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82 Brands

3-B -Anatomical Models, Anatomical Materials

AMA -ASTM Thermometers, Hydrometers

AMARELL -ASTM Thermometers, Hydrometers

ASTM -Hydrometers Thermometer

ASTORI -Dairy Testing, Dairy Analyser

BARNSTEAD -Laboratory Equipments

BIOSAN -SRB Bacteria Test

BRAND -Laboratory Apparatus & Wares

CANNON -Viscometer & Standards

CARBOLITE -Oven & Furnaces

CAROLINA -Science School Aids

CHEMETRICS -Water Analysis, Water Test Kits

CHEMETS -Water Analysis & Water Test Kits

CHEMPLEX -Sample Preparation, Accessories

CMH -Concrete Testing Equipment, Soil Testing Equipment

COLE-PARMER -Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments

COORS -Porcelain Crucible

COPE -Laboratory Equipment, Laboratory Supplies

CORNING -Laboratory Glassware

DENVER -Balances, Testing Instruments

EIJKELKAMP -Soil Testing Equipments

EPPENDORF -Dispenser & Pipettor

ESP -Human Anatomy, Models, Simulators

EUTECH -pH Meter, Water Testing Meters, Thermometers

FISCHER -Coating Thickness Meter

FISHER -Laboratory Instruments

FORESTRY -Equipment, Tools

FYRITE -Gas Detector

GASTEC -Gas Detector Tube

GAUMARD -Simulator For Health Care Education

G-WON -Ultrasonic Bath

HACH -Water Analysis, Reagents

HAMILTON -Syringes & Waterstill

HANNA -Water & Tester Meter

HELLIGE -Water Tester, Meters

HUMBOLDT -Concrete Testing Equipments, Soil Testing Equipments

IONIC -Water Ionizer System

JENCONS -Waterstill & Laboratory Equipment

JENWAY -pH Meter, Conductivity Meter, Hotplate Stirrers

JULABO -Water Baths, Heating & Refrigerated Circulators

KARL KOLB -Laboratory Supplies & Instruments

KOEHLER -Petroleum Equipments

LABLINE -Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments

LABSCO -Laboratory Equipment, Scientific Supplies

LAMOTTE -Scientific Apparatus & Instruments, Water Tester

LAUDA -Water Bath, Circulators

LINDBERG -Lab Furnaces, Oven

L-K -Oil Testing Centrifuge, Glasswares

MAGNOM -Magnetic Filters

MAVELLO -Water Filtering & Ionizer Processor

MILLIPORE -Filter Membranes, Test Kits


NALGENE -Laboratory Plastic Wares

NASCO -Educational Materials Model

OHAUS -Scales, Balances

OM-X -Probiotics

PARAPLAST -Tissue Embedding Media

PARR -Scientific Apparatus & Instruments

PRECISION -Hydrometers

PRECISION -Laboratory, Petroleum Equipment

PYREX -Laboratory Glassware

QORPAK -Glass Bottles

RDH -Lab Reagents

RO-TAP -Sieve Shaker

RUDOLF -Instrument & Relay

SANICHECK -Bacteria Test Kit

SCICHEMCO -Scientific Apparatus, Scientific Instruments

SEPOR -Material Testing

SETA -Petroleum Testing Equipment

SKLAR -Surgical Instrument

SWINGFOG -Fogging Equipment

TECHNE -Water Bath

TERRISS -Laboratory Equipment, Supplies

THERMOLYNE -Furnace, Hotplates & Stirrers

TRD -Car Parts, Car Accessories

TYLER -Scientific Apparatus Sieve Shaker

UNIT-TEST -Concrete Tester, Compression Machines

VELP -Hotplates, Magnetic Stirrer, Mixes

VWR -Scientific Apparatus, Instruments, Supplies

W.S. TYLER -Sieves, Shaker

WTW -PH, Conductivity, Oxygen Meters

XPEDE -Laundry Dryer

Company Profile

Goodhill Marketing Pte Ltd is a reputable company in Singapore specializing in vast rage of gift premiums products and ideas.

Goodhill Marketing Pte Ltd is employed with highly dedicated employees who can manufacture and customize products, tailoring the different needs and special requirements of our valued clients.

Goodhill Marketing Pte Ltd can promptly supply you with our high quality products such as the following:
• Scientific Apparatus and Instruments
• Gold Testing Equipment
• Detectors
• Testing Equipment
• Stationeries
• Diaries
• Plastic Folders
• Various Office Supplies
• Plastic Binders
• Key Chains
• Water Purifiers
• Souvenirs

Our company carries some of the most reliable and sought after brands in the market like Fisherscientific and Lamotte. We only want what’s best for our client which is why we continuously explore innovative products that will perfectly fit client’s growing demands.

Here in Goodhill Marketing, we always appreciate your feedback and suggestions. For us to better assist you, simply connect with our team or send your inquiries below.

Country Territory :Singapore

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