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97 Products & Services

air compressors

air compressors: 1 h.p.- 25 h.p.

air compressors: air cooled

air compressors: industrial

air compressors: piston type or reciprocating

bandsawing machines

battery chargers

bending machines

bending machines: tube


brushes: wire cup

cable reels

cleaning equipment: drain & sewer


cranes: floor

67 Brands

AEG -Power Tools

ALMI -Pipe Notching Machines

ARICAS -Gear Head Drilling, Milling Machines

ASAHI -Scroll Saws

BISHAMON -Hydraulic Pallet Trucks

CHINA -Electric Bench Presses

CHUAN-FAN -Air Blowers

CHUN JEI -Hydraulic Power Hack Saws

CHYAU SEN -Clamping Kits

COME-UP -Electric Winches

DOL-KEN -Drill Bit Sharpeners

DOM FHA -Sheet Metal Working Machines

EGA -Hydraulic Pipe-Benders

EHOMA -Shears, Punches

EMMEGI -Aluminium Cutting Machines

ENDO -Spring Balancers

EWHA -Portable Ventilating Fans

FAY TAR LEE -Air Presses

FUJI -Manual Winches

GISON -Air Tools

GOLDEN GOOSE -Drill Chucks

GRIGGIO -Woodworking Machines

HERO -Hack Saw Machines

HITACHI -Power Tools, Induction Motor, Wire Rope Hoists, Air Compressors

IMA -Drilling Machines

INGERSOLL RAND -Air Compressors

JOLONG -Oil Lubricator, Grease Pumps

KAIDNL -Drill Bit Sharpening Machines

KASO -Air Filter, Regulator, Lubricators


KOLEC -Hand Stackers

KTK -Drilling Machines

LUXO -Universal Band Sawing Machines

MAGGI -Radial Arm Saws

MAGTRON -Magnetic Drilling Machines

MANIX -Mini Lathe & Milling Machines

MARCO -Drain Cleaning Tools, Sewer Cleaning Tools

MEP -Metal & Aluminium Cutting Machines

MICHILIN -Chamfering Deburring Machines

MOVILUTY -Flexible Shaft Grinders

NEW DANDY -Lifting Trolley

NIPPON -Wire Rope Hoists

NISHIKI -Wire Cup Brushes

NITCHI -Electric Manual Hoists

OGURA -Hydraulic Hole Punchers

OMCN -Hydraulic Equipment

REDHEART -Tapping Attachments

REX -Pipe Threading Machines

RONG FU -Drilling Machines, Milling Machines, Horizontal Bandsaw Machines

ROWA -Hydraulic Bending Machines

ROYAL -Hydraulic Hole Punchers

RUBI -Diamond Tile Saw

RUNMASTER -Precision Lathes

RYOBI -Power Tools

SC -Toolpost Lathe Grinders

SCHEPPACH -Woodworking Machines

SICAR -Woodworking Machines

SIL-AIR -Silent Air Compressors

SOURCE -Tapping Machines

TAIYO -Pneumatic Riveter Tools

TELWIN -Welding Machines

TOWER -Abrasive Belt Sanding Machines, Arbor Presses, Bench Grinders, Polishers

UHT -Micro Air Grinders, Tools Post Grinders

WAY TRAIN -Horinzontal Bandsaw Machines

WINNING -Plastic Welders, Bending Machines

ZECA -Cable, Hose Reel, Inspection Lamp

ZOPF -Ring Bending Machines

Company Profile

Hup Hong Machinery (S) Pte Ltd has reached numerous milestones in the industry since our establishment in the year 1972. The passion, dedication and professional competence of our Director in the machinery business has brought success and triumph to the company. Through our comprehensive and multitude inventory of over thousand types of Machinery and Tools, we are proud to present our World of Machinery under one roof.

Through the years, we have built strong relationship with our business partners in all areas of trades such as Building Constructions, Government and Private Technical Schools, Ship and oil rig builders, General hardware Suppliers, Oil & Gas Industries, Furniture factories, Metal Industries, Quality Control Sectors, Car assembly and a lot more.

Our wide range of products and services covers industrial needs including Metal Welding, Plastic Working Machines, Wood Working, Material Handling, Metal Working, Hoisting Equipment, Power & Air Tools, Air Compressors, and Hydraulic Equipment. We bring high quality products originated from Japan, Europe, USA, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Korea, China and many other countries.

Hup Hong Machinery (S) Pte Ltd endeavors to upgrade our business to consistently meet the demanding needs of the market. We utilized latest machineries since our incorporation until now that our company is continuously upgrading our IT systems. We strongly believe that a thorough knowledge of the market along with latest IT systems, Hup Hong Machinery (S) Pte Ltd will be able to provide customers with higher level of effectiveness and efficiency.

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