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92 Products & Services

air conditioning equipment

air curtains & screens

air guns

air quality monitor


anti-static agents

anti-static equipment

bags: anti-static

bags: moisture barrier

blow guns

brushes: esd

chemicals: ultrasonic

clean room equipment & supplies

cleaning equipment - mfrs & distrs

contamination control equipment & supplies

58 Brands

APISTE -Heat Exchanger, FA Cooler, Door Catch Energy Saving Power Monitor

ARCALIAN -Static Arc Rod/Cord

DAISHIN -Vibratory Bowl Feeders (Magnetic, Motor Air Piezo)

DESCO -Ionizer, Static Eliminator, Static & Cleanroom Contamination & Control Products

ESD SYSTEMS -Ionizer, Static Eliminator, Static Contamination & Control Products, Cleanroom Contamination & Control Products

EVERFEED -Plastic Making Jig & Fixture

FINDEVA -Vibrator (Magnetic, Motor, Air Hydraulic)

FUJI HIGH TECH -Ultrasonic Cleaning Imaging, Welding, Cutting Machine

FUJITEC -Screw Feeders & Fastener

HONDA ELECTRONICS -Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank & Imaging, Welding, Cutting Machine, Miniature Benchtop Cleaner

HORIUCHI -Laser Marking System

HUGLE ELECTRONICS -Ionizer, Static Eliminator, Room Ionization, Static Contamination Control Product, Cleanroom Contamination Control Product

IGADEN -Water Treatment Systems

IMPREX -Ionizer, Static Eliminator

INARTE -ESD Control Certification

ION SYSTEMS -Ionization, Electrostatic Sensing & Monitoring, Process Control, Application Service, Etc

JANOME -Index Scara, Desktop Molding Robot

JANOME INDEX -Scara, Desktop Moulding Robot

JANOME WAVAC -Electro Press

KAIYO -Ultrasonic Cleaning Imaging, Welding, Cutting Machine

KALAHARI -Drying Agent

KASUGA DENKI -Ionizer, Static Eliminator, Room Ionization, Static & Cleanroom Contamination & Control Product

KASUGA DENKI -Nano-Coulomb Meter

KOMICO -Photo Ionizer, Static Control

MURATA -Vibratory Bowl Feeders (Magnetic, Motor Air Piezo)

NANO COULOMB -Meters, Portable Change Plate Monitor, Static Meter

NEJICCO -Screw Feeder & Fastener


NTN -Vibratory Bowl Feeders (Magnetic, Motor Air Piezo)

PATLITE -LCD Touchscreen, Towerlights, Signal Phone

PPB INC -Ultrasonic Energy Meters, Hydrophone, Megasonic Energy Meter

QUANTUM -Vibrator (Magnetic, Motor, Air Hydraulic)

QUICHER -Screw Feeder & Fastener

RNA -Vibratory Bowl Feeders (Magnetic, Motor Air Piezo)


SHIBUYA HOPPMANN -Centrifugal Feeder Systems, Assembly & Placement Systems, Labeler Systems

SHIMADA -Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

SHINKO -Vibratory Bowl Feeders (Magnetic, Motor Air Piezo)

SIMCO ION -Ionizer, Static Eliminator, Room Ionization, Static & Cleanroom Contamination & Control Product

SIMCO USA -In-Mold Labelling

SONIC ITALIA -High Power Ultrasonic Welder

STATIC SOLUTIONS -ESD Test Instruments, Antistat


TM ASSOCIATES -Ultrasonic Power Meters, Cleaning Solution Provider, Cleaning Tank, Consoles

TOHO -Ultrasonic Cleaning Imaging, Welding, Cutting Machine

TORCH -Vibrator (Magnetic, Motor, Air Hydraulic)

TOYO JIDOKI -Food Packing Machine

TSM -Cleaning Equipment, Scrubber, Bio Range Vacuum Cleaner

UBAR -Vibrator (Magnetic, Motor, Air Hydraulic)

UPC -Ultrasonic Cleaning System, Flow-Through Reactors, Detergents, Gun, Musical Instrument Cleaning

VAR TECH -AMCLD Flat Panel Display, Industrial CRT Monitors

VOGELS -AV/LED Displays Wall Mounting, Floor Stand, LED Solutions, LCD Solutions, Plasma Solutions, iPad Accessories, Playstation Accessories

VORTEC -Conveying (Round Transvector Air Amplifiers)

VORTEC -Personal Cooling (Personal Air Conditioners), Cleaning (Air Nozzles & Jets, Air Knives)

VORTEC -Plant Maintenance (Spill Pick-Up System, Hand-E- Vac Ind Cleaning Guns, Transvector Vacuum Pumps)

VORTEC -Spot Cooling (Cold Air Guns, Vortex Tube), Enclosure Cooling (Vortex Coolers, Cold Pumps)

VORTEX -Air Knives, Transvector Air Amplifiers, Vacuum Pump Spill Pick Up Systems

WACOM -Cleaning Cabinets

Company Profile



Everfeed Technology Pte Ltd was established in 1997. It aims to use a Holistic approach to help customers reach Electrostatic Discharge(ESD)/ Electrostatic Attraction(ESA) qualifications pertaining to all the areas of contamination control, ionization integrated system, Megasonic / Ultrasonic cleaning, cleanroom system and industrial environment, testing machine, and so on.




We aim to help our valued customers to enhance their productivity and lower their cost by assisting them to reach ESD qualification. We meet customers' satisfaction by providing them advanced products, systematic training and personal certification, high-quality consultations, comprehensive auditing, maintenance and other services related to ESD/ESA issues.


Products & Service


We provide superior Education on ESD / ESA Control & Contamination by workshops and teaching packages. We are one of the authorized companies by ESD Association USA to conduct some Personal Certifications, eg. iNARTE Certification Exam in Singapore regularly. High-quality ESD products and services are also provided. Our main products include Air Ionization Integrated Systems, Cleanroom Systems, Testing Machines, Ultrasonic & Megasonic Cleaning Machines, Personal Groundings, and so on. Our services also include consultation, auditing and maintenance.


Our Valued Customers

Everfeed Technology Pte Ltd conducts services for the following industries.


Electronic & Electrical Manufacturing Industries Research, Development and Demonstration Industries Biomedical and Life-sciences Industries Aerospace Repair, Manufacturing and Overhaul (RMO) Industries Front-end and Back-end Wafer Fabrication Industries Food and Beverage (F&B) Industries


Some of our valued customers are Hewlett Packard, Epson, ShinEtsu, Hitachi, Matsushita, Motorola, STATS ChipPac, Sony, Panasonic and Infineon.

Business Type :Electrostatic Control Solution Provider

Year Established :1997

Country Territory :Singapore and regional countries

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