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31 Brands

A.T.X -Electrical Equipment For Hazardous Areas

ADVANCE -Ballasts, Drivers, Dimming

APPLETON -Lighting & Wiring Devices


AVAID -LED Medium To High Intensity Obstruction Lights

CHALMIT LIGHTING -Explosion-Proof Lighting

CLI -Architectural Outdoor Lighting

COLUMBIA -Fluorescent Lighting

COOPER -Lighting

CORTEM -Ex-Proof Lighting & Accessories

DENKO -Emergency Lightings/Exit Lights/Staircase E-Lights

DIETAL -Ex-Proof Zone 2 Wireless Control LED Linear Fluorescents

DUAL-LITE -Emergency Lights, Exit Lights

DUAL-LUX -LED Panels, Highbays, Floodlights

ELR -LED Downlights

ELSCO -Tennis Court Lighting

GRUPPE -Weatherproof Fluorescent Lighting

HELLA -LED Interior & Street Lighting

HUBBELL -Lighting, Architectural, Industrial, LED, Energy-Saving Lightings, Highbays Coldroom Lights

HUBBELL -Wiring Devices

HUBBELL LIGHTING -Lighting, Architectural, Industrial, Led, Energy-Saving Lightings

HUBBELL PREMISE WIRING -Wiring Devices, Fibre Optics

HUBBELL WIRING DEVICES -Wiring Devices, American Plugs Sockets Toggle Switch Wall Plates,Raco Surface Weatherproof Boxes

HUBBELL-GLEASON REELS -Cable Tracks, Cable Reels

KILLARK -Ex-Proof Lighting, Ex-Proof Lighting Accessories

PETREL -Ex-Proof Lighting & Accessories, HID, LED, Fluorescent Lighting

PRESCOLITE -Downlights

SAGE LIGHTING -LED Lighting & Electronic Ballasts


VICTOR LIGHTING -Explosion-Proof Industrial Lighting

WALSALL -Ex-Proof Boxes

Company Profile

Dual-Lite Electric Pte Ltd was established in 1992 with light and lighting fixtures as its major business. The company has successfully developed a synergy between innovative technical solutions and solid lighting designs resulting in detailed lighting and electrical requirements dimensions.

Our endless effort and wide networks of credible business partners had made us unique and distinguishable from our competition through objectively matching all our customer’s needs to various customized products at reasonable prices. With this kind of service we termed, Lighting Innovation, providing ease and flexibility to our customers. Equipped with over 40 years of lighting experience, our dedicated staffs are committed to always do their best in terms of product specific knowledge and prompt professional services bringing superior customer satisfaction.

We are the appointed distributor in Singapore for Hubbell Lighting and Hubbell Wiring Devices, a global and well-known brand in lighting industry. We pride our strong client-focus and long-term customer and supplier relationships. It is our mission in Dual-Lite to work hand in hand both to our customers and suppliers delivering superior value consistently.

Over the past year, we officially expanded our business from residential, retail, commercial and institutional applications to architectural lighting. We became distributor for Gardco. Our dedication to provide quality light and lighting solutions allows us to constantly develop and improve our products, services and processes to fulfill the growing needs of millions of customers.

At Dual-Lite, we help you build the plan with fixtures that best suits your needs; not just to sell you the parts and pieces.

Our areas of expertise and business activities are:

1. Specification Work For New Projects
See us work hand-in-hand with consultants, from the drawing block to the date of tender. Our work involves lighting design, photometry calculations and printouts as well as proposing for the different type of lighting that best suits your requirements.

2. Assembly Of Light Fittings
Our expertise in the lighting industry backed with flexibility, we “create” fixtures that will surely meet your needs from poles to lamps and reflectors, we know it all.

Design and Technical
We can assist you on a strategic level by creating the concept, lighting needs design and content. We guarantee continuity, integrity and consistency throughout every element.

Year Established :1994

Country Territory :Singapore

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