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33 Brands

ALLEN-BRADLEY -Ex-Proof Contactors, Starters & Overload Relays

BRUNS KABEL -Neoprene Cables, Rubber Cables, Fire Cables, Oil Cables, High Temperature Cables


CEAG -Ex-Proof Plug & Receptacles, Lights & Fittings

CORTEM -Ex-Proof Motor Starters, Control & Distribution Panel


DET-TRONICS -Ex-Proof Flame Detector, Ex-Proof Gas Detector

DR G FISCHER -Medical Lamps & Special Lamps

DTS -Electrical Equipment For Hazardous Areas

EYE IWASAKI -Projector Lamps

FEDERAL SIGNAL -Ex-Proof Beacon/ Loudspeaker

GE -Ultra Violet, Projector, Stage & Studio, Photographic, Medical & Surgical Lamps

HANAULUX -Medical Lamps & Special Lamps

HAWKE -Cable Glands

HUBBELL -Wiring Devices

KILLARK -Ex-Proof DOL Starters, Distribution Panels & Equipment

MAGNALIGHT -Ex-Proof Lightings

MARECHAL -Ex-Proof Polyester, Receptacles & Plugs

MEIKOSHA -Plugs & Sockets

NARVA -LED & Special Lamps

NIKKON -LED Street Lantern, High Bay & Flood Light

OSRAM -Ultra Violet, Projector, Stage & Studio, Photographic, Medical & Surgical Lamps

PEPPERL + FUCHS -Sensor Cable, Safety Relay, Transmitter, Inductive Sensors

PERKIN ELMER -Medical Lamps

PHILIPS -Ultra Violet, Projector, Stage & Studio, Photographic, Medical & Surgical Lamps

RADIUM -Ultra Violet, Projector, Stage & Studio, Photographic, Medical & Surgical Lamps

ROYAL HAMAI -Machine Lamps

SANKYO DENKI -Ultra Violet Tubes

SCHISCHEK -Ex-Proof Rotary Actuators

SQUARE D -Contactors & Relays

SYLVANIA -Ultra Violet, Projector, Stage & Studio, Photographic, Medical & Surgical Lamps

USHIO -Machine, Projector & Special Lamps

WALSALL -Ex-Proof Electrical Equipment

Company Profile

Who we are

Densbe Electrical Singapore Pte Ltd was established in 1983 by an elite group of individuals from the Electrical Industry. Each of our personnel possesses an abundance of experience gained through the years working in high profile positions in both local and international electrical companies.

Who Our Customers Are

Our more than 10,000 customers include manufacturers, dealers, distributors, contractors, corporate end users and local governments.


We are to provide Efficient and Quality services to all our clients. The company believes it is important to understand the varying needs of our clients. In this respect, offering Insightful Advise and Giving Solutions to clients needs is essential and foremost.


The company has the Capability and Expertise to provide a Complete Range of Electrical Spare Parts and Lamps catered for all applications from Factories, Hospitals, Buildings, Marine Industry and Oil and Gas. With every Effort Made to ensure Accurate Descriptions and Prompt Delivery.

Country Territory :Singapore

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