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20 Brands

BARTEC -ATEX Pushbutton, Selector Switches, Pilot Lamps, Control Stations, Limit Switches, Lightings, Etc

CMP -Industrial Cable Glands, ATEX Certified Hazardous Areas Cable Glands, Stopping Plugs, Adaptors, Reducers

CORTEM -Aspirators, Cable Glands, Control Equipment, Electrical Fittings, Junction Boxes, LED Lighting Fixtures, Lighting Fixtures, Plugs and Sockets, Signalling equipment, Weather Proof Series

ERICO -Flexible Busbars, Metallic Braids, Power Distribution Boards, Low Voltage Insulators

ERIFLEX -Flexible Busbars, Metallic Braids, Power Distribution Boards, Low Voltage Insulators

FINDER -PCB Relays, Industrial Relays, PLC Interface Relays, Power Relays, Step Relays & Timers

GLW -Wire End Ferrules & Cable Tools

HOFFMAN -Industrial Cabinets, NEMA, ATEX Enclosures, Human Machine Interface (HMI), DataCom Cabinets

HOFFMAN SCHROFF -Operator Interface Enclosure Systems, Cabinets, Wireway, Ex Enclosures, Network Enclosures

ITALSMEA -ATEX Certified Pushbutton, IECEx Certified Pushbutton, Selector Switches, Pilot Lamps, Control Stations

KLIPPON -Terminal Blocks, Connectors, ATEX Certified Enclosures & Junction Boxes

MANN -Signal Isolators, Transmitters Process Alarms, Totalisers, Indicators & Power Supplies

MCLEAN -Industrial Air Conditioners

NUOVA ASP -Exed Control Stations, Exd/Exe Stainless Steel Enclosures, Exed GRP Enclosures

NUOVA ASP -Exde Aluminium Enclosures, Exd Junction & Pulling Boxes, Etc

PENTAIR -Cabinets, Enclosures, Subracks

PFANNENBERG -Filterfans, Cooling Units, Chillers, Heat Exchangers, Thermostats, Heaters, Stack Lights, Signal Towers, Horns, Sirens, Sounders, Flashing Sounder, Visual Signals, Safety Systems Signalling

SCHROFF -Cabinets, 19" Equipment Cases, Subracks, Backplanes Control, Climate Controls

THOMAS & BETTS -Terminals, Lugs, Connectors, Conduit, Cable Fittings, Cable Ties, Markers

WEIDMULLER -Terminal Blocks, PCB Connectors, Surge Protectors, Power Supp, ATEX Enclosures, Ind Ethernet & Tools

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Product News

New nVent ERIFLEX - Single Pole Distribution Blocks Range Extension

Country of Product Origin: GIS Technology Pte Ltd

Product Launch Date: Jun 18, 2019

Advantages : Single Pole Distribution Blocks Range ExtensionFull Global Single Pole Distribution Blocks range from 80A to 1250A per IEC and 85A to 950A per ULMultiple connection options :- Input / Line Side ~ 1 cable, 2 cables, Flexibar Advanced or IBS/IBSB Advanced Power Braids- Output / Load Side ~ up to 12 cablesConnecting on large cross section aluminum/copper conductorsSafety (IP20, including unique patented Slider), time & weight savings and reliabilityGlobal certification & approv >>

IBS & IBSB Advanced Connection on Molded Case Circuit Breaker

Country of Product Origin: GIS Technology Pte Ltd

Product Launch Date: Jan 23, 2019

CIRCUIT BREAKER COMPATIBILITYCircuit Breaker Current Rating 125/160 A250 A300 A 350 A400 A500 A630 AInsulated Braidedconductor typeIBSB ADV25xIBS ADV25xIBSB ADV50xIBS ADV50xIBSB ADV70xIBSB ADV100xIBSB ADV120xIBSB ADV185xIBSB ADV240xSchneider ElectricCompact (IEC)NSANG 125NSX 100NSX 160NSX 250NSX 250NSX 400NSX 400NSX 400NSX 630NSX 630Square DPowerPact (UL)H-FrameJ-FrameJ-FrameJ-FrameL-FrameL-FrameL-Frame ABB Tmax(IEC)T1T2XT1XT2–T3XT3XT4 T1XT3XT4 T4 T4 T5 T5 T5 ABB Tmax (UL) T1T2XT1XT2 T >>

IBS & IBSB Advanced Insulated Braided Conductor

Country of Product Origin: GIS Technology Pte Ltd

Product Launch Date: Jan 23, 2019

BENEFITS· Space and Weight Savings ~ IBS & IBSB Advanced require less wire bending space than cable due to its high flexibility.· Operating Advantage ~ Ring terminals or lugs are no longer needed as IBS & IBSB Advanced is already punched. No additional crimping operation is needed.· Time Saving ~ Easier to bend and shape than large cables, making installation quicker.· Aesthetic Advantage ~ Neatly organizes hard-to-make connections and increases design flexibi >>

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