumatic Seals

NATIONAL -Oil Seals, Rotary Seal, Shaft Seals

NOK -Oil Seals, Hydraulic Seals, Packings

OLUBE -Lubricant

PARKER -Oil Seals, Hydraulic Seals, Packings

PARKER STORE -Hose Fitting, Filters, Tube & Adaptors

POLYPAC -Hydraulic Seals, Packings

PRADIFA -Oil Seals, Hydraulic Seals, Packings

SAKAGAMI -Oil Seals, Hydraulic Seals, Packings

SIMRIT -Oil Seals, Hydraulic Seals, Packings

SKF -Oil Seals, Hydraulic Seals, Packings

SOG -Oil Seals, Hydraulic Seals, Packings


TRELLEBORG SEALING SYSTEM -Oil Seals, Hydraulic Seals, Packings

VALQUA -Oil Seals, Hydraulic Seals, Packings

Company Profile

Hypax: “Your Partner for One-stop Sealing Solution...”

Established in 1989 and based in Singapore, Hypax is today the leading supplier of innovative, high-quality sealing products in Singapore and around the world.

Hypax is an authorized distributor of the following:

- Sakagami

- Hallite

- Parker

- Polypac

- Simrit / CFW / MERKEL

- HyFast Seal

 We also supply the following but not limited to the following reputable brand:

- National


- ChicagoRawhide (CR)

- Busak + Shamban

- Forsheda

- Valqua,

- Elringkliner

In conjunction with knowledge gained over the years in the business, Hypax has always concentrates on our greatest strength that is to provide our customer with the highest quality products and services. We are committed to serving our customers by providing same-day shipment for orders and low minimum order requirement. Hypax is your direct link to high-quality sealing products and solution!

Representative/CEO :Ms Annie Lau

Business Type :Trading of Hydraulic & Pnuematic Packings / O-Rings and Machine-made Seal

Year Established :1989

Business Market :Singapore, Southeast Asia, Worldwide

Industry Focus :Manufacturer and Industrial, MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul), Reseller, Marine & Offshore

Certification :

ISO 9001:2008

OEM Products :Custom-Made Seals (HyFAST Seal)

Operating Hours :Monday-Friday: 8.30am - 5.30pm, Saturday: 8.30am - 1.30pm

Press Release

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