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79 Products & Services


air cleaning & purifying equipment

air compressors: breathing air

air sanitizers

automated guided vehicles

bags: garbage, trash, rubbish

bearings: roller

bearings: slide

blasting equipment: high pressure water


boilers: electrically heated

boilers: gas fired

boilers: hot-water

boilers: industrial

boilers: marine

77 Brands

AEROLOGIC -Air Duct Disinfection

AMAZON -Multi Cartridge Filter Housing, Multi Cartridge Filtration System

ATG UV TECHNOLOGY -UV Water Sterilizers USPH NiPH Approved, ATEX

ATLANTIC ULTRAVIOLET CORPN -OEM Replacement UV Lamp For All Major Brands

BEAIRD/MAXIM -Seawater Evaporator, Desalination Unit

BERSON -Proline Ultraviolet Water Purifiers, Maritime Ultraviolet Water Purifiers

BIO-LOGIC -Germicidal Fixtures

BORKEY -Heavy Duty Wheels, Castors & Caterchained Roller Skates

BROMINE SYSTEMS -Brominator, Bromine Analyser & Cartridges

CAVOTEC -Motorized Cable Drum

CLEARTECH -Oil Sample Bottle, Gas Sample Cylinder, Mixing Valve

CUDA -Manual Part Washer

DORVIC -Shifting & Fixed Roller Skates, Roller Crowbars, Ratchet Toe Jacks, Handsaver & Plate Carriers

DUFF-NORTON -Mechanical-Screw Journal, Bell Bottom Air Motor Powered Screw, Ratchet, Cable Reel Jacks, Etc

DUFF-NORTON -Rotary Unions, Swivel Joints, Electromechanical Actuators

ENVIRO-PAK -Drum Compactor, Filter Crusher & Galley Grinder

ENVIRO-PAK -Electrical & Pneumatic Operation, Explosion Proof Trash Compactors

EVERLOY SHOJI -Spray Nozzles, Spray System

EVER-PURE -Brominator, Bromine Analyzer & Cartridges

FRESH-AIRE UV -UV Light Disinfection Systems

FUJI -Journal Gear Jack

GKS-PERFEKT -Transporter Trolley, Toe Jacks

HARMSCO -Liquid Filtration Solutions & Filter Cartridges

HATENBOER WATER -Water Treatment Equipment, Consumable & Replacement Parts

HEVI-HAUL -Fixed Axles Type Heavy Duty Roller Skate, Tilt Type Roller Skate

HILMAN ROLLERS -Roller Skates, Heavy Load Moving Rollers, Pipe Rollers

HMC BRAUER -Industrial Wheels & Castors

HUBBELL -ASME Coded Air Receivers & Pressure Vessels

HUBBELL -Marine Calorifiers, Industrial Calorifiers, Commercial Calorifiers, Domestic Calorifiers, Marine Water Heaters, Industrial Water Heaters, Commercial Water Heaters, Domestic Water Heaters

HYGEAIRE -Ultraviolet Air Disinfection

HYTOP -Hydraulic Rams & Cylinders, Long Stroke, Large Capacity For Offshore, Shipbuilding

IHC HANDLING -Gripper Hydraulic Jacking System, Skidding Equipment

JUNG -Heavy Lifting Equipment, Transport Equipment, Transport Trolley, Heavy Duty Lift Truck (Forklift) 5-10 ton

KLEENTEC -Cleaner Parts , Washer Parts

L J -Cable Reef Rollers, Pipeline Rollers, Multi-Direct Pipe Rollers, Conical Rigging Pipe Rollers

LIFT SYSTEM -Jacking System, Portable Gantry, Twinlift Mobile Crane, Stacker

MACALLOY -Ultra High Tensile Steel Tendon Bars

MAGNUM -Open Channel Water, Wastewater Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems

MAKO -Breathing Air Compressors, High Pressure Bars

MEGATRON -Automatic Closed Chamber Potable, Wastewater Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems

METREEL -Motorised Cable Drum & Offshore Drag Chain

MIGHTYPURE -Ultraviolet Water Purifiers

MINIPURE -Ultraviolet Water Purifiers

MOLLERODDEN -Marine Offshore Towing Gear, Block Sheaves, Deck Fitting, Rigging & Lashing Gears

NIAGARA -High Pressure Jetting Washdown Unit

ODO-RID -Ozone (03) Generator For Odour Control

OZONE SOLUTIONS -Ozone Generator, Monitoring Device

PURE AQUA -Seawater RO & Portable Water Treatment

RAM-PAC -Hydraulic Cylinders, Jacks, Tools, Equipment, Pipe Bender, Puller, Presses

REIMERS -Hot & Steam Boiler

RK -Ball Transfer Unit, V Head Heavy Duty Ball Transfer For Piping Handling & Support

RK -Conveyor Roller, Gravity Roller, Rotating Trolley & Cargo Trolley

ROLLERKING -Roller Skates, Dollies, Roller Crowbars, Fixed Roller Skates, EP Slide, Glide Bearing Pads, Etc

RON -Dynamometers, Weight Scales

SANIDYNE -Ultraviolet Portable Area Sanitizer

SANILIGHT -Germicidal Ultraviolet Irradiators

SANIRAY -Germicidal Ultraviolet Fixtures

SANITAIRE -Air Duct Ultraviolet Disinfection Unit & Room Air Sanitizers

SANITRON -Ultraviolet Water Purifiers

SENSY -Load Cells, Force & Torque Transducers

SIOUX -Cold Water High Pressure Jetting Units, Hot Water High Pressure Jetting Units, Cleaning Equipment

SKID-PAD -No "Slip-Stick", Slide Bearing, Wear Pads, Bearing Block Linear Bearing & Bushing

SKID-PAD -Skidding Pads Or Skid Shoes In N-703XL & PET + SL Grade Material

SOLVING -Modular Air Film Bearing Transport Systems

STER-L-RAY -Standard & Custom Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamps, Replacement UV Lamps

SURELITE -Electric Ballast

TANK MASTER -Versatile Ultraviolet Disinfection Equipment

TIRFOR -Winches, Manual Ratchet Wire Rope Puller, Electrical Powered Wire Rope Pulling Winches

TOYU -Cargo Trolley

TRITON -Sewage Treatment Plant

TRITON WATER -Marine Membrane Bio-Reactor For Marine Sewage Treatment Plant

UEBERALL -UV Sterilizers

URACA -High Pressure Explosion Proof Testing & Cleaning Unit

VALAD -Marine Vent Duct Heaters, Navy, Commercial Marine Standard, Heating Equipment, Spares

VAUGHN -Heaters, Cementline Storage Tanks

WING-LIFT -Container Lifting & Transport System

YALE -Hydraulic Jacks, Tools & Equipment

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