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ACD -Calibration Gas Generator, High Purity Calibration Gas, Chlorine Dioxide Generators

AIR SYSTEMS -Breathing Air Filtration & Confined Space Equipment,Safety Equipment,Supplied Air Respirator

ARIZONA INSTRUMENT -Mercury Vapor Analyzer, Hydrogen Sulphide Analyzer, Mercury Analyzers

BACHARACH -Test & Instrumentation For HVAC & Refrigerant Gases, Combustion Analysers

CAC GAS & INSTRUMENTATION -Specialty Gas Mixtures, Cylinders & Regulators, Gas Control Systems, Gas Distribution Systems, Calibration/Bump Test Stations, Sampling Systems & Gas Generators.

CALGAZ -High Purity Calibration Gas, Gas Cylinders, Gas Equipment, Aluminium & Steel Gas Cylinder, Etc

CIRRUS -Noise Measurement Instrument, Sound Level Meters, Noise Dosimeter, Noise Monitoring System, Etc

CRITICAL ENVIRONMENT TECH -Gas Controller, Gas Detector, Remote Devices and Peripherals, Indoor Air Quality Monitors

E2S -Electronic Sounders, Voice Annunciators, Sirens, Beacons, Hooters, Audible & Visual Alarms

GAMMA-SCOUT -Geiger Counters & Radiation Detectors, Radiation Monitors, Portable Radiation Detector Dosimeter

GDS TECHNOLOGIES -Fixed Gas Sensors, Toxic, Flammable, Controller & Alarms, Gas Detector, LEL, Combustible Detector

HONEYWELL ANALYTICS -Portable Gas Detection, Industrial Gas Systems, Flame Detection, Commercial Building Solutions, High Tech and Government Systems & Wireless Gas Detection.

QUANTIFIT -Respirator Fit Testing, Safety Equipment, Fire Fighting Equipment Testing, Quantitative Fit Test

RAE SYSTEMS -Gas Detectors, wireless Gas Detectors, Single Gas Detectors, Multi Gas Detectors,Fixed Gas Detectors

RC SYTEMS INC -Fixed Gas Detectors, Controller & Alarms, Combustible Detector, Wireless Gas & Toxic Gas

SAFER SYSTEMS -Chemical Emergency Response Solutions, Plume Modelling Software, Real Time Risk Assessment

SEMEATECH -Electrochemical Sensors, Sensor Modules, Radiation Detection & NDIR Sensors

TROLEX -Hazardous Area Explosion Proof Connector, Exd Connector, Ex Electrical & Electronic Connectors

Company Profile

Since 2007 CitiSafe Pte Ltd has offered services and solutions in regards to Industrial and Environmental safety and hygiene including gas detection, sound level meters, and calibration gases and services for all makes of portable and fixed gas monitors. 

Rent or purchase from the people who know gas detection best! Renting Equipment from CitiSafe, you are assured of up-to-date reliable technology, out-of-the-box performance and inventory that's been carefully selected and maintained for maximum reliability.

Business Type :Trading and Services

Year Established :2007

Country Territory :All of ASEAN

Industry Focus :Industrial & Environmental Safety and Hygiene Solution Provider

Certification :


Operating Hours :Monday to Friday: 0900hrs - 1800hrs

Product News

System Requirements for Cirrus NoiseTools

Country of Product Origin: CitiSafe Pte Ltd

Product Launch Date: Sep 09, 2019

Compatible instrumentsCR:151B & CR:152B Optimus/Optimus+ Yellow sound level metersCR:161B, CR:162B, CR:161C, CR:162C, CR:161D & CR:162D Optimus/Optimus+ Red sound level metersAll Optimus/Optimus+ Green sound level metersCR:110A, CR:112A doseBadge noise dosimetersCR:120A doseBadge5 noise dosimetersCK:199A & CK:199B Trojan2 noise nuisance recorderCK:199: TrojanLITE noise nuisance recorderCR:800C series sound level metersCR:260A series sound level metersPC/Laptop specificationsMinimum s >>

CitiSafe Pte Ltd is happy to announce our newest products from Critical Environment Technologies.

Country of Product Origin: CitiSafe Pte Ltd

Product Launch Date: Oct 23, 2018

Indoor Air Quality Monitors: YESAIR 8-Channel IAQ Monitor & YES Plus LGA 15-Channel IAQ Monitor.Controllers: FCS-8 Flexible Control System (up to 8 Channels), FCS Flexible Control System (up to 128 Channels), QCC Quad Channel Controller, DCC Dual Channel Controller, & >>


Country of Product Origin: CitiSafe Pte Ltd

Product Launch Date: Oct 22, 2018

A PTFE water stop is used to provide further protection against liquid ingress and dust and connects the Gecko Float to sample tubing.A simple device, it provides real protection for your valuable sample tubing and gas detection instruments.The Gecko Float is bright orange in colour so it that it can be easily seen in confined spaces. The Gecko Float is suitable for use with any Portable gas detector using a sample draw PUMP.Specifications:Filter: 0.22 micron dust & liquid trapFilter Connect >>

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