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20 Brands

AUTENTO -Big Counter Display, Counters, Timer, Speedo, Tachometer, Voltmeter, Current Meter

AUTONICS -Timers, Counters

AZBIL -Temperature Controllers, Mass Flow Meter, Sensors

DANFOSS -Frequency Converters, Soft Starters

HITACHI -Inverters, Variable Speed Drive

IDEC -LCD Touch Screens, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Power Supply, Safety Relays, Interlock

IDEC IZUMI -LCD Touch Screens, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Power Supply, Safety Relays, Interlock

OMRON -Programmable Logic Controllers, Control Components

PHOENIX CONTACT -Electrical Terminal Blocks, Industrial & PCB Connectors Signal Converters, Switch Power Supply

PHOENIX CONTACT -Programmable Logic Controllers, SCADA, Wireless

PILZ -Safety Relay

Q-LIGHT -Heavy Duty, Explosion-Proof Warning, Tower, Obstruction Lights, Signal Phone, Etc

RAYTEK -Non Contact Temperature Measurement Infrared Sensors

SCHAFFNER -Filters, Chokes, Pulse Transformer

SIEMENS -Simatic S7-Controllers, LOGO!, Micro Controllers, PC-Based Controllers, HMI, Drives

SMA -Solar Inverters

SMC -Pneumatic Products

SWITCHWELL -Switching Power Supply

TECHNOR -Explosion Proof Terminal Boxes, Junction Boxes, Flameproof Enclosures, Lightings, Audible, Etc

YAMATAKE -Photosensors, Proximity Sensors, Fiber Optic Sensors, Basic Switches, Limit Switches, Temperature Controller

Company Profile

D’Mark Technologies (S) Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore on December 2005. Being a ONE-STOP Value-added Automation Solution Provider, we supply a diverse range of Industrial Automation Control Components and High-End Control Devices to all industries by and large.

Being the AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR and APPROVED PARTNER for numerous leading brands namely PHOENIX CONTACT, HITACHI, DANFOSS, IDEC, AZBIL, RAYTEK, SCHAFFNER, SIEMENS, TECHNOR and ENTES. Our competent team is equipped with extensive years of field experience and technological know-how and we positioned ourselves as a value-added solution provider, focusing and serving in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Manufacturing, Marine Offshore, Building Automation, Factory Automation Industries that includes Semiconductor & Water.

Our corporation has a strong, unison direction & that drives our team in unity, that is, to provide value-added services and cost-effective solutions with high quality and innovative products to our valued customers/partners. Being a privileged partner with a numerous industrial distinguished manufacturers representing their leading brands, we carefully identify and analysis customer’s needs, and totally committed in providing before-and-after sales engineering advices/services and training workshops to meet the needs of each and every individual of our valued customer/partner.

Our Represented Product Line –

1. PHOENIX CONTACT - Terminal blocks, industrial and PCB connectors, signal converters, power supply, wireless bluetooth converters for RS232, RS422 & RS485, industrial modems, surge arrestors, PLC's, panel PC, ethernet field controllers, industrial ethernet switches, etc.

2. DANFOSS - Variable speed drives/frequency converters, motor soft starters.

3. IDEC IZUMI - Industrial control products.

4. AZBIL - Sensing control products.

5. RAYTEK - Non-contact infrared temperature measurement sensors & systems.

6. SCHAFFNER - Noise Filters, Chokes, Feedthrough components & Pulse transformer.

7. SIEMENS - SIMATIC S7-Controllers, LOGO! Micro Controllers, HMI, PC-based Controllers etc.

8. SMA - Solar Inverters and panels.

9. TECHNOR – Explosion Proof range of products: - Junction Boxes and Enclosures, Cable Glands, Limit Switches, Proximity Switches, Lightings, Control Panels, Pilot Lights, Selector Switch etc

10. HITACHI – Inverters/Variable Speed Drive

Business Type :Automation Distributor and Total Solution Provider

Year Established :2005

Business Market :Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Manufacturing, Marine Offshore, Building Automation, Factory Automation

No. Of Employees :30

Country Territory :All of ASEAN

Operating Hours :8:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Quality Control :ISO 9001:2008

Product News

QUINT SFB family of industrial grade Power Supplies

Country of Product Origin: D'Mark Technologies (S) Pte Ltd

Product Launch Date: Dec 08, 2010

Selective Fuse Breaking (SFB) Technology ensures continuous power supply, being not affected by the fault path caused by short-circuit etc, ensuring overall system availability. >>

SFNTSeries Ethernet Switches for Extended Temperat

Country of Product Origin: D'Mark Technologies (S) Pte Ltd

Product Launch Date: Dec 08, 2010

Why use Phoenix Contact SFNT Industrial Unmanaged extended temperature Ethernet switches? The SFNT switches can operate between -40 and 75 degrees Celsius. They also meet the increased noise immunity, shock and vibration standards necessary to operate in extreme environments Five- and eight-port versions are available for 10/100 mbps, as well as multimode fiber with SC and ST connections. Like the original SFN, The SFNT's narrow housing makes it suitable for control cabinets and junction b >>


Country of Product Origin: D'Mark Technologies (S) Pte Ltd

Product Launch Date: Dec 06, 2010

Brightest 8.4 inch and 10.4 inch HMI / Operator Interface in the market with super competitive pricing. >>

Press Release

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