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11 Brands

ART TILE -High Quality 3mm Vinyl Tiles From Korea

DONGSHIN -High Quality 3mm Vinyl Tiles From Korea

FIRE-RATED -Fire Rated Wooden Door Up To 2 Hrs, Metal Door Up To 4 Hrs

GOODHILL -Timber/Plywood/Polywood/Aluminium Doors. Fire Rated Door In Wood & Metal

GOODHILL -Distributor For Wood & Composite Decking Materials, Korean Vinyl Tiles

KDF UNIDECO -High Quality 3mm Vinyl Tile, 5mm Click System Vinyl Tile,Nano Silver,PU Coating,0.5mm Wear Layer

MERBAU -One Of The Best Material For Outdoor Solid Wood Decking.Termite Resistance.

NOX VINYL -High Quality 3mm Vinyl Tiles From Korea

POLYWOOD -Consist 50% Wood. Polywood Door Water & Termite Resistance

WPC -Wood Composite Decking For Outdoor Decking. Look Like Real Wood.

XPEDE DRYER -Nano Silver, Save 30% Drying Time. Korean Products

Company Profile

Goodhill Enterprise (S) Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1973 and has  factory with covered areas totaling 7,000 m2 It began business as a trader in timber logs, sawmilling and the importing and exporting of timber wood, moulding products and sawn timber especially Ramin timber. This timber business included the Kiln Drying of timber and then further expanded into the importing and exporting of American Wood Timber in the late 1980s. Now our business cover fire-rated doors, metal doors, wooden doors, wood decking, composite Decking, Vinyl Tiles etc.

In 1989, Goodhill Enterprise (S) Pte Ltd. began trading in Cambodia, and in 1993, Goodhill Enterprise (Cambodia) Ltd. was established. Having Many years of business operations and experience, Goodhill has evolved to become one of the leading sales and distribution companies in Cambodia.

GOODHILL In Singapore, the Wholesales and Retails center for:
a. Fire-rated Wooden Door up to 2 hour. Solid Engineering Nyatoh Doors
b.  Metal Door and Fire-rated metal door up to 4 Hours rated
c.  Acoustic Door STC 38, STC 40 and STC 45 with 1 hHour fire rated.
d. Polywood water resistance Doors, 50% wood.
e. Coreboard in ALBASIA wood for solid plywood door and table top.
f. Merbau Woods and Decking materials in Chengai, Balau and Iron wood.
g. DURA Composite Wood Decking (WPC) and accessories
h. 3mm and 5mm Click system Vinyl Tiles from KOREA, Glue, Wax
i. 6mm Glue less Vinyl plank
j. Xpede Clothes Dryer from Korea

We also provide services for the following items:
Doors: Door and window frame in Nyatoh , Kapur wood and Chengal Wood. Solid Nyatoh and Merbau Door, Wooden and metal Fire-rated door.  Acoustic Door with STC 38 , 40 and 45 Cert.   Fancy Plywood door, Classic door, UPVC door, Aluminium Bifold, Wrought Iron Gate, Decorative Tempered Glass Door.
Natural Resources: Sand (BCA Class 1) Trading in Sand Coal.

Year Established :1973

No. Of Employees :45

Country Territory :Cambodia; Singapore

Industry Focus :Fire rated Doors , Acoustic Doors, Composite Wood Decking and Vinyl Floor Tiles.

OEM Products :DURA Composite Decking and GOODHILL Vinyl Tiles from Korea

Operating Hours :Monday – Saturday 9am – 5pm

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