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37 Brands

BACKER -Water Urn Water, Kettle Heater, Oven Heater, Simmerstat Heater, Thermostat, Simmerstat

CAEM -Electric Thermostat

CELDUC -Single Phase SSR, Three Phase SSR

CHROMALOX -1"NPT Immersion Heater

DAICHI-DENKO -Anti-Condensation Heaters

E.G.O -Hotplate, Thermostat, Heating Element

ELECTROHEAT -Heating Elements

ELSTEIN -Ceramic Radiant Heater, Quartz, Heater & Accessories

EUTRON -Fan Heater

FOX -Temperature Controller

GEOCORP -Thermocouple Wires

HERMETIC -Immersion Heater

HONEYWELL -Temperature Controllers Chart Recorders

HOTSET -Electric Heaters

INDEECO -Heaters

ISOPAD -Self-limiting, Parallel Circuit Heating Tapes

ISUZU -Thermo-Hygrograph

KURABE -Heat Resistance Cable

LOVAL -Baine Marie Heaters

NINOMIYA -Thermocouple Extension Wire, Thermocouple Heater

PMC -Thermocouple Cables

RACO -Drum Heater

RAINBOW -Electric Thermostats

RAYCHEM -Explosion Proof Self-limiting Heating Tapes

REOTEMP -Temperature Gauges

RIKO -Ceramic Connector

ROBERTSHAW -Electric Safety Thermostat

SHIMADEN -Temperature Controllers, Chart Recorders

SHINKO -Temperature Controllers

STOKES -Airduct Heating Elements, Airduct Immersion Heaters

SUNVIC -Simmerstats, Stem Thermostat, Rod Thermostat

TE WIRE -Thermocouple Wires

TOHO -Temperature Controllers

TYLO -Sauna Heater

WATLOW -Heaters

WATT -Single/Three Phase Power Regulators (S.C.R.)

YAMATAKE SDC -Temperature Controllers & Chart Recorders

Company Profile

Electroheat Singapore Pte Ltd is specialized in all types of heating elements, sensors and control solutions.

Through the years of serving different industry on variety of heating needs, Electroheat is proud to offer you the broadest based of industry knowledge and expertise in heating applications.

We welcome any opportunity to serve you and to develop your complete heat solution. We will use our profound engineering experience and resources to develop the total “engineered” end-product based on your requirement.

Electroheat is dedicated to offer you the best products and services along with our competitive pricing.

Solving Your Heating Problems is our commitment to you.

Electroheat Singapore strives to be your Heat Solutions Resource.

Country Territory :Singapore; Singapore and regional countries

Certification :

ISO 9001:2008

BizSafe 3

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