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34 Brands

ASCENTEX -SMD Component Motorized Counter

AUSTIN -Cleaning System

BEAMWORKS -Automatic Selective Laser Assembly System

BONKOTE -Soldering & Desoldering Equipment

CAB -PCB Separators, Universal Cutting Machine

DENON -BGA Rework System, Soldering System, Desoldering System

DR STORAGE -Dry Cabinet

EBSOMAT -Axial Forming Machines, Radial Component Forming Machines

ELITE -Router & Dispenser

JBC -Hot Air Rework Station

KASUGA -Static Control Products

KILEWS -Automatic Electric Screw Driver

LINDSTROM -Electronic Plier, Cutter

MALCOM -Solder Process Control Devices

MEMMERT -Baking Oven

MENDA -Solvent Dispenser

NATIONAL SOLBOT -Wave Soldering Machines, Lead Cutting Machines

NILE -Air Cutter, Tools

NISSHO -Trinocular Microscope, Micron Depth Measuring System

NOUSSTAR -Reflow Oven, Wave Soldering Machine

OLAMEF -Axial Radial Cut, Form Machine

PACE -Soldering Device, Fume Absorber

PIERGIACOMI -Tools For Electronics

QUICHER -Screw Dispenser

RENTHANG -PCB Lead Cutting Machine

SAMSUNG -SMT Mounter, PCB Handling System

SANWEI -Magazine Rack

SEC ENGINEERING -X-Ray Inspection Machine

SEMICONDUCTOR -Flip Chip Placement System Spray Fluxer

SMARTOP -Pulsed Heat Bonding & Soldering Machines

TECHNO DESIGN -Point Soldering Machine, Desoldering Station, Solder Pot

TECNICON -Height Measuring System

TOYO LIVING -Low Humidity Cabinet

VICTOR -Air Cutter, Tools

Company Profile

Chip Hua Equipment & Tools Pte Ltd, an established organization representing manufacturers of equipment, machinery & tools for PCB assembly & semiconductor industry.

Founded in 1984
The organisation was founded in Singapore in January 1984, formerly named as Chip Hua Hardware, a two-man run company with general supply for hardware tools. The organisation grows progressively and has evolved ourselves into a one-stop solution provider for the PCB assembly industries, products ranging from hand tools, SMT mounter to test equipment. In 1990, the organisation changed its name to Chip Hua Equipment & Tools Pte Ltd in line with its mission to be a leading one-stop solution provider for PCB assembly industries.


Year 2008 Financial Crisis has a great impact on South East Asia Electronics Industries, many customers have therefore transferred their operation to lower cost countries. We believe that expansion to China market not only can help us provide a better service to China customers but also minimize the dependent on South East Asia Market, hence, in March 2009, a new office Chip Hua Equipment & Tools (Shanghai) Co. Ltd was setup in Shanghai and a sales office in ShenZhen.


Our mission is centred on customers' needs, service quality and efficient distribution to offer customers an efficient service and confidence in our products and services.

We satisfy customers with quality product and services at the right price, thereby creating a win-win situation among customers, suppliers and us.


Calibration Laboratory
In 1998, a service and calibration laboratory was set up jointly with Malcom Co. Ltd, one of our major principals who specialize in solder process control device, to extend better & faster to customers.


SMT Equipment Provider
In 1999 December, Samsung appointed us as their distributor for their mounter and automatic inspection system in assigned territories - Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. We have successfully sold 800 units of mounter up to date.


Continuous Training
To maintain a high level of service quality, we have always invested extensively in training on our dedicated and experienced engineers technically as well as products knowledge, jointly with both local and overseas principals.


Wide Network
We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our supportive & valued customers who help us to expand our market from Singapore to other corners of the world. Today, we have 4 offices and 2 service centres around the Asian countries. Products are sold and supported in countries through networks in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and China.


Rewards and Recognition
Singapore SME 500 Company Award
The company participated in the Singapore SME 500 company selection and was awarded it in 2007. SME 500 is an annual event that recognizes the most successful small and medium enterprise by annual financial performance of sales/turnover.


Best Seller Award From Samsung Techwin
Samsung Techwin recognized the efforts we have contributed and the performance we produced, awarded us the Best Seller in 2005 among their distributors in Asia.



Business Type :PCB Assembly Solution Provider

Year Established :1990

Business Market :Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and China.

Country Territory :Singapore

Industry Focus :PCB Assembly & Semiconductor industry.

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