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76 Products & Services

abrasives: paper

air filter, regulator & lubricator units


coating equipment

coating machines


coatings: architectural

coatings: corrosion resistant

coatings: floor

coatings: furniture

coatings: marine

coatings: plastic powder

coatings: polyurethane

coatings: powder

coatings: rust preventive

16 Brands

AIRMIX -Spraying Equipment

CHEMICAR FINIXA -General Automotive Refinishing Products, Plastic Sheet Cover

FESTOOL -Power Tools

GEMA -Powder Coating Equipment

JOTUN -Decorative Paints, Marine Coatings, Protective Coatings, Powder Coatings

KIMBERLY-CLARK -Industrial Wipers & Workwear

KREMLIN REXSON -Full Automotive Painting System

KREMLIN REXSON -Spraying Equipment

NIPPON PAINT -Household Paint

OXYPLAST -Epoxy Polyester Powders

PRINTING INTERNATIONAL -Automatic Pad Printing Machine Accs

RHOBA-CHEMIE -Safe & Approved Special Chemicals For Maintenance & Overhaul of Aviation Product

SATA -Spraying Equipment

SUNKISS -Thermoreactor Curing Systems

TRISK -Infra-Red Heaters

UNI-SPRAY -Chemical Pretreatment Spraying Nozzles & Accessories

Company Profile

Hiap Huat Chemicals & Industrial Co.

Hiap Huat Chemicals & Industrial Co. only started as a simple paint shop in the year 1973. From our humble beginnings, our company managed to be a well-known in the field of distributing quality ink, paint and chemical liquid products to different industrial sectors in Southeast Asia.

For the past years, we successfully explored overseas market to widen our scope of territory and ventured into different industrial equipment and products. We also specialized in trading wide variety of paint and printing materials and equipment in Singapore and other countries like Malaysia.

Products we carry:
• Spray guns
• Stencil making equipment
• Screen & pad printing machines
• Squeegee rubbers
• Adhesives
• Emulsion
• Mesh
• Inks
• Paints

Some of the brands we offer:
• Marabu
• Teknek
• Festool
• Chemicar
• Trisk
• Finixa
• Gema
• Sata
• Kremlin Rexson
• Jotun
• Kiwo
• Bopp
• Nippon Piant
• Rhoba-Chemie

Our team believes in providing value added services to every clients we meet. We offer services like ink and paint blending, color matching, storage, stencil making and transport. We aim to meet or better exceed every client’s requirements and demands to give customer satisfaction and convenience.

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