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Doctor Doors Gallery is incorporated since 2006 with a vision to innovate safe and quality products for residential, commercial and industrial developments.

With just 7 years of industry experience, Doctor Doors Gallery has gradually emerge as a market leader in fabricating aluminium window grilles, wrought iron gates, tempered glass, glass panel and wooden doors. With our innovative ideas, we have conceptualised our products ranging from Combi Door to Glass Curtains to suit the constraint space at an affordable price.

We have also built a team of experienced and dedicated staff along the way, to provide solutions and quality service that exceeds our clients' expectations.

At Doctor Doors Gallery, any wrought iron product can be customised to meet the needs of clients. With a team of highly skilled artisans, only the best quality of wrought iron is produced, where high standards are constantly pursued. With a durable coating applied after fabrication, a lasting and rust-free piece is completed. Every stroke of paint is applied by hand, and hence, each piece of wrought iron is unique in terms of the brushing strokes and appearance.

In addition, durable, low maintenance, environmental-friendly, space-saving, functional and high quality carpentry work is produced daily, where meticulous details and flawless finishing are discovered in all of our products. Our designers and craftsmen use only premium materials, and coupled with their skills, even the smallest piece of product would be crafted and built to perfection. 

Through intense heating and rapid cooling, tempered glass is manufactured, which makes it harder and stronger than normal glass. Customisation works such as cutting, grinding and hole-drilling on the glass have to be done prior to tempering. With years of experience in both commercial and residential projects, we have helped many owners in beautifying their homes and stores by setting up tempered glass panels for places such as balcony and staircase railings, shower screens and many other customised designs.

Furthermore, our rubbish chutes are made from the finest stainless steel, and is fire, scratch and dent resistant. The air tight function helps to prevent odour and theft entry. On top of it all, it is resistant to corrosion of food and beverage, and comes with a flush design, with self-locking ability.

Consequently, with the invention of Combi Door, this is a combination of a gate with a door that open inwards, homes are made simpler. Only one key is required to open the door, yet all safety features are incorporated. The gate is made from solid iron while the customised laminated wooden door offers a modern look, with the option of fire-rated or non-fire-rated door. The in-house designed and manufactured hinge also helps to prevent burglary. The unique feature of the Combi Door which opens inwards helps to solve the problem of blocking walkways like the conventional gate. This is an extremely user friendly feature for the elderly and wheel-chair bound individuals.

Moreover, with the introduction of Combi Fold, there is an alternative to bedroom and bathroom doors. Combi Fold is scratch resistant and water proof, and can turn 180 degrees. By fully folding the door into half, a mechanism will unlock and the Combi Fold door can then be opened fully. Made from high compressed laminates and aluminium profile, it can be easily maintained. Available in 2 colours, the frame of the door can also be powder coated to a similar colour as the laminates.

With Doctor Doors Gallery being the sole distributor of Glass Curtains, unobstructed panoramic view can be enjoyed, where dust and pollution can be easily prevented, and is suitable for all kinds of weather. With the panels folding inwards allowing easy access, it is safe and easy to clean. Say goodbye to messy construction work and noise, and enjoy the outdoors or balcony in pure comfort. With Glass Curtains™, the space of your house is fully utilised, making it more spacious and beautiful.

At Doctor Doors Gallery, our products are built to ensure lasting enjoyment and pride.

Country Territory :Singapore; Singapore and regional countries

Industry Focus :worldwide

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