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50 Brands

ABB -MCB, ELCB, MCCB, Contactors

AMP -Connectors, MS Connectors

AMPHENOL -MS Connectors

ANLY -Timers

ARROW -Tower Lights

AUSPICIOUS -Control Components

BARTEC -Explosion Proof Product

BELDEN -Instrumentation & Control Cables

BLUELINE -Cam-Switches, Isolators

BROTHER -Electronic Labelling System

EATON -MCB, ELCB, Contactor, Overhead Relay

EMI -Noise Filters

FINDER -PCB Relays, Industrial Relays

FUJI -MCCB, Contactor & Circuit Protector

HARTING -Heavy Duty Connectors

HI BOX -IP66 PVC Enclosures

HIROSE -Connectors

HOFFMAN -Industrial Cabinets, NEMA, ATEX Enclosures, Human Machine Interface (HMI), DataCom Cabinets

HONDA -Connectors

HUBBELL -Plugs & Connectors

I-BON -Cable Marking Accessories

IDEC -Control Components

JST -Terminals, Splices

JY HUEI -Keylocks, Handles

KEIO -Connectors


MARK ONE -Printers

MARVEL -Crimping Tools

MEAN WELL -DC-DC Converters/ DC-AC Inverters

MERLIN GERIN -MCBs, RCCBs & Circuit Breakers

MOLEX -Connectors

NICHIFU -Insulated Connectors


OMRON -PLC, Sensor, Relay, Power Supply

PANDUIT -Cable Accessories & Safety Products

PATLITE -Warning Light


Q-LIGHT -Signal Tower Lamp

RADI -Cable Lugs, Cable Glands

RADIFORM -Heatshrink Tubings, Cast Resin Joint & Termination Kit

RITTAL -Enclosures

SCHLEMMER -Protective Hoses, Protective Glands

SUNBEAM -Tower Lights

TAC -Hydraulic Crimping Tools

TAIYO -Robotic Cables

TDK -Noise Filters

TELEMECANIQUE -Contactors, Motor Starters, Relays, Timers, Inverters, Soft Starters, Etc

WEIDMULLER -Terminal Blocks Accessories


YESHA -Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Company Profile

HLC Enterprises Pte Ltd was established in 1993 with the mission to provide a comprehensive range of high quality products and competitive prices to meet the needs of the electrical industries. Through the years, HLC have grown steadily, broaden our product lines and becoming agent, distributor and stockist for a wide range of control components and electrical for a wide range of control components and electrical wiring accessories products from International brands to meet the expanding requirements of our customers. At HLC our philosophy in business is to provide a one-stop service to our customers for their electrical needs. We believe in working closely together with our people, customers and suppliers to contributing our success in the fast-paced growth of the electrical industry and to take us to the next leap through continuous improvement in our employees and intensifying the relationship with customers and suppliers.

Country Territory :Singapore

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