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57 Brands

AGCO -Instrument Valve, Gauge Valve, Manifolds

ALCO -Instrument Valve, Gauge Valve, Manifolds

ANDERSON GREENWOOD/TYCO -Instrument Valve, Gauge Valve, Manifolds

AXELSON -ESP Sensors, PRV Relay, Sand Probe, ECS Sensor, SSV Protector

BARTON -Recorders, Turbine Flow Meters, PD Flow Meters, DP Indicators & Switches

BERTHOLD -Nucleonic/Radioactive & Microwave Instruments For Level, Density, Concentration, Flow, Moisture, Etc

BRODIE -Positive Displacement Flow Meter, Custody Transfer Mechanical Flow Meter, Bi-Rotor Plus Flow Meter

BWB CONTROLS -ESP Sensors, PRV Relay, Sand Probe, ECS Sensor, SSV Protector

CALDON -Custody Transfer Ultrasonic Flowmeter

CAMERON -Barton, Nuflo, Camcor, Caldon, Floco

CAMERON MEASUREMENT -Turbines, Ultrasonic, DP Cone, PD Flowmeters, Flow Totalizers, Indicators, Orifice Fittings

CAMERON MEASUREMENT -Turbine Meter, DP Cone Flow Meter, PD Meter, Ultrasonic Flow Meter,Flow Computer,Flow Totalizer

CONTREC -Batch/Ratio Controllers, Process Indicators, Flow Computers, Automatic Loading Systems

CONTROLOTRON -Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeters, Interface Detector, Portable Flowmeters

DANFOSS FLOW -Electromagnetic Flowmeters, Coriolis Mass, Ultrasonic Flowmeters

EMERSON -Tank Gauging System, 475 Handheld Communicator, Magtech Level Gauge

EMERSON -Pressure/Temp/Level Transmitter

ENERAC -Handheld & Portable Combustion & Emission Analyzers

FLUENTA -Flare Gas Flowmeters

FLUIDWELL -TDR Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter, Wireless Remote Monitoring System

FUJI ELECTRIC -Pressure & DP Transmitters, Strip Chart/Paperless Recorder, Gas Analyzer, Temperature Controllers

FUJI ELECTRIC INSTRUMENTATION -Press Transmitters, Temperature Transmitters, Differential Pressure Transmitters, Flow Transmitters, Level Transmitters, Strip Chart Recorders, Paperless Recorders

GE LEAKWISE -Oil-On-Water Analyser, Oil Layer Thickness Measurement, Pollution Monitor

GRAPHIC CONTROLS -Recording Chart Paper/Pens/Ink Cartridge, Recorder Accessories, H2S Gas Detector

HALLIBURTON -Turbine Meters, Flow Analyzer, ESP Sensor, Sand Probe, SSV Protector, PRV Relay

IONICS LEAKWISE -Oil On Water Detector Alarm Systems, Oil Layer Thickness Measurement, Pollution Monitor

ISE MAGTECH -Magnetic Level Gauge, Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter, Magnetic-Float Level Switch

ITT BARTON -Recorders, Turbine Flow Meters, PD Flow Meters, DP Indicators & Switches

ITT MCDONNELL & MILLER -Paddle Flow Switches, Level Switches & Boiler Level Controls, PRV

ITT NEO-DYN -Pressure Switches, Temperature Switches

KLEEV -Pressure & Temperature Gauges/Switches, Level Gauges/Transmitters/Switches, Flow Indicators

LABKO -Oil/Sludge Sensors For Oil-Water Separators/Grease Traps, Water Level Sensor, Ice Detector

LABKOTEC -Oil/Sludge Sensors For Oil-Water Separators/Grease Traps, Water Level Sensor, Ice Detector

LAURIS -Ultrasonic Flare Flow Meter, Ultrasonic Biogas/ Process Gas Flow Meter

LEAKWISE -Oil-On-Water Analyser, Oil Layer Thickness Measurement, Pollution Monitor

MAGTECH -Magnetic Level Gauge, Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter, Multi-Float Level Switch

MCDONNELL & MILLER -Paddle Flow Switch, Level Switch, Boiler Level Controls, PRV

MILLTRONICS -Capacitance/Ultrasonic/Radar/GWR Level Instruments, Vibration/Rotary Paddle Level Switches

NEO-DYN -Pressure & Temperature Switches

NOSHOK -Pressure & Temperature Gauges, Switches & Transducers

NOSHOK -Valve Manifolds, Needle Valves, Load Cells

NUFLO -Chart Recorder, DP Indicators & Switches, Orifice Fittings, Ultrasonic Flowmeter, Flow Analyzer

NUFLO -Turbine Meter, DP Cone Flow Meter, PD Meter, Coriolis Mass Flow Meter, Flow Computer

PKP -Level Switch, VA/Rotameters/Ultrasonic/Turbine/ Paddle/Calorimetric/Thermal/PD Flow Meters/Switch

PRECISION DIGITAL -Digital Panel Meters, Explosion Proof Process Indicator, Alarm Annunciator, Modbus Displays

ROSEMOUNT -Instruments For Level, Flow, Pressure, DP, Temperature, Etc., 475 HART Communicator

ROSEMOUNT TANK GAUGING -Tank Gauging System, Level Gauge/Transmitter, MultiSpot Temperature Sensor,Water Level Sensor

ROSEMOUNT TANK GAUGING -Wireless Tank Gauging System, Density Measurement, Wireless HART Transmitter, Vibration Level Switch

ROTOTHERM -Pressure Gauges, Temperature Gauges, Precision Test Gauges, DP Gauges, Flow Gauges, Orifice Plates, Orifice Flanges

SAAB ROSEMOUNT -Tank Gauging System,Radar Level Gauge/Transmitter, MultiSpot Temperature Sensor, Water Level Sensor

SCANJET SYSTEMS -Tank Cleaning Machine For Storage/Chemical Tanks, F&B, Pharma, Dairy & Other Industrial Applications

SIEMENS -Flow/Level/Temp/Pressure Transmitters, Level Switch, Btu Meter, Acoustic Sensor, Valve Positioners

SIEMENS CONTROLOTRON -Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeters For Liquid/Gas, Interface Detector, Portable Flowmeters

SIEMENS MILLTRONICS -Capacitance/Ultrasonic/Radar/GWR/Level Instruments, Vibration/Rotary Paddle Level Switches

SIEMENS PROCESS INSTRUMENTS -Flow/Level/Temp/Pressure Transmitters, Level Switch, Btu Meter, Acoustic Sensor, Valve Positioners

SITRANS -Transmitters & Switches For Flow/Level/Temperature /Pressure/DP,Flow Meter,Btu Meter,Valve Positioner

XYLEM -Paddle Flow Switches, Level Switches, Boiler Level Controls, PRV

Company Profile

Founded in 1991 as a Process Instrumentation & Control company specialized in Radar-based Tank Gauging System, the company has grown and expanded over the years to become one of the leading instrumentation companies, serving a very wide range of clientele, with the most acclaimed brand names on the market. We are proud to be the appointed distributor for (1)Emerson Rosemount TGS System, (2)Cameron Measurement System, (3)Siemens, (4)Berthold, (5)Fluidwell, (6)Precision Digital, (7)ITT Neo-Dyn, (8)GE Leakwise, (9)Noshok, (10)PKP Prozessmesstechnik, (11)Pentair Crosby/AGCO, (12)Labkotec, (13)Halliburton–Axelson, (14)Graphic Controls, (15)Scanjet TankCleaning Systems, (16)Xylem McDonnell Miller, and (17)Fuji Electric, (18) Contrec UK and (19) Enerac USA. Our professionally trained and customer-centric staff with their zeal and mission for excellent customer service is poised to add value to your esteemed organization. No business is too small for us; we look forward to partnering with you for a win-win collaboration.

Representative/CEO :Mr Tong Sin Sang

Business Type :Distributor

Year Established :1989

Business Market :Marine Offshore Oil & Gas, Petrochemical & Pharmaceuticals, Oil & Chemical Terminals, Power & steel plants, Utilities, Water & Wastewater treatment Plant, Energy & HVAC etc.

No. Of Employees :23

Annual Sales Range :>7.5 Million

Country Territory :Bangladesh; Hong Kong; India; Middle East; Pakistan; South East Asia; Taiwan

Industry Focus :Industrial manufacturing Process, Offshore Marine, Utility management & service , power and Liquid bulk distribution Industry

Certification :

ISO9001:2008, Bizsafe Star, ISO18001:2007

Operating Hours :0830 to 1800 hrs, Mondays to Fridays

Quality Control :ISO 9001:2008

Product News

Siemens SITRANS FUE1010 HVAC Check Metering Kit

Country of Product Origin: Gauging & Automation Pte Ltd

Product Launch Date: Apr 15, 2010

The Siemens FUE1010 dual channel clamp-on check metering kit is an all inclusive HVAC chilled water kit developed especially for verifying the accuracy and performance of any brand or type of flowmeter. It is perfect for areas where no metering exists, and ideal for balancing building performance. It accurately computes flow over an extremely wide range and measures practically all conductive or non-conductive clean or moderately aerated liquids or liquids with suspended solids. The SITRA >>

Provu Series Dual-Line Digital Meters

Country of Product Origin: Gauging & Automation Pte Ltd

Product Launch Date: Apr 08, 2010

The ProVu dual line meters come in 3 models: PD6000 PD6200 PD6300 >>

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