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APEX DYNAMICS -High Precision Planetary Gearboxes

CKD -Pneumatic Equipment, Absodex

CONVUM -Vacuum Equipment

DAIDO -Dry Bearings

DAIKIN -Hydraulic Pumps, Hydraulic Valves

ENIDINE -Shock Absorbers

ERACON -Mini-Hands, Rotary Actuators

FUJI ELECTRIC -Electric Motors, Frequency Inverters

FUJI SEIKI -Shock Absorbers

FUJIKURA -Pneumatic Cylinders

HITACHI -Electric Motors, Frequency Inverters

HIWIN -Linear Motion Guide, Ball Screw

HOKUYO -Sensors, Digital Counters

IKO -Linear Motion Bearings

ISEL -Mecha Locks, Couplings, Million Guide

ITOH -Power Rollers

KAMO SEIKO -Ball Reducers, Air Index Units

KG -Stock Gears

KHK -Stock Gears

KOGANEI -Pneumatic Equipment

KOHZU SEIKI -Precision X-Y-Z Tables

KONDOH -Air Chucks

KURODA -Pneumatic Equipment

KYOWA -Motor Rollers, Strain Gauges

MIKI PULLEY -Clutch Break, Coupling, ETP Bush

MITSUBISHI -Frequency Inverters, Programmable Logic Controllers, Servo Motors, Submersible Pumps

MITSUBOSHI -Timing Belts, Pulleys

MYOTOKU -Vacuum Equipment

NAKANISHI -Air Spindle Motors

NB -Linear Motion Productions

NBK -Couplings, Machine Elements

NIHON SEIKI -Pneumatic

NISCON -Pneumatic

NISSEI -Geared Motors, Reducer, Precision Gear Sets

NITTA -Timing Belts & Pulleys

NITTO KOHKI -Vacuum Pumps

NKE -Air Chucks, Sliding Units

NMB -Bearings, Fans, Load Cells

NOK -Timing Belts & Pulleys

NSD -Varilimits, Varicams

OGURA -Clutch, Brake Unit

OILES -Dry Metal Bushes, Wear Plates

OMRON -PLCs, Sensors, Power Supply

ORIENTAL -Fans, Geared Motor, Stepper Motors

ORIENTAL MOTOR -Fans, Geared Motor, Stepper Motors

ORION -Dry Pumps

PANASONIC -Geared Motors, Servo Motors, Sensor

PATLITE -Signalling Tower, Revolving Light

SAKAI -Variable Speed Drives, Couplings

SANKI -Part Feeders, Power Supply

SANKYO -Index Units, Torque Limiters, Roller Drive

SANYO DENKI -Servo Motor, Stepping Drive, Fan

SEEKA -Sensors

SHIMPO -Speed Variators, Traction Drives


SHINKO -Clutch, Brake Units


SHOWA GIKEN -Rotary Joint

SKK -Geared Motors, Reducers

SMC -Pneumatic Equipment, Pneumatic Component

SUN X -Sensors

TAIYO -Hydraulic Cylinders, Pneumatic Cylinders

TAKIGEN -Machine Elements

TAMAGAWA SEIKI -Servo Motors, Encoders

TEIJIN SEIKI -Precision Reducers

THK -Linear Motion Guide, Ball Screw

TOKICO -Gas Springs, Shock Absorber

TOSHIBA -Motor, Inverter

TSUBAKI -Chains, Couplings, Gear Reducer, Geared Motors, Timing Belts, Pulleys

TSUKASA -DC Geared Motors

ULVAC -Vacuum Pumps

UNION TOOL -Cross Roller Guides

UNITTA -Timing Belt, Timing Pulleys

WESTON -Power Rollers

YAMAHA -Robots


YASKAWA -Servo Drives

Company Profile

Hikari Automation Systems Pte Ltd was established in 1990, wherein it has already become one of the leading providers of automation devices and components in Singapore today. Through the years, it has created a good and lasting reputation around the country, having key principals located in Japan.

Our company is proud to deliver highly competitive products with strong economies of scale directly to our customers. We aim to get full satisfaction by giving the best quality products to be shipped based on the scheduled delivery. We do tri-weekly airfreight and bi-monthly sea shipments coming from our Osaka stock and other dispatch centre towards different manufacturers in Singapore.

We strive hard in making continuous improvement on our service in the field of Automation. We are fully driven, accomplishing our mission;

“Hikari Automation strives to provide excellent customer service by providing value-added services, cost-effective, professional technical support, and by valuing our customer’s opinions.”

Hikari Automation Systems Pte Ltd, well known trading company and reliable partner which focuses on the prompt delivery of industrial automation systems and other related accessories. We carry popular and quality brands which are greatly used in a wide range of industries.

The following are some of the brands that Hikari Automation Systems Pte Ltd carries:
• Mitsubishi PLC, Servo & Inverter
• Mitsubishi Submersible Pumps
• Yamaha Scara Robots, Pick & Place
• Yamaha Single Axis Robots
• Sankyo Indexer & Torque Limiter
• Apex Dynamics Gearboxes
• Panasonic Sensors
• Tsubaki Chains
• Tsubaki Couplings
• Oriental Motor Speed Control Motor & Rotary Actuator
• Nissei Gear Motor
• SMC Pneumatic Actuator
• Koganei Pneumatic Equipment
• Fuji Seiki Shock Absorbers
• Takigen Machine Element
• NB Linear Bearing
• KHK Stock Gears
• Nitto Kohki Vacuum Compressors

Our company has attained the ISO 9001 certification, proving our excellent quality service as well as better logistics system controls. The implementation of the SAP Business One is the main key of our outstanding supply chain and business operations’ control.

Business Type :Automation Devices and Components Provider

Year Established :1990

Business Market :Singapore, India, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Philippines

Country Territory :Singapore

Certification :

ISO 9001

Press Release

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