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Single Walled Tall Carton Box

This Carton Box has the following characteristics:VersatileCost-effectiveEasy-to-useHighly durable This Carton Box is a tall box that are suitable for flower displays and as high stands.  Simply fold the flaps of this Carton Box, run a tape down the centre and you are ready to


Partitions & Pads

Partitions & Corrugated Pads are used to separate contents within the box or to provide extra protection from


Regular Boxes

Regular Slotted Cartons (RSCs) are the most versatile boxes – cost-effective, easy to use and highly durable. They are well suited for a wide range of packing needs and



Packing material such as OPP & masking tapes are available to complete your packing


Die Cut Boxes

If you are looking for something less regular, die cut boxes will likely suit your needs. These are customizable boxes, in terms of cut and design. With a die cut mould, some possible options include pizza box, magazine box, wine box,


POS Display Systems

Everlit is also a pioneer in the field of corrugated point-of-sales (POS) displays, with the facilities to produce attractive and exceptionally durable display products. With more than 15 years of experience in the field of POS creation, the Everlit brand name is synonymous with quality


Double-Sided Display Stand

This Double Sided Display Stand helps in increased exposure to attract customers from more directions. This Double Sided Display Stand displays your products visibly on 2 sides of the stand to garner more attention. We suggest a life-size cut-out (with branding) on the side panels to


Dump Bin - Hexagonal Design

As the name suggests, this Dump Bin is a half box in which you can pile (or “dump”) and display your products. Suitable for irregular shaped products (not necessarily light) that are easy to grab and go. This Dump Bin's sturdy base makes holding encyclopedias look like a


Self-adhesive Kraft Tape

This Kraft Tape is an adhesive tape to seal up your boxes. Waterproof and suitable for use in cold rooms. This Kraft Tape has the following featuresMeasurement – 2 inches x 45m  Everlit Packaging appreciate the value of innovation and creation. With our vast experience and


Printed Box

Printed boxes come in 2 options: 1) Direct printing of logos, precaution signs, etc 2) Offset printed boxes (sleeker


Die Cut Carton Boxes

This Die Cut Carton Box is a self-foldable box with separate covers - no tape required! Hand-holes at the sides of the Die Cut Carton Box make it easier to lift and move the boxes. Light weight yet durable, this Die Cut Carton Box come in 2 sizes:(1) A3 size base to hold 8-10 reams of A4


4-sided Box Display Stand

This Display Stand is an ambitious contraption designed to capture the attention of customers from all directions. Suitable for light-weight products.  This Display Stand has the following features:Measurement- L: 400 W: 400 H: 1500mmColor- Blue/ White/ Black  Everlit


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