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VISTAR Portable Transformer

This Vistar Portable Transformer offered by ETL Enterprise Pte Ltd is specially designed and constructed for site usage. It is used together with various construction and industrial power tools, requiring 110V. We bring you this heavy duty transformer that ranges from 1.5kVA to 5kVA


VISTAR, VORTEX and GEMINI (Safetymark) Industrial Fans

These durable VISTAR, VORTEX and GEMINI (Safetymark) Industrial Fans can now be availed at ETL Enterprise Pte Ltd. These industrial fans are ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial ventilation and cooling needs. These are typically used in hawker centers, dormitory, shop houses,


VISTAR Portable Power Distribution Box

A full range of high performing VISTAR Portable Power Distribution Box is now brought to you by ETL Enterprise Pte Ltd. It features optimum portability, safety, reliability and durability that can deliver power to variety of applications. Our power distribution box can deliver


VISTAR Welding Equipment & Accessories

A wide range of reliable and highly efficient VISTAR Welding Equipment and Accessories are now provided by ETL Enterprise Pte Ltd. From regulators, welding electrodes, cable connectors, welding hoses, welding brushes, welding torch, grinding disc to welding gloves, welding goggles, and


VISTAR Lighting Products

Allow our reliable and high quality products to light up your place. A wide availability of VISTAR Lighting Products is now offered at ETL Enterprise Pte Ltd. Some of these include halogen lightings, batten fittings, metal halides, LED floodlights, weather-proof fittings, ex-proof hand


VISTAR Industrial Plug

ETL Enterprise Pte Ltd offers this range of VISTAR Industrial Plugs, featuring safe, reliable and effective connection and disconnection of any power source towards any equipment. We bring you high performance industrial plugs which can be used in wide range of applications and


Welding Gloves

ETL Enterprise Pte Ltd also supply an extensive scope of Personal Protective Equipment like Welding Gloves. We pride ourselves on not just providing excellent gear at aggressive costs, yet in addition on our administration and specialized learning. Welding Gloves are close to home


GEMINI Welding Electrodes

Make your welding activity faster and easier. Use these GEMINI Welding Electrodes offered by ETL Enterprise Pte Ltd. With our GEMINI Welding Electrodes, you will be confident with the quality of your welds. This kind of welding product suitable for various welding needs can be used in any


Hose & Acessories

ETL Enterprise Pte Ltd brings you wide range of Hose and Accessories which provide solution to various commercial and industrial needs. Some of these include clear hose. hi-net hose, sunny hose, twin hose, spring hose, duct hose, air hose, spray paint hose, air blasting hose, hose clips,


Material Handling Equipments

Keep your workplace efficient and productive. ETL Enterprise Pte Ltd provides wide variety of Material Handling Equipment for your commercial and industrial use. This type of mechanical equipment has the ability to move, store as well as to control and protect materials and other goods


VISTAR Fire Blanket

Use this VISTAR Fire Blanket in case of emergency fire situation. This flame resistant blanket offered by ETL Enterprise Pte Ltd is suitable for extinguishing small fires. It can also be used to wrap around a person for fire protection, minimizing the heat and potential for burn and


VISTAR Hose Reels, Cord Reels and Cable Reels

ETL Enterprise Pte Ltd brings you selection of VISTAR Hose Reels, Cord Reels and Cable Reels that can help in making hoses, cords and cables more accessible and productive. These are widely used in various industrial, commercial and professional applications. Also, these products serve


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