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48 Brands

ACCULUX -Explosion Proof Lamp

AIR SEA -U N Certificated Steel Drums

AND -Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

APEX TOOL GROUPS -Hardware & Tools

AQUOIL -Interface Detector Tapes

AVTEMP -Digital Thermometers

BRANNAN -Industrial Thermometers, Gauges

BURKLE -Sampling Equipment, Sampling Accessories

CHASE -ASTM Thermometer & Hydrometers

COLOR-GAUGE -Water Finding Paste, Gasoline Finding Paste For Petroleum Product

COOPER -Weller Soldering Tools

COOPERTOOLS -Weller Soldering Tools

CRESCENT -Adjustable Wrenches & Slide-Locking & Cutting Pliers

CREWSAVER -Life Jacket

ERGON -Digital Thermometers

ERL -Liquid Level Gauging, Overfill Protection, Vapor Recovery, Marine Products

HUNTER -Oil Gauging Tape, Sounding Tapes

IMUNDEX -Sounding Tapes

INSTRULAB -High Accuracy Thermometers, Temperature Monitor System

KERN -Precision Electronic Weight, Precision Electronic Balances

KESSLER -ASTM Thermometers & Hydrometer

KITTIWAKE -Viscometer, Density Meter, Compatibility Tester, Water In Oil Test Kits

KITTIWAKE -Bunker Sampler, Reagent Packs & Testing Equipment

KOEHLER -Petroleum Testing Equipment

KOLOR KUT -Water Finding Pastes, Oil Finding Pastes

LUFKIN -Oil Dipping, Measuring Tapes, Pumps, Gearbox

MANUTAN -Industrial Tools, Industrial Equipment, Industrial Products

MAR-TEC -Fuel Viscosity, Lube Oil Viscosity, Water Test Kits, Density Test Kits, Water Test Equipment, Density Test Equipment

MILLER & WEBER -ASTM Thermometer & Hydrometer From USA

NIGHTSTAR -Magnetic Force Light

PELICAN -Flashlights

PETRO-MARINE -Oil Sampling Equipment

PLATON -Gap Meter

RABONE CHESTERMAN -Oil Dipping Tapes & Measuring Tapes

RICHTER -Oil Gauging Tapes & Measuring Tools

SEALS -Metal Security Seals, Plastic Security Seals

SNOOP -Liquid Leak Detector

STOFFEL SEALS -Plastic & Metal Security Seals

TALBOT -Tapping Machines, Tapping Tips

THERMOPROBE -Digital Tank Thermometers

UK SAMPLING GAUGES -IPM Sampling Equipment

UKSGL -ATEX Approved Spot, Running, All Level, Winder & Closed Sampling Equipment, MK&, MK10, etc


VERNON MORRIS -Pressure Recorders

WAHL -Precision Temperature Instruments

YAMAYO -Measuring & Oil Sounding Tapes

ZEAL -Precision Thermometer, Precision Hydrometers

ZONE DEVICES/SAMPLER -Liquid Sampling Equipment

Company Profile

Eva Petro-Marine Pte Ltd was established in January 1983. Our company is an exclusive distributor and stockist of various USA and European Sampling and Testing and Surveying in Singapore. We also offer other product consumables like hydrometers, thermometers, container, tins, plastics, glass, surveying security seals and engineering tapes etc.

We supply the following:
• Intrinsically safe tank gauging thermometer
• ASTM Oil gauging tapes
• Sampling and testing equipment
• Approved safety flashlight
• Sampling glass/ plastic bottles
• Sampling tins of all sizes
• Plastic/ metal seals
• Water & oil finding paste
• Intrinsically Safe Walkie-talkie
• Other marine, petroleum and chemical industries related products

Feel free to contact us or send your enquiries below.

Country Territory :Singapore

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