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13 Brands


ALLEN-BRADLEY -Industrial Automation Products

BUSSMANN -Fuses & Accessories

DONGAN TRANSFORMERS -Controls, Power Transformers

E-PLAN -Electrical CAD Software


HELM -Industrial Controls Modules

HOFFMAN -Electrical Enclosures, Panels

PANDUIT -Cable Management Accessories, Wiring & Communication Products, Network Cabling Systems

PROSOFT -Protocol Conversion Modules

ROCKWELL SOFTWARE -Automation Software

SCHAFFNER -Harmonic Filters - Active & Passive

SPECTRUM CONTROLS -I/O, Operator Interface Products

Company Profile

HOST Pte Ltd is your one stop automation supplier which brings automation solutions at your fingertips.

Host Pte Ltd, founded by Mr. Ho, was established in 1990 to supply quality products with exceptional value. We offer excellent automation parts, services, and solutions to our valued customers. Our company built a strong grip in the competitive market over the years ensuring a trusted and reliable component supplier. We also developed good relationship with our clients and business partners in giving practical solutions to their problems as well as our unmatched supports to their repair and maintenance needs.

Our company is known for its quality, reliable, and customer support which attracts professional talent adding greater vigor in our business.

At Host Pte Ltd it is our mission is to be the customers’ FIRST CHOICE supplier for WORLD-CLASS industrial automation parts & services in our marketplace.

We are committed to build a sincere personal pledge to give high quality of customer service in this industry. We have teams that aim to get a total customer satisfaction providing products and solutions accompanied with fair prices. These teams are dedicated and competent in all aspects in order to support our clients’ needs. We guarantee a fast availability of our services meeting customers requirements based on our large and well managed inventory that we have.

Host Pte Ltd supplied innovative automation technologies to various industries such as life sciences, consumer goods, food and beverage, and other OEMs. We also provide automation needs of marine, infrastructure, petrochemicals, semiconductors, and water waste management.

We are the authorized distributors for various brands supplying a superior quality electrical and automation needs. These include the following:

• Rockwell Automation / Allen Bradley
• Eaton Bussman
• Prosoft Technologies
• Schaffner
• Pentair / Hoffman
• Panduit
• E-Plan
• Grace Engineered Products
• Spectrum Controls
• Advanced Micro Controls Inc
• HELM instruments
• Dongan Transformers

Representative/CEO :Mr Ho See Howe

Business Type :electrical supplies, automation systems & equipment

Year Established :1990

Business Market :Oil & Gas (Offshore/ Onshore), Marine, OEM, Life Sciences, Food & Beverage, Infrastructure, Consumer

Country Territory :Singapore

Industry Focus :Oil & Gas (Offshore/ Onshore), Marine, OEM, Life Sciences, Food & Beverage, Infrastructure, Consumer Goods, Water/ Wastewater and Semiconductor & Electronics

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