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82 Brands

3-B -Anatomical Models, Anatomical Materials

AMA -ASTM Thermometers, Hydrometers

AMARELL -ASTM Thermometers, Hydrometers

ASTM -Hydrometers Thermometer

ASTORI -Dairy Testing, Dairy Analyser

BARNSTEAD -Laboratory Equipments

BIOSAN -SRB Bacteria Test

BRAND -Laboratory Apparatus & Wares

CANNON -Viscometer & Standards

CARBOLITE -Oven & Furnaces

CAROLINA -Science School Aids

CHEMETRICS -Water Analysis, Water Test Kits

CHEMETS -Water Analysis & Water Test Kits

CHEMPLEX -Sample Preparation, Accessories

CMH -Concrete Testing Equipment, Soil Testing Equipment

COLE-PARMER -Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments

COORS -Porcelain Crucible

COPE -Laboratory Equipment, Laboratory Supplies

CORNING -Laboratory Glassware

DENVER -Balances, Testing Instruments

EIJKELKAMP -Soil Testing Equipments

EPPENDORF -Dispenser & Pipettor

ESP -Human Anatomy, Models, Simulators

EUTECH -pH Meter, Water Testing Meters, Thermometers

FISCHER -Coating Thickness Meter

FISHER -Laboratory Instruments

FORESTRY -Equipment, Tools

FYRITE -Gas Detector

GASTEC -Gas Detector Tube

GAUMARD -Simulator For Health Care Education

G-WON -Ultrasonic Bath

HACH -Water Analysis, Reagents

HAMILTON -Syringes & Waterstill

HANNA -Water & Tester Meter

HELLIGE -Water Tester, Meters

HUMBOLDT -Concrete Testing Equipments, Soil Testing Equipments

IONIC -Water Ionizer System

JENCONS -Waterstill & Laboratory Equipment

JENWAY -pH Meter, Conductivity Meter, Hotplate Stirrers

JULABO -Water Baths, Heating & Refrigerated Circulators

KARL KOLB -Laboratory Supplies & Instruments

KOEHLER -Petroleum Equipments

LABLINE -Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments

LABSCO -Laboratory Equipment, Scientific Supplies

LAMOTTE -Scientific Apparatus & Instruments, Water Tester

LAUDA -Water Bath, Circulators

LINDBERG -Lab Furnaces, Oven

L-K -Oil Testing Centrifuge, Glasswares

MAGNOM -Magnetic Filters

MAVELLO -Water Filtering & Ionizer Processor

MILLIPORE -Filter Membranes, Test Kits


NALGENE -Laboratory Plastic Wares

NASCO -Educational Materials Model

OHAUS -Scales, Balances

OM-X -Probiotics

PARAPLAST -Tissue Embedding Media

PARR -Scientific Apparatus & Instruments

PRECISION -Hydrometers

PRECISION -Laboratory, Petroleum Equipment

PYREX -Laboratory Glassware

QORPAK -Glass Bottles

RDH -Lab Reagents

RO-TAP -Sieve Shaker

RUDOLF -Instrument & Relay

SANICHECK -Bacteria Test Kit

SCICHEMCO -Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments

SEPOR -Material Testing

SETA -Petroleum Testing Equipment

SKLAR -Surgical Instrument

SWINGFOG -Fogging Equipment

TECHNE -Water Bath

TERRISS -Laboratory Equipment, Supplies

THERMOLYNE -Furnace, Hotplates & Stirrers

TRD -Car Parts, Car Accessories

TYLER -Scientific Apparatus Sieve Shaker

UNIT-TEST -Concrete Tester, Compression Machines

VELP -Hotplates, Magnetic Stirrer, Mixes

VWR -Scientific Apparatus, Instruments, Supplies

W.S. TYLER -Sieves, Shaker

WTW -PH, Conductivity, Oxygen Meters

XPEDE -Laundry Dryer

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