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2 Brands

EXITFLEX -Hose, Fitting, Adaptor, Crimping Machine

HYDROSCAND -Cutting Machines, Crimping Machines

Company Profile

EXITFLEX is a worldwide market-leader in the manufacture of accessories for the surface treatment industry including high quality thermoplastic hoses and tungsten carbide spray nozzles, tips, spray guns. In almost 40 years since it was founded the EXIT Company has become a global company with a sophisticated production plant, several international sales companies and literally thousands of EXITFLEX distributors worldwide. EXITFLEX is exceptionally well positioned to provide you and in turn your customers, with the most comprehensive and highest quality product range.


Our Swiss technology provides you with top quality products to achieve the very best results - every time. EXIT SA with its headquarters in Gland, Switzerland is the holding company for all EXITFLEX operational branches.


Our Quality Assurance System runs through all areas of the company: Development, Production, Process Technology, Marketing, Sales and Service.


EXITFLEX is totally committed to safety and quality in our products for the Finishing, Water Jetting, Gas & Hydraulic Industries.

Representative/CEO :Mr. Clarence Chong (Director)

Business Type :Surface Treatment Solution Provider

Country Territory :Singapore

Industry Focus :Finishing, Water Jetting, Gas & Hydraulic

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