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26 Brands

ABB -MCB, RCCB, TMAX MCCB, XTMAX, EMAX ACB, Contactors, Classiq, Millennium, Industrial Plugs & Sockets

ABB -Concept BS, RCD Switched Sockets Outlets

ARTEOR -Wiring Devices, Home Automation Systems

BELANKO -Electrical Wiring Switches & Accessories

CELLPACK -Industrial Tapes

EGA -Mini-Trunking, PVC Accessories, Galvanised Conduit Pipe, Class 3 & 4 Conduits & Accessories

FURSE -Earthing & Lightning Protection System

GREENLAND PLASTICS -uPVC Conduit, Trunking, Pipes & Fittings

HAGER -Circuit Breaker, Isolator, Contactor

KDK -Fans

LANRIC/SMART/U-LI -GI Conduit Accessories

LEGRAND -Belanko, Mallia, Arteor, Plexo, P17 Tempra Sockets WattStopper, RX³MCBs, RCDs, Atlantic, Cablofil

LITAFLEX -uPVC Conduit, Trunking, Pipes & Fittings

MARS -Bi-Metallic/Crimping Cable Lugs & Links

MAXSPID -Emergency Exit Lights


MK -Electrical Wiring Switches & Accessories

OSRAM -LED & Conventional Lighting, Floodlight, Downlight Weatherproof Lighting, High Bay Lighting

PHILIPS -LED & Conventional Lighting, Floodlight, Downlight Weatherproof Lighting, High Bay Lighting

SAMCON -Emergency Exit Lights

SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC -Masterpact NT, NW ACBs, NSX, Easypact EZC & CVS MCCBs, Acti 9, Multi 9 MCBs, RCCBs, RCDs

SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC -RCDs, Vivace, Zencelo, Ulti, Neo C Metro Switches

SIEMENS -MCBs, Contactors, Monitoring Relays, Motor Starters

SQUARE D -MCCB, Contactors, Starters & Overload Relays


WATT STOPPER -Energy Saving Sensors

Company Profile

Fengsheng Electric Co. Pte. Ltd. was incorporated in Singapore in 1983 and is a full-line wholesale distributor of electrical/electronic and control products for all industrial, commercial, institutional and residential applications. We represent selected manufacturers and distribute their different products and components that complement our function: which is quality, competitive pricing and service in the marketplace. You will find only the industry’s most reliable manufacturers on our line card.

As one of the locally owned and operated electrical distributors, we have been providing a comprehensive range of electrical installations materials in Singapore to meet with all of our customers' electric material needs.

During these years, we have been awarded various award such as Special Long Service Award for our contribution as a valuable channel partner; Top Distributor’s awards from our manufacturers and also Best Supporting Suppliers awards from our customers.

We are also registered with Building and Construction Authority and are eligible to tender for government related projects such as supply of Electrical & Electronic Materials, Products & Components etc.

Business Type :Distributors, Trading, installation and commissioning

Year Established :1983

Business Market :Electrical

Country Territory :Singapore and regional countries

Industry Focus :Construction, OEM, F&B, Oil and Gas, Consumers, Etc

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